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Any advice please :-(

Hi everyone! Ive recently come accross this page and wanted to talk with anyone who has been in the same situation as me as im at the end of my tether :-(

I am 25 ,female and was diagnosed with IBS a good few years ago. Most days i will have awful tunmy cramping until i go home and relieve myself and it doesnt really give me too much issues however lately ive been having other "issues". Along with my IBS i also have been having excruiciating pain and blood when passing a stool. This has been going on months now everyday. Pain only lasts while pooping then goes away. I also have severe itching feeling "down there" . I do actually try to stop myself from going to toilet just to avoid this feeling for at least a day. But this results in pain and bloating. I havent been to a doctor as i am beyond embarrassed about this and my doctors never help me out and have actually laughed at me in the past when ive been for other problems (such as acne advice) . Though i think i may have to go along and grit my teeth!

Anyone got any ideas what it could be? Has anyone had similar problems?

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First things first - you should not feel embarrassed about seeing your doctor about anything to do with your bowels, or your health in general. If you are afraid of being laughed at, if possible I'd ask to see a different doctor, and if you are laughed at, I would start by writing a letter of complaint to your surgery.

I certainly wouldn't hesitate in seeing your doctor about blood when going to the toilet. At your age, this is almost certainly nothing to worry about, but you should go it get checked out. I suspect it will probably be more to do with things like piles, but your doctor should also exclude things like inflammation which could be an indication of illnesses like inflammatory bowel diseases. However, as I said, the blood is probably to do with piles, especially since you have an itching feeling as well.

Returning to your IBS, how does it manifest itself (e.g. diarrhoea/constipation) and what have you done to try and manage it?


Hi thanks for your reply , will defo pluck up the courage to go to the doctors! It's not a great combination with IBS! Well it usually manifests as constipation and gas. Stress is a big trigger and the way I'm managed that is that I actually moved jobs! I was in a extremely stressful job a few months ago (I was being bullied at work) and my IBS was off the charts painful. Just moving into a less stressful job with great people has worked wonders. Not always an option though!

I've also cut out a lot of food which also upsets my tummy (like spicy food) , chocolate , milk, Fried food . I used to eat a lot of takeaway food ! I'm cleaning eating at the moment, my body isn't used to it but it benefits my health and weight.

Cleaning eating seems to be helping for now anyway! I've also found lemongrass and ginger tea very helpful at reducing the pain from gas and bloating. Worth a try :-)


I also agree that this sounds like piles, your doctor can prescribe cream which will shrink them, you will feel a lot more comfortable.


Thank you for your reply I will defo book in to see them :)


Search NHS + blood in stools + itchy bottom. GO TO YOUR DOCTOR! Good luck.


I will :)

Thank you for your reply!


Please don't feel embarrassed where bleeding is concerned, this should always be checked out by a doctor. If you are having pain whilst passing stools try rubbing castor oil around anal canal to avoid any minor tearing. Drink fluids throughout day to soften stools. As you are an IBS suffers look into safer alternatives to

increase fibre into your diet slowly.


Thank you for your reply! I've always been a bit shy and embarrassed , even getting my IBS diagnosed felt embarassing talking to a doctor. But I need to get over it now . Thank you for your advice :)


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