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IBS, coeliac, hyper-mobile, rectal prolapse, no kids (yet!) help?

Hi, I'm new to HealthUnlocked. I don't know if this is the right network to be posting in but I hope I can find others who have experienced a similar thing to me. I have anxiety-related IBS and also coeliac disease, diagnosed spring 2015. Since my coeliac diagnosis the gluten-free diet has really helped my symptoms (I had frequent diarrhoea, loss of appetite, weight loss, stomach cramps, nausea...etc) but all of these symptoms return when I get anxious (sometimes just randomly when I have to leave the house, especially when using public transport, in places where toilet access is restricted etc) and it has all become a bit of a cycle: anxious so think I might have an accident, anxious because I think I might have an accident... so anyway this has led to two years of preemptive toileting, passing stool upwards of six times a day, forcing it out before leaving the house... and now I have a rectal prolapse. Oh I should also say I have hyper-mobile joints which apparently means I am at a higher risk of prolapse anyway. So yes, the prolapse has been around for probably getting on for 18 months now, although it has got a lot worse recently. I've been having CBT on and off to deal with the mental stuff and I have just yesterday finally been put on the list for an operation to sort the prolapse out. It all feels really overwhelming and I wondered if I am the only childless 28-year-old ever to have got herself in such a state. Comments appreciated.

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So sorry to hear that you're going through all of this. I also have IBS and related anxiety. It's do easy to get stuck in a vicious circle. I don't have any advice to give relating to the pro lapse but just want to say stay strong and believe that it will all get better. I try to overcome my anxiety by thinking positively and taking my mind off the IBS but it's definitely not easy.


Thank you. It is nice knowing I'm not the only one. It is very difficult not to feel like a freak when I meet new people and in running off to the loo every half an hour...


You could Get yourself a cant wait card- seen them mentioned on here.

Also a radar key to give you access to disabled toilets. From amazon or even argos at a push. Got mine from amazon 3 for less than £2 inc delivery. Made life so much easier and removes some of the stress of having to hunt out a public toilet as all pubs have a disabled loo.


Hi, I am like you; you can get a RADAR KEY for dissabled toilets and a cant wait card.

I am waiting for a rectal pacmaker and use Quefora system.

The suucess rate for prolapse opp is very good :)

Very Best Wishes

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Hello, I'm the same as you too. I've recently had a proctogram, colonoscopy and a couple of other tests, also seeing a physiotherapist. I've had a couple of the results back through my GP - I have diverticulitis and a mild rectal prolapse, am now waiting for an appointment next month with my consultant. I was made redundant 18 months ago and haven't been able to work since, I have dreadful accidents, have had CBT for my anxiety but until my medical problems are sorted think that was a bit of a waste of time really because when I feel I need to go I HAVE to go, no meditating or breathing will stop it!! I also have a Radar key, I paid a fiver for my on NHS website, didn't know you could get them cheaper on Amazon! I must admit though, I get annoyed and embarrassed at comments or looks I get when I have to use disabled toilets! It's so nice coming on this website because you realise you're not alone and that there are other people in the same position.

Sending positive thoughts and good wishes to you, hope you get your problems sorted x

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There are those of us who obviously need to wear the badge saying------ not all disabilities are visible.


Definitely Lisahelen!


Thanks everyone, the Radar Key thing is something I've never thought of so that's a really helpful suggestion. I'm hoping the operation sorts the physical problem but I know I have to get the mental stuff sorted with it otherwise I'll just get in the same pickle again.



I found health unlocked when I was researching information about IBS. I, too, have dealt with IBS pretty much my entire life. About 10 months ago I discovered some products a friend suggested. One is a probiotic, the other a magnesium supplement. These 2 products work together to restore gut health. The probiotic contains 5 very high quality probiotics and 4 enzymes. They work to increase the good flora, and kill off the bad flora and fungus that grows out of control in the bodies of people who eat a typical "western" diet. The magnesium supplement is a gentle detoxifier. So the probiotic rounds 'em up, and the magnesium supplements cleans 'em out! hahaa...but it's the best stuff and I wish I had found it years ago!! I used to keep pepto bismol in my car and swig it like someone with an alcohol problem swigs out of a bottle. I walked around with a pink mustache all the time! Anyway, please contact me privately if you'd like more info! I'd be happy to share! bethelisecurley@gmail.com

All the best to you,



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