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Rectal prolapse advice please

Hi all, I've had several invasive tests lately, including a proctogram and a colonoscopy. Had an appointment with my consultant yesterday and he's told me I have a rectal prolapse but before he can decide wether to operate, wants to have a look, with me under a general anaesthetic. Was just wondering if anyone else suffers from the same or has been in the same situation...

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I had bowel prolapse many years ago and had surgery to remove a length of bowel to correct the situation. I didn't need a general anaesthetic to look at the problem beforehand - I had a barium enema which showed them my issue. Maybe you need to discuss with the sugeon exactly what he/she is planning to do and what the options are.


Thanks for your reply. As a result of the proctogram I had, (had to have a barium enema beforehand) the Consultant knows I have a rectocele but isn't sure how severe it is so wants to have a proper look then he'll decide.



I have one too... they were able to see with an x-ray how big it was. I got two conflicting pieces of advice. One consultant suggested an operation and the other said that it was not big enough to worry about. I believe the prolapse is called a rectocele or similar. You can also get these prolapses in pregnancy and people continue their lives not knowing they have one.

When surgery was discussed with me, they advised that they would use pig skin and staple it to the bone. There is obviously a risk of it detaching through excessive straining.

I have declined this surgery at this time but they could cause blockages, which is obviously when I will review my decision.


Hi Max, thanks for your reply. Not sure I'd like the idea of them using pig skin! I don't understand why, after all the tests I've had, my consultant still wants to go in and have a look!


Hi MamaSue, yes, I had a rectal mucosal prolapse repair done about 6 weeks ago along with a hemoroidectomy for grade 3 haemorrhoid. Not sure what kind of rectal prolapse yours is but mine had been a real problem for many months with mucous constantly leaking from back passage. My GP sent me for urgent review, Consultant said within 2 minutes I needed and operation but on taking a cancellation with another colorectal surgeon, he said he would investigate under a general anaesthetic to see if it was something I needed to live with or was a big enough problem to require surgery! Not completely happy as the advise differed but went ahead. Recovered from op to find that the prolapse had been repaired and the hems had gone. Six weeks on prolapse symptoms have disappeared but unfortunately I have developed 2 more grade 3 hems. I see the Consultant again shortly and will make a decision as to way forward. Glad I had the op as it has cured the prolapse problem but I wish they gave you more post op advise as it is quite a painful op (the two combined was anyway) but with some tips that I garnered from various websites it was bearable. Please ask if you want to know anything more. My prolapse & hems apparently due to many years constant diarrhoea from IBS, colitis etc. I am a small person so weight has not played a part.

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Hi Chelsea1515, thanks for your reply ☺️ I have a rectocele, loose sphincter tone and diverticulitis. For a long time now, I've suffered from dreadful diarrhoea and severe urgency when needing the loo which has resulted in many accidents, it's taken over my life now! ( I also had my gallbladder removed a few years ago which hasn't helped the diarrhoea!) My consultant wants to go in and have a look to decide wether to operate or not (I've had that many people digging around up there, I'm going to start charging!!!) I don't understand why you have a colonoscopy with just a sedative but the consultant needs a ten minute quick look (his words) and it needs a general anaesthetic! Glad your prolapse is better, good luck 🍀with the hems, hope you get it sorted. I'll let you know how I get on! 💐

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I wonder if this info would help you - to try avoiding these foods after you have had a gallbladder surgery if the diarrhea is not going.

copy and paste the following link into your browser


They suggest removing :


dairy products

very fatty foods and

very sweet things

from the diet to help the diarrhea.

Hope your surgeon is helpful about the other thing. God bless.

Hope you get some relief.

Best wishes,


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Many thanks for your reply and your help alicemarsh, I have actually tried giving up dairy etc things always seem ok to start but gradually goes back to normal. My GP wants me to see a dietician and try the FODMAP but need to get the other things sorted first 🙄 I'll definitely look at your link, and thank you again 🌸


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