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Normal tests but rectal bleeding...?

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I have had two colonoscopies, one in 2016 due to blood in stool (detected by a fecal occult blood test). My second one was in March 2017 because of pain and changes in bowel habits, and they just wanted to make sure nothing was missed. Everything was clear except for an internal hemorrhoid and they took biopsies which were normal.

For the past month I’ve been having on and off bleeding. It’s always bright red and I ignored it at first but yesterday morning the whole toilet bowl turned red. However, I went again in the night and there was no blood, which is bizarre. I have made an appointment with my PCP but it’s in another 2 weeks. I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with this and can give some advice on what to do until then. I’m 18 btw. I’m just confused because I’ve had two scopes done and I highly doubt I’ll be getting another one. But it’s just weird because I’ve never had this much bleeding before.

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Hello mercedes24 :-)

I suffer with hemorrhoid's and a few years ago now I will never forget I went to the toilet and the bowl looked like an explosion of blood which petrified me

I went zooming up to the doctors the next morning and she examined me and it was a hemorrhoid's that had burst and nothing more but the experience shook me up and I am suffering with bleeding hemorrhoid's at the moment and I should be used to it but I still get anxious till they stop again

I am not a Doctor but think it possibly will be something similar that may have happened with you and highly unlikely after the tests you have had in the past that anything sinister is happening

Could you see your Doctor maybe before two weeks maybe ask for an emergency appointment they could examine you and possibly be able to tell if it is a pile that is bleeding and that would help you until your appointment in two weeks time having a little peace of mind :-)

Let us know how you get on and easy to say but try not to worry , usually these things mount to something simple :-)

Take Care x

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Thanks for the advice. What confuses me though is that I went to the bathroom again later at night and there was no blood that time. It’s very on and off. One day everything will be fine and well and the next it looks like a whole murder scene happened in the toilet! Very weird...I am at a university right now so unfortunately I can’t see my pcp until the holidays. I might go to the on campus health center to see if they can help.

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Hemorrhoid's can bleed then stop then start again they are pesky little things but I would go to the health centre on the campus , get their advise :-)

I am sure everything will be ok and if you have time come and let us know how you got on :-) x

How did you get on if you don't mind me asking? I'm going through exactly what you described in your post!

Hi there,

The bleeding didn’t stop so I went to the GI who did a flexible sigmoidoscopy. They found a small polyp. It was completely benign. Go get checked out, in most cases it’ll be nothing but you want to make sure.

Thank you so much for your prompt response, that's very good news! I will definitely make an appointment to see my GP tomorrow. Did you have to take the prep before the flexible sigmoidoscopy same as the colonoscopy before? Many thanks

No problem. And the prep is easier because from what I remember you only fast for eight hours and you take two fleet enemas. You don’t have to drink any of that nasty laxative stuff like you do for a colonoscopy

Very nasty stuff indeed! I was dreading making an appointment with the gp not because the procedure but because of the prep! Thank you once again.

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