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Chronic rectal bleeding

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I’ve been bleeding for nearly two years now almost daily with each bowel movement. I’m borderline constipated sometimes despite high fiber diet, good hydration, and a lot of exercise. I had a colonoscopy about 9 months ago that was clear and didn’t find anything. I’m beyond baffled how I continue to bleed but nothing was found. I don’t have any stomach pain or nausea or upset stomach, but I do feel pain after bowel movements and anus hurts for hours sometimes. Any idea what this could be and does it fit the bill of ibs or ibd?

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Isit a lot ??

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digar in reply to mondlee6248

It used to be drips in the toilets now there is just a little when I wipe on the toilet paper and sometimes on the stool itself

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mondlee6248 in reply to digar

It should be haemorrhoids so don’t worry too much

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StuWin50 in reply to mondlee6248

i use to bleed each time i went sat on loo, i tried changing to softer loo paper , using KY to help passing or stools ,i try to relax not push down excessively / not strain to much. consider changing diet so you not constipated. you could ask GP for Senna pills

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mondlee6248 in reply to digar

After nothing was found, did you question the doctor then what could it be to caused the bleeding??

it’s probably just hemorrhoids. i have a similar experience.

Could be an anal fissure too. I would contact your doctor again to confirm what you can do to stop this

Sounds like either a fissure or piles, either should be easily treated by your GPGood luck

Hi there this could be a fissure or piles try eating low fibre and take a stool softener like movicol , sometimes high fibre is bad for constipation makes things worse ! X

Constipation and mucus ' you can still ger have a BM and be constipated' its like pebbles and rabbit poo or lumps together hard to pass. You probably got piles so get some cream

Proctalgia fugax..I have it , it sounds similar..hope this helps . Andy .

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digar in reply to Rice333

Interesring! Just looked it up, but rectal bleeding doesn’t seem to be a part of that condition.

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digar in reply to Rice333

Do you have rectal bleeding too?


Could it be an anal fissure? Google it and see what you think. Symptoms seem appropriate. Good luck, hope you get it sorted

You probably have piles (hemmorids ) you can get a cream in the pharmacy and use vaseline when doing a motion

Have your bleeding subsided??

How had ur rectal bleeding going on?? Getting better??

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