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Bloated constipation due to ibs

So I've had ibs for a year and have found its triggered by pork and stress. I've cut out the pork apart from the odd accident but stress is a different matter. I recently flew to majorca . The stress caused diarrhoea so took an imodium and u haven't on since. The pain is excruciating but u don't want to take anot her tablet to make me go or I'll be on a cycle of c and d that I had for weeks last year. I've tried healthy eating and exercise but nothing but pain how do I avoid the tablets . I've had alka seltzer too which great for short term pain

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I'm unclear: you want to vacate your bowels? Take 2 grams of vit C or even more. Magnesium-citrate can do the same.

Magnesium-sulphate and other laxatives are not a good idea because they stop motilty and you'd have to restart again. Quite stressfull to the system.

You know your trigger foods. Try and avoid some air producing foods for a few days, they are mentioned in FODMAP.

You also know fiber may not be good for you as it is hard to digest and may exhaust an already struggling colon. Try to have only soup and bouillion for two days, just to give your colon a rest. It sounds like you and your colon deserve a break from all the stress. Best wishes.

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Try to relax as much as possible, and cut out any unnecessary stresses from your life. Learn some breathing techniques and take it easy from now on, as it's your health on the line. The people around you can help if there's any chores or responsibilities that you just can't handle some days. Also, give meditation a try, it's not as pretentious and la-di-da as it seems. There's a really good app called Headspace that I recommend. Just focus on breathing and taking things one step at a time, you'll get there, there's no rush at all. All the best

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