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Chronic constipation and IBS

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Hi. I’ve just stumbled upon this site in my research and am hoping you guys can point me in some direction. Sorry it’s long!

I have suffered constipation my whole life. I remember hospital trips when I was young for such severe abdominal pain and the end result being laxatives. That’s been a recurrent thing throughout my 37 years. I try not to take anything but often go for a week or two without going to the bathroom. I feel sick quite often and always have these weird noises coming from my ridiculously bloated stomach. I often have pain (daily but some days far worse than others, with stabbing cramping pain differing from the constant low level cramps). I have had many tests, no food allergies found, have had low iron on a couple of occasions so I have had a couple of iron infusions, low b12 so had injections for that. A colonoscopy 10 years ago found my bowel was a foot longer with a ‘redundant loop’. I put that down to why I’m always constipated. I now have hideous hemorroids and in the last few days also have something down there that I’m scared is related to a prolapse of some sort. I’ve got to the point where I can’t keep doing this. I’m in pain and discomfort constantly and the thought that I’ve somehow strained to the point things are ending up where they shouldn’t be has scared the daylights out of me. Research pointed me towards IBS C but I’m unsure where to go from here? Im sorry it’s so long.

19 Replies
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The only thing I can suggest is continuing to see a good gastroenterologist.

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There are none.

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Have you been to see a kinesiologist? They can test for all types of intolerances not just food. Have you also looked at the latest research about gut bacteria and incorporating live food into your diet.

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I would suggest trying magnesium citrate or oxide for constipation. Its natural and helps the bowel to operate normally, however how that would effect you with an extra loop I dont know. They are this best thing ive taken to regulate me after years of constipation and too many trials at remedies. Maybe it might be a good idea ro look it up. You must feel absolutely miserable but you are not alone. On this site everyone is suffering and look for ideas to self help themselves out. Welcome to the site.

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Possible you might need more fiber in your diet? You could try Metamucil. It works for me. What also works is that I eat a peach in the evening. The next morning, I have a bm. Strange but true. I read about peaches on the internet somewhere.

I suffer with constipation a lot too, I was told to drink fibrogel and use suppositories. It helps a lot.

Beyond all the potential physical causes, you might find this article of interest:

Hope this helps you,


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This could b my story.

Even as a baby i could never GO!

Which as got older got worse, till id go mayb once a week or two until ive ended up in hosp.

So last year had terrible episode and i paid to see a allergist and a gastro.

So the gastro told me all things to do. Make sure 3 litres water or drink a day. Magnesium tablets. Probiotics . No red meat.

Then saw a allergist and found out i had a gluten intolerance... since i stopped gluten and started all the tablets and supplement i go every day and have lost 2 stone in weight.

Apparently gluten clogs u up. Bread and pastries are the worse and red meat does not digest

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Have you had a test called a proctogram? It looks at the functioning of the lower bowel. I had similar problems with constipation, had been to one gastro who did a sigmoidoscopy and found nothing. It was only a year later when a nurse referred me to a different gastro who did this test that I was able to find the cause. An internal prolapse that I would never have known about. It may not be anything like this but it may be worth getting checked if you haven’t as it can be caused by straining from long term constipation.

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I have just been diagnosed with that. Did they operate? If so, how are you now? Would really appreciate some feedback x

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I’m waiting to hear from a gastro surgeon to advise. The gastro surgeon I saw who ordered the tests doesn’t deal with pelvic floor type issues affecting the bowel so he has sent a letter to another one who does. From what I’ve read the only real fix is surgery and it’s different surgery depending upon the type that you have. The gastro that I saw said that they may try to manage it conservatively with diet, laxatives and exercises at first but couldn’t give a firm answer. For me, just knowing the cause in itself has been a great help because the not knowing what was causing the constipation was causing me anxiety. Im patiently waiting to hear back from the new Dr now!!

I support the suggestion of finding the cause before doing stuff like taking magnesium and testing for food allergies. If, as you suggest, there is an extra loop in your gut then you might have an underlying collagen disorder (stretchy connective tissue) as I and my mum both have.

There are so many conditions that can cause constipation. IBS is not a condition in itself - there is always a cause - not necessarily one relating to poor digestion or the wrong diet. If the problem is due to a structural abnormality you should be under the care of a gastroenterologist and not just try magnesium, over the counter laxatives etc yourself.

My constipation, which like you I’ve been prone to forever, apparently comes from dryness in the digestive tract caused by autoimmune diseases, Sjögren’s and Hashimoto’s. This also causes autonomic dysfunction - including slow transit bowel. So high fibre foods such as prunes, bran, magnesium etc actually bloat me even more and can be very harmful to some with constipation.

I take a gastro recommended prescription laxative called Constella. It has helped me greatly - although my default position is always constipation and drugs like codeine are poisonous for me.

I do sometimes get fecal incontinence and diarrhoea - but I don’t think it’s related to the laxative. The idea of impacted bowels really troubles me and it has had a knock on effect on my front passages too.

It’s so hard to speak about I find - even to my doctors. But I’m getting better at this now I understand the underlying cause. X

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perharps you can consult about a partial resection of your bowel. Consult a coloproctologist. Is a radical solution but may be the only way.

consult about piridostigmine and choline suplements too

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Thanks so much for the replies. I will look into all the ideas and options suggested. I really appreciate you all taking the time to offer advice.

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you are not alone......fight!

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try lycopodium clavatum 6ch, 2 granules, three times for day

it help for me. I have dolicosigma and megacolon.

I have visited the best doctors in Spain.

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acetil L carnitine 500mg with breakfast and meal works for me too

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I too have had chronic and severe constipation (IBS-C) since I was a child. My parents had to give me enamas. I am now 56..Still chronic constipation..have had numerous ER visits for impaction..only to get glares and groans from ER staff..who don't understand what it is like if I can't have a movement for 10 days. My Doctors office does nothing to help me..had all answers except "nothing wrong, see you in 10 years for your next colonoscopy, and eat more fiber, get off Senna-lax and take Miralax, and stool softeners even though I have told them Miralax does not work..and neither does fiber or fiber supplements. Uncaring, dismissive gastro's. Tried it all..yogurt with live cultures, olive oil, blackstrap Mollasses, Omega - 3's..flaxseed oil, ground flaxseed, Apple cider vinegar..Probiotics..nothing strong enough. I have to take a stimulant laxative once a week just to flush..if I have a movement on my own, it's painful and a major ordeal only ending up straining only to produce a rabbit pellet or two. No way to live. I also have mental illness, and was prescribed Seroquel for insomnia and anxiety..which miraculously stopped my stomach cramping.. No longwe have to take Bentyl or Levsin after every meal..and have even managed a few slices of pizza for first time in years and ice-cream. Still praying for something..anything for constipation. May try "Natural Calm" that I ordered online..magnesium citrate which helps with relaxation and bowel movements if you do try Magnesium..the best absorbed kind is Magnesium Citrate or Magnesium Glycinate powder tablets or capsules don't work as well)..not oxide, or chloride as it is cheap and poorly loose stools all day..I'm keeping fingers crossed. I still keep thinking any day now, rectal prolapse from constant straining. Keep us posted..

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fzulle in reply to Eliana5

do you have a opaque enema?

don´t eat white bread

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