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Prolapse in all 3 departments

I have had 3 children. My age is 59 yrs.

First Caesarean section suffered IBS symtoms after.

Second normal delivery very difficult forceps delivery

Third normal delivery

1). 10 years of low back pain on waking. Fine after mobile.

2). Believe my prolapse is from childbirth, and back pain/disc degeneration.

3). Discomfort anus 24/7, feeling of obstruction, incomplete evacuation.

4). NHS disregarded after 3 years of investigations. Pain management advised.

5) Had haemorrhoidal symptoms, no constipation, no itching, few sessions bleeding 2013. Had colonoscopy negative apart from haemorrhoids banding suggested/NHS refused to band.

6). Sent for physio biofeed. NHS nurse said this was not for me as I did not have constipation. She did not advise biofeed.

7). Went for colorectal opinion privately. Different points of views.

Banding, HALO surgery, Stapled surgery, injections, pudendal nerve block injections, Uterine surgery, Finally Ventro rectopexy.

8). Back MRI negative for prolapse involvement

My symptoms now March 2015

Discomfort anus 24/7

Worse in the morning on waking, relieved with less pressure on back.

Worse discomfort when sitting especially on a hard chair.

Discomfort eased when standing however always there in a subtle way.

No constipation

Weak anal sphincter muscles slight occasional accidents with bowels.

Occasional urine leakage, after coughing and full bladder.

Much embarrassing flactulance.

A need to wipe my bottom after a poop.

MRI lying down proctogram shows prolapse in all 3 compartments.

Sitting proctogram shows distal intussusception

Anorectal physiology test show week anal muscle control.

I have seen a number of specialists for opinion.

My anul symptoms began 5 years ago with a pushing sensation In my bowel at night time. Irregular motions usually soft.

This has now led to prolapse however I am NOT worse with discomfort at the end of the day. Which I believe to be the norm with prolapse.

I wake with this discomfort after sleeping on my back.

However MRI back scan appears negative to prolapse involvement.

Has anyone had a ventro rectopexy operation?

I would be pleased to make contact.

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Sorry I don't have any feedback, as I myself have joined to chat with other about there experiences and try to gain help, I really do hope you can connect with someone who can help you xx



I have many of your symptoms since giving birth to my second child nearly a year ago. I have had various tests, like you and have a small rectocele and intussusception which leaves me with immense rectal pressure. I also have pudendal nerve pain. I've been offered ventral mesh rectopexy but I am worried it will worsen things for me. Where will you have the operation carried out if you do go through with it? I find Movicol helps me to empty and take it daily. Just wish I didn't have this heaviness all the time, doesn't matter whether my rectum is full or empty.

Best wishes

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Hello Ethorne,

Sorry to get back to you late.

Possibly Bristol.

I fear I'm getting worse.

I'm having incontinence accidents now.

Where were you considering surgery?

Best Sandra


Hi Sandra I really feel for you and I know only too well the distressing

symptoms you have and others with the same problems. Ive cried buckets

because you feel so alone with no one else actually realising your distress

and its impact on your life. Ive had IBS most of my adult life and Im now

77, and Ive looked tor answers but most things are trial and error. I ended

up with rectal prolapse and had 2 ops ( 1st didnt work) this was done

externally as I had too much scar tissue to do it any other way. My surgeons advise was 'take imodium) great' The rectum being the organ

which stops evacuation until you are ready, you can imagine the fun Ive

had. Its been 6 years since my last op and although things have improved

due to my constantly looking for and trying different medications, things

are not great but I refuse to give in lifes too short. At the moment Im

taking codeine when needed but its so easy to get things wrong, timing

is everything. I have found the Fodmap diet useful, once again trial and

error, but definately worth looking into. I have taken hot water and lemon

for some years and find it a great aid to digestion also peppermint tea

after meals. Good luck Sandra. Hope things improve very soon.


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Thank you Shirley for making contact.

Its difficult at times when family do not quite understand what we are all going through.

Wonderful to have this forum.

Not feeling alone is what really matters.

I shall look at the Foodmap diet.

All the best,


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Sorry to get back to you late.

The two centres of expertise that I have found are Oxford and Bristol.

There may be others.

Best Sandra



Sorry to hear that. I went to the Oxford Pelvic Floor Centre. They do have a website if you want to take a look. I'm going to review how I am in another year as I'm only one year from having my baby. I'm hoping things may still improve for me. I guess with your new symptom, you are more steered towards surgery? Have you tried irrigation to help?


Hi Sandra

I've just come across your post whilst searching (desperately!) for some answers as to what is wrong with me. My symptoms are exactly as yours and the most distressing thing for me is the immense rectal pressure which I get no relief from

I would like to ask if you have had any resolution? Any surgery or any other solution and are you feeling any better. I can fully sympathise with your suffering as ive been suffering and fighting to get diagnosed for 12 months so it must be awful for you after all the years you have had this

I've felt so alone with this and am awaiting results of a proctogram and MRI so its good to hear I'm not going mad and that others have the same symptoms, although its awful that anybody us have to suffer so much. Are you any better? Xx

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Hi Jonesey53,

Welcome to the club there are a few of us :)

I also have similar problems, IBS & pelvic prolapse (a lovely combination).

My Consultant has suggested trying a pessary for a couple of weeks to see how it feels. If it works then I may be a candidate for surgery. Seems a sensible thing to try?

At the moment I am seeing a specialist women's physiotherapist for pelvic floor exercises etc.

It's horrible I know, but I try to keep positive.

Good luck :)


Thanks for your reply MC89. I don't know alot about pessaries. What do they do for the prolapse do they relieve the pain/pressure?

I have seen a women's Physio but she wanted to wait until my test results came back before continuing with anything as she said she could not feel Rectoceole. My feeling is that I have intussuception.

Thanks again for replying quickly. Nice to talk to others in similar situations xx


As far as I know the pessary holds everything up in the "normal" position so it helps to relieve pressure in that area.

I had an anterior repair nearly 2 years ago along with a hysterectomy but sadly the prolapse has returned. I also have a rectocele but they think it is too small for surgery. I want to delay more surgery too if I can so this is why I'm trying physiotherapy etc.

Might be something to discuss with your GP.


In not sure if my last reply posted so apologies if i repeat!

Thanks for the info I will discuss this with my consultant at next visit. I hope you get sorted soon and can get a solution without surgery xx take care xx


Hi everyone,

Thanks for contributing to this original posting.

I am still struggling in the sane situation!!

I believe there is very little recognition out there for intussusception internal prolapse.

Very few doctors are familiar with ventral Rectopexy, and results are somewhat vague. The operation been in existence for 10 years I have not as yet come across positivity as the Internet does not help.

I have not as yet had Ventral Rectopexy and tried to squeeze my anal muscles to help continence but the discomfort is prohibiting a good result.

Although I have been advised by some doctors to band the tissue

Others said continence could get worse. I'm considering this although I guess the prolapse has caused this in the first instance.

I am not worse at the end of the day, and specialists are not putting me in touch with past patients.

Good luck to all,

I'm sorry no concrete answers here. I only wish I could help soneone.



I am pleased I am not the only one experiencing all of this. I have recently had a proctogram which showed rectocele and intussusception and a colonoscopy which shows sigmoid diverticulosis. Has anyone had an op for this that has been successful? I really don't know what to do.


Annie may be Private message me. x



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