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IBS Rectal bleeding

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Hello everyone. I have IBS but yesterday after I emptied my bowels I noticed bright red blood in my stools. Does anyone else experience this?

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I do - when suffering with constipation rather than diarrhoea. Still worth getting checked out by Dr though if it's the first time. Bright red they usually tell you not to worry about, darker blood is the worry

Hello, sorry to hear you suffer from this as well. It's painful isn't it. It's constipation that does it to me as well. It is painful. Did you see a GP as well?

Hi, I've experienced bright red blood on my stools and when my stools were loose or when I had diarrhoea the toilet water even turned red. I've had it 2-3 times and it can cause you to worry but in the end it turned out to be piles (touch wood) and cleared up after a few weeks. The doctor didn't seem to concerned as I'm a 30 year old male with no family history etc. But I would suggest seeing a doctor for peace of mind.

Hello, it sounds scary that the toilet water turned red as well. Loads must of gone through your mind. Fingers crossed you don't get piles again though because they sound painful. I have had blood tests this morning so getting results on the 30th

Yes it does make you worry. They are internal piles and not painful at all, only bleed. I had stool tests and blood tests done and they came back all clear. Visiting the GP is the best thing to do. Hope you feel better soon.

That's good they didn't cause you any pain. Glad your results were clear though.


I have diarrhoea every day and get bright red blood every time I go toilet. I have had many examinations and colonoscopies and have been told that bright red blood is good as it's fresh blood, but dark red or black blood is bad as its coming from deeper within.

They can prescribe a cream if there is a tear in the rectum.

Hello, sorry to hear that your suffering with diarrhoea and have been through so many tests. It has put my mind at ease a bit knowing that it isn't anything dangerous.

If you are worried, do make an appointment with your GP and they will do a blood test to put your mind at ease. Always worth a visit for peace of mind.

Yes but I went to GP to have it checked-you should see GP

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Hello, I went to the GP this morning and had blood tests to see if there's anything else going on other than my IBS. I'm hoping your okay and nothing bad is going on x

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