Normacol experiences?

I tried Normacol a couple of years ago and wasn't sure whether it made my IBS symptoms worse or whether it was just me, and so I only used it for a week then gave up. I am tempted to try it again because I suffer from alternating IBS/C and D, and I need something fairly gentle or I end up with bad IBS/D at work (not great). Has anyone used Normacol and if so, how did you get on with it? John Hunter seems to like it a lot so I'm tempted to try again.

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  • Hi blinks I used Normacol and I found the same as you ,but I just cut the amount I took until I found what suited me.I do think it's one of the best laxatives you can have as it's more natural.Just cut the measurement down to suit you. Hope that's been a bit of help.

  • Thanks Gemini71. I go round in circles - I hate lactulose, and movicol is slightly less irritating but produces the runs at inconvenient times, even just one sachet at night. Fibogel is useless and senna gives me cramps. I will give the normacol another go and do as you suggest. Binks

  • Just try and adjust it to your needs.It is really the most natural,I used to just take one teaspoonful after my evening meal.

  • What is normacol and where do you get it?

  • Normacol is a natural laxative it's pure fibre ,and you get it from the chemist,but it is quite expensive unless you can get it on prescription .You really have to tapper it to your own needs depending on how sevear you constipation is.

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