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I have seen my GP and had blood tests and an examination, I am due to see a gastro consultant in November, this is to long to wait, as I am in pain and discomfort, I chased this up and now they are sending me for a colonoscopy on Monday.

I have seen so many books and mobile apps for the fodmap diet, I am confused as to what to get, what are the best ones to buy, and also a good fodmap diary for me to track my foods etc.

Many Thanks


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  • Hi Junie2 that's my birthday.But to get serious to get a colonoscopy you've done well,I've been led to Believe that's the best test you can have to see if any things going on.(hopefully nothing ) As for a Fodmap diet like you I've been through them all to no avail although it is said that the best is the Australian app,though I never found it any help.Firstly I'd say don't run before you can walk,wait until after Monday and if it is IBS ask to be referred to a dietician .The best book for IBS I'd say is ,IBS by professor John Hunter. I've suffered with IBS for 12yrs but mine is chronic . I think there at a loss what to do with me now but I still live in hope.Anyway back to you wait untill your results Monday and take it from there that's a good starting point.Good Luck and a big HUG.

  • Happy Birthday.

    I do hope my test is ok. I just want to know what it is, then I can take steps to sort myself out.

    Thanks for your help


  • That's right just wait and see,then you can take it from there.But I can understand your worry,still just one more day.

  • Hi Junei how did your colonoscopy go ,well I hope.

  • Hi

    Not something I would want to do again.

    I am still waiting for the results, I called the consultants secretary, she said phone back on Tuesday, he has not looked at them yet.

    They have no idea how worried I am. I have not seen him yet, so hopefully he will see me soon.

    My lower back and hips are more uncomfortable since having this done, very painful.

    Thanks for your concern


  • He's taking his time isn't he,he's just making you sweat.Keep phoning his secretary and make a nuisance of yourself if you have to.

  • Update

    I called the gastro consultant secretary, he still has not looked at my results.

    So contacted my gp, he had the results, all was normal except a small cyst on my pancreas, he said not to worry.

    He told me to treat my symptoms as IBS, until I can get an appointment with the gastro consultant.

    so i will now start to try and help myself.


  • My god Junie they really are making you sweat aren't they. There really is nothing more you can do really. WHEN you see your gastrologist if he just fobs you off with oh it's just IBS without giving you any advise,ask to see a dietitian. Hope it don't take to long for you to see him,if so keep chasing him up. Good Luck

  • By the way I was told on one of these forums you have to take your own health in your own hands ,I thought good advise.Nowaday you have to keep makeing a nueisence of yourself if you want to get anywhere.

  • Yeah I did make a nuisance of myself, the doctors office staff are probably calling me allsorts, pity I had to do it, but all I wanted was help and support from the people who are suppose to care for us.

    Thanks for your reply


  • Just take it easy and try and not stress for a day or two.Then keep on at the Gastrologist secretary for an appointment.I understand your frustration,it's as my husband said we're just a number,the careing side of the medical profession has gone. Sorry to rant on but I feel so strongly about the way people who are ill are treated. Look After Yourself.

  • They now say I have to have an endoscopy, I have appointment on Wednesday. My GP Says it is IBS, but wants the gastro consultant to confirm it is, the gastro consultant wants me to have the endoscopy before he sees me.


  • Oh my god Junie they really are messing you about,maybe the endoscopy is for the cysts, so they can check them out. I know it's hard for you,and my heart goes out to you,but try and keep your chin up and let's hope this is the end of it and they can sort you out.

  • Hi Junie2. Just thought I'd have a catch up. Have you got things sorted yet,and how are you feeling now. Hope your much better x

  • Hi Gemini71

    I had the procedure done last week, they have taken biopsies, I have to wait for the results, still have not seen a consultant, my GP has given me tablets to try.

    Really fed up as it does not matter what I eat, I either have bad pain or rush to the bathroom.

    It has gone on so long that every time I look at food it is just pain waiting to happen.

    Hope you are ok


  • Oh Junie I really feel for you,i think there really messing you about. The best part ( if you can call it that) of them taking ther time for you to see your consultant is it properly is not serious,although I can understand that don't help you.How can your Gp give you pills for what he don't know is wrong. As for food and pain or the toilet well I've had that delema for about the last 6yrs,so I sincerely empathise with you.I hope you get sorted soon until then Big Hug from me.

  • Don't do anything till you have the colonoscopy my ibs turned out to be Crohns

  • Hi everyone I ve suffered IBS for years now. Since my early 30 s and now in early 70 s. This last attack has lasted 6 weeks and is driving me mad. I ve had scans and blood tests and my dr thinks it's IBS . Haven't had colonoscopy though. Really worried about having it. Having mri scan on liver tomorrow morning. Thanks for listening xx

  • Hi Golden I was just wondering how you are ,particularly because you say your in your early 70s,like me . Have you had a colonoscopy yet as I don't think they can tell you IBS without one.Ive suffered IBS chronic for over 12yrs every waking hour,I've had all the tests,diets,and gastrologist to last me the rest of my life.Thats why I stay on this site in the hopes someone will come up with something I haven't done or tried. I think you'll do more worrying not knowing than just taking the plunge and at least you will have your mind put at rest. Let us know how your doing. Keep Well.

  • Hi Gemini 71 . Sorry are still feeling rough. Yes I m still struggling on with tummy ache, wind constipation and bad back ache. 7 weeks now of this. Longest bout I ve ever had.,gets me worried when it won t go away. As I said I ve had IBS since my early 30 s and now in my early 70 s.Seems more attacks and lasting longer as I m getting older. Think mine went much worse 8 years ago when I lost my beloved husband. I ve had lots of blood tests scans. Been examined internally and told it's not the gall bladder or Thyroid or diabetes. Just had MRI scan on liver and pancreas and a waiting result. I ve not had a colonoscopy. Must admit I don t like the idea but perhaps I ought to. Hope we both get some relief soon. Sorry I ve gone on about. I t helps to talk to someone that understands. Thank you xx

  • Oh boy do I understand. I can sincerely empathise with you,it really gets me down at times,but I also have a lot of other problems.But a little (if you can call it that ) thing like IBS takes over the whole of my life.Ive had a letter this morning for a professor Whorewell to try Hypnotherepy with me I think this must be a last resort for me ,so fingers crossed,he does seem to have had a lot of success with it. BUT back to you gloden I really do think you ought to push for a colonoscopy at least it will put your mind at rest what's going on . A friend of mine thought she had IBS last week she had a colonoscopy and found she had Diverculer desease which not pleasant but it can be controlled not like IBS where they don't really know what to do. So if I was you I'd push for one.Sorrry to drag on so much,but like you it's does us all good to have a rant now and again. If ever you want to chat because it's getting you down I'm always here.Big HUG.

  • Hi Gemini 71. Thank you for your reply. It's good to chat to someone going through same and same age group. Makes you feel not so alone. I know I ve got to go and have this colonoscopy thing. Not very brave me. But it's getting me so worried and down. Do you ever have tum ache after a bowel movement. That's me at the moment. Heard others say BM relieves pain but not with me. This IBS or whatever has a lot to answer to. Like you it takes my life over. Went to Liverpool with my daughter to visit my granddaughter and I was really worried how I was going to be. Luckily I was ok until coming home did ent feel so good. My tum eases if I get into bed and get warm and it never wakes me up. Oh sorry going on a bit here. I do so hope you get some help with your hypnotherapy. Please let me know how you do. So good to talk thank you. Lots hugs xx

  • gloden I'll talk anytime.Your not alone when you say when you have a BM it makes the pain worse I'm the same the more I go the more the pain. The thought of traveling to Manchester fills me with fear,but needs must,and I have a very understanding husband. He has to be the amount of times I've told him to book a holiday then cancelled.And as for being brave about going to Hostpital for tests anybody who says they are I don't believe . Before I had a colonoscopy I'd had 2 Hostpital admissions where I nearly lost my life, so when I had a colonoscopy I had to stay in for 4 days,but usually it's just a one day appointment.If your worried just remember to ASK for a sedative it just relaxes you . Anyway I bet your sick of hearing me ramble. LOTS of HUGS

  • Hi Gemini 71 so glad we have found each other to natter. Someone that truly understands. I lost my lovely husband 8 years ago. He was like yours so understanding and looked after me. I ve got three lovely daughters and six wonderful grandchildren who are always there for me bless them. Please let me know how you are doing now and then. Lovely to be in touch. Bless you. You ve really helped my day. Lots hugs xxx

  • Oh by the way I take a hot water bottle to bed to put on my tum.

  • Oh me too xx

  • Snap

  • Hi Golden I just wondered how your doing.? I'm Haveing a bad few days at the moment, ( not that I ever have a good day ) But foolishly I had a few baked beans on Saturday and I think I'm paying for it now. Anyway I just thought I'd see how your doing. Hope your feeling better.

  • I am avoiding gluten and lactose, this seems to have helped with symptoms although does not remove them completely. Wine sadly is also a no-no but Southern Comfort makes up for that. Genius Seeded bread is a good substitute and the Lactofree range of dairy products. All the best.

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