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Hi first time on this site

I have read many reviews and looked for help it's time I feel the need to write my little story

March 2016 I had a heart attack (cardiac arrest) and had four stents fitted feeling better immediately but knew something was still something wrong 6 weeks later was rushed into hospital with biliary sepsis and from this they found I had stomach ulcers diverticulitis and ibs c the constipation had been a constant struggle for 2 years ruled and ruined my life I was taking 3 laxido a day 4 dulcease and 4 buscopan and they tried antidepressants during this time this still didn't help I was at my wits end and ready to give up I had really had enough felt my body and mind was ready to give up too

Then along came Linaclotide and boom my life was changed I do not need any of the above medication I am taking this once a day I've got my timing right and life is moving forward normal and happy I hope this helps you all with ibs c there is light at the end of the tunnel Thankyou x

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I am so pleased to hear this from someone else. I am also taking Linaclotide and the difference is remarkable. I could not take the like of Laxido/Movicol as it made no difference, just made me bloated. This is life changing. Just out of interest what mg do you take and when do you take it? I can't take it on the morning as I work, do take it in the evening. It starts working within a few hours. I also take magnesium citrate on an empty stomach before bed when I don't take Linaclotide. My doctor told me to have a break every 6 weeks for about a week.

Shirley-peirson in reply to Pat1

Hi there I take 290 microgrames I take at around half past 3 to 4 o'clock I then have my tea between 5 and half past and by 7 30 it's all over toxin free and feeling great xx glad it works for you too xxx

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