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What meds have helped ease your IBS?


I’m not one for taking meds of any kind but ive been feeling so bad lately with my symptoms that I need some extra help.

I do, sometimes take colpermin and charcoal but they are not helping anymore with the constant growling, spasm type feeling and bad wind.

The gastroenterologist I saw last week has recommended that I go on antidepressants which I’ve always been a bit apprehensive about tbh as I’m already very anxious and the thought of any extra side effects and weight gain would just about finish me off!

Anyhow, I will consider them but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone has had any success with any IBS meds, either otc or prescription? If I can control my symptoms, I’m sure my anxiety and depression would subside too?!

I’ve also just started the low fodmap diet (strictly this time as I usually fall off the wagon!). It’s early days, I know but Ive been on it for 2 days and my symptoms are just the same!

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The FODMAP diet has really helped me, but you have to be strict and preferably consult with a dietician. My dietician also told me to use sourdough bread, which I like a lot. Ant depressants have not caused weight gain for me. Also, use lactose free milk.

rustydog in reply to b1b1b1

That’s all promising thank you. I’m going to ask to be referred to a dietitian to get help with the low fodmap.

Hi, if I were you I'd definitely try an antidepressant, some are very good at dampening down anxiety, which IBS certainly heightens. There must be a reason that your gastroenterologist suggested it. Perhaps he feels your IBS is more stress-related than diet. There is a strong connection between the brain and gut. Good luck and hope you improve soon.

rustydog in reply to Skylark2

Thank you, he said in his opinion my IBS was anxiety driven. I know I’ll have to bite the bullet and try antidepressants but I’m asking for a low dose to start.

My IBS originally started because of my anxiety and depression. Try meditation and mindfulness exercises IF you can focus on something other than the pain, not easy I know.

rustydog in reply to Seren66anji

I’ve started listening to a relaxation vid on YouTube, it does help me to relax at night. Really need to try mindfulness too, I do find it hard to concentrate though but must stick with it 😊

Skylark2 in reply to rustydog

Anything you can do to distract your attention away from the gut can only be good, if IBS is anxiety driven. It's good that you've found a relaxation video, try and practise it at regular times throughout the day. I find colouring books really helpful, because you're concentrating on the colouring in rather than on your gut. My doctor has just increased my antidepressant and I know the main side effect of it is weight gain, but I'm prepared to put up with this, in order to get better, when I will be able to lower the dose. I don't believe in trying to struggle on without the help and support of your doctor. Look for as many relaxing distractions as you can. Wishing you better. 😊

Floc in reply to Skylark2

Mindfulness helped me and relaxation CD helped too

My daughter started with buscopan over the counter and then Got mebevrine from the Gp have really helped . Think hers flared up from exam anxiety. She also uses a well being app which helps . Now down to mebevrine and mintec As and when . We get a very detailed food diary which has shown us a pattern of what foods / times it got worse . Gp mentioned antidepressant to my daughter too. We were not keen as read up on side effects and don’t think my daughter is so severe that needs that . Have been able to monitor and keep at bay . Some very good suggestions on here. She also try’s to regularly have mint tea and bananas and this seems to help too

Thanks for that. I took Buscopan for the first time last night, it relaxed my gut within 15 mins but I felt really weird and spaced out which I didn’t like (may be because I’ve been tense for sooo long I’m not sure what it feels like to be relaxed ☺️) Is mebeverine Colofac? My sister takes that and says it helps so may ask for that as I think you can only get it on prescription? Did you daughter get any side effects from it? I’ve also started drinking mint tea which is soothing, had been taking Colpermin for a while but I think my body has become accustomed to it as it doesn’t do much for me now!

Seren66anji in reply to rustydog

I have been taking Colpermin on and off for years and agree that it doesn't seem to be helping as much. I have inly recently started taking Mebevrine,after a particularly prolonged and vicious IBS, which IS getting bettwr but very slowly, have to have bloody tests today actually and another week's wait to see a GO after making an appt 2 weeks ago!

Excuse my typos ...my phone is a liability at times Hahaha!

Hi I don’t think mebevrine and colofac are the the same but please check . Mebevrine she takes 20 mins before food . No side effects . She was also taking colpermin . Doctors prescribed mintec which are great her super pills at the moment . Hers is anixiety too. In the middle of exams at min so seeing the signs using a well being app which is helping too

I have similar problems and misery continues despite eating strict FODMAP. I may have recurring H.pylori indigestion and I'm now checking my medications for lactose and irritant chemicals. Aloe Vera juice is soothing and healing for an upset gut.

Please, please, please stop worrying! That’s first and foremost! As long as you know that you have IBS and not anything more serious you can rest assured that it’s just another bad day. You are anticipating the spasms, the need to run, the fear to eat and that’s why you are reacting accordingly.

My daughter had stomach aches every time we would leave to go anywhere! We took her to dr after dr to no avail. Four years ago they put her on antidepressants and she has had no stomach aches since. She goes to concerts, out of town, you name it. BUT, the few times she ran short or forgot to get her prescription she had the shakes, lightheaded, sweaty, stomach ache and short of breath.

My point: The antidepressant did what? It’s not an antacid, it’s pump inhibitor? She follows in my footsteps with anxiety. I will take absolutely no medications due to exactly what she goes thru if she misses taking it. She won’t discontinue due to the side effects and fear the stomach aches will return. Of course they will because she has already convinced herself.

My doctor said “ if you come to see me and then won’t take anything I prescribe I can’t help you”. She said I had to see the in office therapist at least once or she would not see me anymore. Best thing I ever did in my life! No meds, no more stomach crap, very limited panic attacks and I am one happy camper!!!

Please, stop worrying

rustydog in reply to torcol

I would give anything to stop worrying, after 45 years it’s become so ingrained it’s so hard but you are right I anticipate the symptoms, all of the time I’m scanning my body for them! My sister is in the same situation with antidepressants, every time she tries to come off them she gets the same symptoms as your daughter. I’m waiting for CBT and am hoping it’ll help.

torcol in reply to rustydog

I agree that diet can play a roll. Once in a while I get heartburn if I eat pizza sauce, spaghetti, things like that. In the past would think I was having a heart attack! That was me for my whole life. Now I eat it anyway and keep a few tums on hand.

Omeprezol is what my dr ordered. It did help with my stomach but gave me a headache every single day and my hot flashes escalated to an all time high. I am going thru menopause, although “the change” is a more accurate description! I stopped the omeprezol because after taking PPI’s for long periods it can damage the liver and it stops the stomach from producing as much acid. When you take it for a period of time and then discontinue the stomach reacts with a vengeance, the acid is much more acidic for a while and the tummy trouble returns . Most people return to omeprezol after a few days due to acid reflux. It can cause diarrhea too and who the heck needs that with IBS!

I am lucky I guess, I saw a therapist 3 times, I already knew that anxiety was making me sick and causing my stomach to react. As you read thru some of the posts you find that to be a key factor in almost all of them.

No meds for me, it’s one med for your symptoms, one for the possible side effect, one because you are depressed about the side effect and so forth.

Like I said, I eat whatever whenever, I know I might have a problem with it. Since I had the IBS blood test it gave me piece of mind. I know I have IBS, food does not usually make mine worse, it was wondering if it would! I no longer care, don’t fret the small stuff and don’t have a tummy ache!

Nope! No medication helps my ibs only thing that does is diet im afraid...

Ibs c or d is a oversensitive stomach lining and colon.

The only way to calm it is to not eat foods that inflame it..

i have suffered since i was 5 years old and im now 44 and ive learnt u eat bad food u will suffer , SIMPLE!!!

I was told it was depression and anxiety and put on antidepressants at 19 and nothing ! Still pain.

I have now got to stage where i dont suffer but i have had to give up onions, garlic, spice, bread, gluten and dairy and yeast.

Now im healed!

All that food was my stomach intolerance,The more i ate the worst i got until a year ago i ended up in a&e in the worst pain i have ever experienced as my stomach had decided it wouldnt tolerate my good choices anymore. I lost 2 stone and was very ill.

Over space of year i have learnt what are my do and dont andi stick to them like glue...

If i dont i will pay! BIG TIME.

So it case of u suffer or u dont?

If u eat the bad food u suffer if u dont u wont.

It horrible thing to hear but unfortunately it true.

I paid to see a gastro that well known in the ibs related clinic and that how she told it to me! Basically told me that ibs is never just stress or anxiety it always comes down to food first then the stress and anxiety will exasperate it. Harsh but straight to point... made me change though and she was right!

It been year now i have put on half a stone and i feel pain free...

Yeh i cant eat all them foods but believe me i dont starve. I look healthier then i ever have, i feel healthier.

Its a hard call but one id choose every day then ever have that pain again

torcol in reply to Lulububs

I agree that food can have consequences for some people. I am going to politely disagree that it is the key factor.

Many IBS sufferers wake up with diarrhea and are fleeing for the John when their feet hit the floor! Cutting out foods they think are triggers, liquid diets, no sugar, no spice, no fructose, no lactose, no carbonated drinks, no aspertane and the list goes on as do their symptoms.

Some people can just have a dr tell them “food is causing your problem”, they change their diet and are cured. Mind over matter, the dr is your closest source for being healthy so we want to believe them no matter what. Doctors are only human, they can only go by what we tell them and use their past experience or best judgement. We have to believe that it will work for us!

I believe that a dr can give you a sugar pill and if you are strong minded you will believe it is helping and feel better.

Couldnt agree more little toad!

Im afraid some people keep goin to dr assuming they can b healed by a magic pill and it cannot!

It all comes down to food and supplements....

I live clean, yeh it boring but i dont get stomach problems anymore!

I also take a probiotics, peppermint oil and digestive enzyme everyday.

I dont eat gluten dairy or yeast.

It has worked for me...

I make all my own food from scratch so i know whats in it.

It is mundane and boring and yeh i dream eating junk and a indian and beer and all things i used to but would i NO! Coz i never wana experience that pain again EVER

I’ve had symptoms on and off for 18 long years and I’m getting to the point that I really don’t know anymore what causes my symptoms. I can actually tell you the exact day my symptoms occurred and that I was going through an extremely stressful time then, with no problems before that time. I live a very boring life with no alcohol, very little sugar, I clean and healthy foods (up until now mainly low fodmap but not completely strictly, until this week), no caffeine at all, no take aways, hardly ever eat out, exercise lots, am not overweight etc, etc. I know many people who complain of digestive issues yet drink like crazy and eat terribly which is why I find it so frustrating because I don’t live like that, so why do I suffer?! Sometimes I am absolutely convinced that certain foods are the culprit yet on the few occasions when my anxiety is very low I do seem to be able to eat what I like with very few symptoms which leads me to swing over to the conclusion that it’s anxiety based?? My anxiety never leaves me (I have tried endless things to alleviate this to no avail, I come from an anxious family, so maybe learnt behaviour or hereditary, who knows?). I am determined that at 45 I am going to get a grip of it this year, so will tackle it through diet and CBT to start. I will add in probiotics and digestive enzymes too and see if I can finally get to the bottom of this (pardon the pun 😀)

I would be grateful for any probiotics and digestive enzymes recommendations as they are so expensive and I want to make the best choices.

Lulububs in reply to rustydog

I use holland and barratts peppermint oil for wind or trapped wind also helps u digest.

I use bioglan flora probiotic ( again holland and barratt, no i dont work there lol) but my digestive enzyme i use cytoplan.co.uk , as there no gluten no extras added and there really high dose. U must take them right though or they wont work.

So they have to b taken half hour before food in morning! And same in evening. If it work then go down to once a day ( i take mornings).

Mayb u should see dr about anxiety help, as this will not help, even people without ibs suffer with stomach upsets if there nervous or upset so someone with ibs it goin to heighten ur problem, if u can get that anxiety and food sorted u may get some results but i found the vitamins are a must for me!

I am trying CBD Oil now. It is made from hemp and has no THC so you can't get high on it. But it is from the same plant as marijuana. Google CBD Oil and IBS and you can see that many people are helped by this oil. CNN did an hour long show on CBD helping different cases -- so I thought I would give it a try. I have only been on it for 1 week and a half and seems to be easing my symptoms of IBS - C. I also think I have pelvic floor dysfunction -- so I'm hoping it helps that as well.

Lulububs in reply to ElkaAnn

I take a cbd oil to for a pelvic floor dysfunction.

It works very well , i been takin mine about a month now

ElkaAnn in reply to Lulububs

Wow! That is great to hear. I'm really hoping for the best. I am feeling a little better. The pelvic floor dysfunction is so debilitating! Thanks for letting me know!

Lulububs in reply to ElkaAnn

Yes a friend pointed me to it about two months ago as he knew i was goin to amsterdam so said visit a cbd dr in a smartshop and there help u it was amazing, i went into room explained and he basically talked me all through and how it made and how to use it properly.

I started that day and within 6 days i felt so much better. The inflammation in body had significantly reduced, only thing i would say is u need quite a high oil % to get a good one which is not cheap, as he said if there cheap there not good which i did try one once from a holistic shop and it was bad!

ElkaAnn in reply to Lulububs

What percentage do you recommend? Where do you get yours? In the UK?

I am in the USA. I am getting it from the Raw Food World. The owner is pretty fanatic about quality for all of his products.

Lulububs in reply to ElkaAnn

Yeh usa are great for the %. Here in uk it leagal( only cbd) but lowish %.

I get mine shipped from netherlands as there it all legal and the % is high. I have 10% raw oille. Think it something like 2500mg or something not to sure.

It very good though but cost about £60 for 10ml so very expensive but i only do three drops a day now it in system

Ha gary thata great name mine are called trevor( cockapoo one in pic) and lulu( shihtzu) i adore them there the best destressers in the world, no matter how bad i feel i come home and there so happy im there.

Yes i am 5ft 8-9ish, at lowest i weighed 7 st 8 now i weigh about 8st 2, which ive started to look healthier before if u hadnt seen me for a while i shocked people whereas now people say i look healthy. Result.

I work full time so i do same on sunday i cook all my main parts of a dinner and freeze so i can just shove it in microwave when get home and boil up some veg or pasta( gluten f of course).

It just become second nature really, the only thing i do struggle with is brekkie, do u? I dont have much time before work so i tend to buy a gluten free cereal ie nestle honey cornflakes and have with soya milk.

What dogs u got? Have u suffered long?

Yeh my dogs keep me goin, i love bein around them as they just make me laugh or sometimes chill me out. Id love ur doggy treats recipes! We used to have a organic dog lady in bluewater and used to go and buy them treat like muffins and stuff from her but i think she gone and since i got severely sick i not really been shopping( clothes) as i never know what size il b lol..

Well at worst i looked like someone that was terminally ill or had a eating problem, which in a way i did. I just got so ill, what happened was where my body was getting so fed up of me feeding it all the food it hated it just gave up so i couldnt poop and hadnt had period for months then i just was watching tv one night and the pain , i just fainted, steve rang hospital was rushed in. They shoved me straight on antibiotic drip as thought i had infection in stomach? Stuff to make me poop that was pleasant! 4 days later a dr came and said “ ur livers failing” obv i had no mirror but apparently i looked like marg simpson lol!! Minus blue hair. So was in another week whilst they flushed it through. It was the antibiotics, which ive now found out im allergic to!

Pain never went , so like u i paid private, saw a gastro then saw a allergist/ nutritionalist, the day i come out of there i just went straight home chucked out all foods i was intolerant to and re stocked, never looked back, it prob took about 6 weeks, to get back to feeling half descent but think that was liver still aswell.

Not drank any alchohol in year. No gluten, dairy, yeast, onion garlic or spice!

It my birthday next week im goin to a gluten dairy free indian so we see how that goes???

Ive got up to 8st 2-3 now , would like to get to 9! It hard though when u eat so healthy!

Potatoes wow that a weird one isnt it? I tend to do sweet pot more but i do like a roast pot! I love jamie oliver autumn spag bol which ive adapted to my own way it quicker and free of anything.

At least we not crippled up or got problems any more thats a blessing!

I got to admit i know im alergic to shellfish i have a epipen for that but i never knew about intolerances? Or how serious they can b

I use peppermint capsules which help to calm the intestine and the cramps. Don't take too many painkillers they upset my stomach

It took 6weeks for me to get benifits but now l can’t get back to normal diet after couple years. An my symptoms as coming bk anyway. I’m waiting for gastro app.

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