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Bloating and IBS


Ive had this bloating now for about 5 month my stomach is so hard and bloated i look 10month pregnant it doesn't go away at all even if i don't eat. I do have IBS but never felt like this in 40 yrs I've had it. Can anyone help? Ideas etc

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IBS can have other triggers of course, such as stress, so consider whether that might be an issue. Otherwise you might consider trying the FODMAP diet, or just some informal excluding of food groups to begin with - my daughter turned out to just be sensitive to alliums. I would check it out with my doctor as well. Good luck with sorting it out.

All very best


I can totally relate. I've had near constant bloating these past 3 months or so. It's very uncomfortable and my stomach is massive! I had a 10lb 7oz baby last may so my stomach is still big partly due to this but it's the biggest it's ever been postpartum so it's hard to know if its mainly due to my having a huge baby or from the bloat. Either way no amount of baggy clothes can disguise it sadly. I can't work out my food triggers, I dont drink fizzy or caffeine, im gluten/wheat free, dairy free, i dont eat onions or garlic. It's very frustrating! Just been diagnosed with ibs-d but I'm starting to get constipated too just for good measure!!

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Thanks for your reply. I have constipation 99% of the time I use dulcolax which does help but then I end up with the runs. I've got an appointment on 4th march for a stomach scan so will no more then, I'll add more when and if they find what's causing this bloating

I had this problems for years and then IBS got crazy and now I can’t eat anything . Visit a doctor who specialises in this area and it may be best to see if You have any food sensitivities

I'm sorry you are like this IBS is horrible. I'm following the low fodmap diet and it's definitely working for me. If it's confirmed you have IBS i.e. you've had all the tests then this diet is definitely worth a try.

I'm in the UK under an NHS Dietician.

All the very best and hope you feel better soon.

How did you get referred to the dietician? Xxxx

I had food poisoning in November 2018 and it turned my IBS on its head and I ended up with acute nausea and diarrhoea, I was like this for a year. During that time I'd had a Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, ultrasound and a myriad of blood tests. I was at the end of my tether and I said to my doctor, please could you refer me to a Dietician and fortunately he did. I'm fortunate as I have a very good doctor's surgery.

I'm 3 weeks in to the elimination phase and feel so much better, it's working. It works in 75% of people.

Wishing you well.

Alicia xxx

I feel your discomfort. I have IBS-c. My whole abdomen is bloated and painful and gurgling. Even black herbal tea kicks it off! I use dulcoease but am still constantly constipated. It is vile . I've had colonoscopies and scans . Nothing! It's been chronic like this since last year . I wish they could find a cure for this debilitating condition. XxxxX

Have you had food intolerance tests? I live in the UK and them thru pharmacy chain. Have found relief from removing these foods. I was unaware I had a non diagnosed celiac disease. Eggs gluten dairy are the main tests on NHS. New information from other countries recognize that multigrain and all food sorts may be potential allergens which cause gas and distension and either the runs with constipation or just constipation. If you want info on these tests which have saved my life will send them by private message if you want. I had tests for over 60 foods. Food groups have cross matching allergens with the same protein in them . Eg peanuts may have the same protein as other nuts so you may find this protein is in another food which is not listed by food and drink manufacturers. Eg cola màde from Kola nut in Pepsi and coca cola.

This sounds amazing . Could you send me the info . I'm in UK too and i can't go on like this xxxx

Alphega pharmacy do tests through linked chemists throughout the UK. You look for their map locators of branches which have different services including allergies. If you are near county boundaries look for the town on a list which comes up with contact details. Click on each icon with named chemist tofu d if they do the allergies food intolerance test. It comes under the heading allergies rather than food intolerances. They do over 60 foods but this does not include alcohol or drug interactions .

Thank you so much. X

After removing the allergens I was better within a couple of days. Had so many thought I d be unable to change my French bread barley drinks malt vinegar egg and dairy but am not gluten intolerant. There are many other proteins in grains which can be allergens. GPs don't seem to know anything about these intolerances and even pharmacist suggested I could reintroduce mild allergens back but it was not worth it. Now I know why eating a hard boiled egg with a pork pie gave spasm pain and trouble. I take batter off fish chicken with take aways..the plate is covered with batter about half a pound of wheat and egg. I am sure you will feel better if food intolerances are the main problem.

I have one of those chemists near by so i will ring them asap . Fingers crossed they do the testing . Thanks again xxxx

You are welcome they might find another one in your area if they don't do allergies just ask.

Will do . Thank you so much.x

Let me know if there is one you can reach. There is another group that do a test on referral by doctor. It is not linked to NHS with feedback and referral.

I will. Thank you xxx

If you press the icon on the map locator with number on it a list of allergy clinics and special services should come up.

Ok . I'll take a look tomorrow..xxxxx

I have that often! I had a reprieve for almost a year with no diarrhea. I has been back every time I go. I too have been working on the fodmap diet, but I think, in my case, stress may be playing a prominent role.


Hi there,

Sorry to hear you're struggling. If you need help and support please get in touch

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