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Worried about my IBS and rectal bleeding

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Hi everyone,

Recently I’ve been diagnosed with IBS. I’ve had colonoscopy, ultrasound and multiple blood tests and this was the diagnosis they’ve given me. This makes sense as a lot of the foods they mention seem to cause my symptoms. However why I’ve decided to post on this forum is I’ve had a frequent but small bits of blood in my stool. This has worried me as it’s been going on for well over a month. One day no blood next day some blood is found (usually on days I use the toilet a lot). I was hoping anyone could share some advice if they’ve had a similar issue with ibs and rectal bleeding. Any advice or help would be massively appreciated as getting diagnosed with ibs has kinda thrown me off, especially with this constant blood in my stool. Any help is welcome and thank you.

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It is very likely that you are grazing the insides of your anus, by deffacating very frequently. Is the blood you can see bright red? If so, that is the probable cause. However, if you are worried, arrange a telephone consultation with your GP

Hi A_93, i have been bleeding alot out my back passage, my doctors thinks its ibs related as i have all tests done and everything has com

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Come back fine. I dont always need to go to the toilet and i bleed. What foods do you stay away from as i have had no advice frome my gp at all, and its really getting me down. Hope this helps

I believe I saw blood mucus yesterday in my stool too but Im not sure if its cos im overanalyzing - been worried about my system recently as Ive had what could be a huge flare up but have never been diagnosed with IBS..I even got close to my stool (tmi) just to check but it looked more like mucus... hard to tell. Could be internal hems

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We suggest making an appointment with your GP.

For help with your IBS please visit our website theibsnetwork.org


Rectal blood could mean fissure or hemmorhoids? Any pain?

Have u been tested for coeliac as if u are still eating gluten and they have tested u for this yet it can cause ibs problems plus rectal bleeding.

Or as they said u could just be having a ibs flare.

Hi I have IBS and a prolapsed rectum that has been operated on but has come back. I bleed all the time after a bowel movement, I had a test for bowel cancer where you have to send samples on sticks to the Lab and all came back clear. So I never worry about it.

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can i ask what was the color of the blood???

Hi guys, thank you for the advice. As I’ve been tested for coeliac and did the sample test, both came back clear. Going to see how the next few days turn out and go from there.

Thanks so much

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