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IBS & Severe Constipation

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Hi, I have suffered with IBS for 21yrs(severe abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating etc all the usual stuff)but something else happened this year resulting in me being ill & off work for the last 6 months. My IBS got worse, probably due to stress but because of being on morphine for pain its made me severly constipated. I was diagnosed with IBS-C 20 years ago but do get horrendous bouts of diarrhoea especially when I am stressed or anxious, so I tend to alternate from one extreme to another. Just wanted to know if anyone has had anything for constipation that really works without making your IBS/abdominal pain even worse? I have been prescribed senna, fibogel, diocytl tablets & laxido sachets all with minimal or no results. Any advice about something that works would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Just a suggestion, have you tried Normacol,it's a natural fiber,and you can use as much or as little as suits you. It's quite expensive but you can get it on prescription.

I was prescribed it by my Gastrologist some time ago.

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Ralphy38 in reply to Gemini71

No I haven't tried that but thought thats what senna a fibogel were, natural fibre?

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Gemini71 in reply to Ralphy38

No,There sort of man made pharmasutical company made.Thats the best way I can explain it.

Normacol is like you have with a meal,more like a vitamin would be totally Natural.

I'm not to good at how to explain so try google you may get a better answer there.

Hi Some while ago on this site someone suggested I try Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, it was one of the best tips I have ever had, i used

to suffer terrible C or D and the bloating was horrendous. I cannot tell

you what a difference its made and I am now taking no prescription meds

at all. I take 1 dessertspoonful in warm water with a spot of honey, before

breakfast and before dinner in the evening. I got mine on Amazon.

Read up on it.

Good luck.

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Ralphy38 in reply to shirlygirly

Thanks I will look it up and give it a try.

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richv in reply to shirlygirly

Glad to hear that it works for you. I may try it. Helped a bit years ago for me with osteoarthritis.

Hi. I have also suffered on and off for about 20 years too. My doctor gave me mebeverine, it worked very well for me then. These days it's not helping. I have constant pain in my lower abdomen, sometimes excruciating! I've had blood tests and cameras in every orifice earlier this year. They found nothing except diverticular disease. So this week I have been on a very strong antibiotic. It has made no difference. So the only thing I can think of now is maybe I have a yeast intolerance. I would really appreciate any ideas as otherwise I am at a loss. But I know one thing for certain, I can't afford to keep having time off work and my doc doesn't know what to do.

Hi KenzieoO, I'm in the same position as you,daily chronic pain in the pelvic area.

I don't know if it will be of any help to you,but I was on this site last night when a dentist came on,and what he was saying certainly interested me,because it's something I've been looking into for awhile now.

He's obviously on another thread but I will PM you with his name.

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Angelisse in reply to Gemini71

could you give me some information on any help you've had with constant abdominal pain? I've been diagnosed with IBS c and am taking Linzess. No relief from pain despite increased bowl movements.

My symptoms are soo much like yours!! I have tried just about everything, but a doctor on tv over a year ago was talking about ibs and said that BImuno Ibaid pastilles, which is for digestive balance, has helped many people. I bought them, think Boots Chemist is the only stockists? It says to suck 2 a day, that was way too much for me, worked too fast!!! I now take just one ONLY, when im very constipated and while it may not take effect till the next day, its very gentle on the tum. Personally i would only take one when needed, not on a daily basis as stated, but everyone is so different. They have been my lifesavers in the last year. They also come in powder form as well. If you decide to try them let me know how you get on. Best wishes, Nanabud

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Ralphy38 in reply to nanabud

Thanks Nanabud, I've never heard of those but will look into them and give them a try and see if they help me. Obviously the morphine makes the constipation worse so its finding the right balance but like you say, everyone is so different so its difficult to know. We can't win can we? If its not stress/anxiety induced diarrhoea its severe constipation!!

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Ralphy38 in reply to nanabud

Hi Nanabud, I have bought some of the Bimuno Ibaid pastilles today to try, doesn't state anything on them about helping constipation just about bifidobacteria in them & balancing gut bacteria but I will give them a go & let you know how it goes.

hi,try taking magnesium citrate tablets at night before bed,they are the only thing that helps my constipation, I take 400mg but you may need more or less,I have all your symptoms and diverticular disease,

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Ralphy38 in reply to cassie17

Thanks Cassie17 will give them a go too. Its all trial and error, so hoping one of the suggestions I have been given works.

I have similar problems. It when I eat lots of vegetables seaweed chocolate fruit falxseeds chia seeds and green juice or any caffeine then I get diarrea. so if your constipated then it should help a lots. Have you tres drinking psyllium Husks everyday or cholestyramine?

With the anxiety thing it's very difficult as our mind is in our gut. Read the below link for more info. coconutandwhat.com/2015/10/...

I also use Magnesium when needed, also use milled linseed (flax), on my cereal. I cannot have seeds as they irritate me. My doctor have suggested Movicol, but worried this will be too extreme and cause diarrhoea ? Another one some doctors suggest is Lactulose, but this can cause a lot of wind and I think is dairy based, so no good if you avoid lactose or dairy. Its a bit trial and error I am afraid!

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Ralphy38 in reply to casares8

Yes had lactulose before, it does absolutely nothing for me at all. I have heard of movicol but I have same reservations as you, that it may give me bad diarrhoea.


iv had ibs for 20+ years so i can sympathise. suggest at least 2 pints of water a day.yoga twist exercise and walking and getting up to walk every hour for 5 mins during the day.

hope this helps.


I use Laxido and Senna - with some effect, sometimes more effect that others.

Natural remedies used from time to time are "All Bran", and tinned Prunes

Is don't like taking loads of tablets or laxatives, currently I manage my IBS & constipation by drinking peppermint tea, Pukka detox, Pukka relax tea which contains liquorice and marshmallow root and minimising my gluten and dairy uptake really seems to help me personally. I also take evening primrose as its a natural anti-inflammatory :-)

Hi CE_88_14 I have tried peppermint tea and peppermint capsules did nothing for me but never heard of Pukka detox or Pukka relax tea...where do you get them? Trying to find natural remedy that actually works as I dont like taking prescribed laxatives but having to take Laxido as nothing natural doing the trick.

Thanks StewartDS I will look into that and give it a try.

Hi StewartDS can I ask where you buy your silica capsules from? And what is the issue with the water? I am not sure my UK tap water is silicon rich. I am guessing the Professor from Keele university(is that right as Keele Ini made no sense to me so assumed was a typing error)research will explain more clearly but haven't had a chance to search for this yet. Will give anything a go StewartDS as everyone is different so its all just trial & error to see if something works for me, so very much appreciate your advice. Thanks

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Ralphy38 in reply to Ralphy38

Just found the research, very interesting. It would be cost of buying mineral water that would be an issue for me considering my budget & a healthy weekly shop for family of 4 already costing a lot without water added.

Wow Stewart, that is amazing...such a difference from just drinking the silicon water...sorry to hear your sister has suffered so badly from a vaccine, thats just so awful. I have to say I dont believe what most doctors tell you(dont trust them as far as I can throw them) and I believe a lot of issues aren't made public as it will mean less profits for the big pharmaceutical companies! I will definitely give it a try and let you know how it goes. My IBS has been ongoing since I was 18yr and I've always wondered why we all seem to be suffering so much with intestinal/bowel problems these days, when our ancestors didnt and why no doctors can explain it. Thanks for all the info.

Well, I can see what you are doing wrong already. You used Senna in the past. Never use irritant laxative. It might help to use a stimulant laxative and rough cut psyllium husk for a short time. Use vitamin supplements while on psyllium husk as it will reduce absorption of minerals and vitamins. Red beans also help.

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