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Hi All,Firstly a Happy and Healthy New Year.

I have a problem, my GP believes I may have a prolapsed bowel,due to my age and the amount of times I go the loo a day,between 3-4. He has requested another colonoscopy,well that has worried me sick,because the last one I had 5-6yrs ago was really painful.

I have Emphesema amongst other health issues,and I know I can't have anaesthetic ,I just wondered if anyone here has the same problem,and if there's anything else you can suggest. Apart from a small sedative because that don't work on me.

I'd be very grateful of any suggestions, thank you.

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  • Hi Gemini71, Sorry I carnt offer any suggestions regarding your issues but I can understand why you are worried sick about having another colonoscopy due to the pain this causes. I had an anal endoscopy a few years ago that was bad enough then I was told I needed a colonoscopy that frightened me too so I opted not to have this done and was told I would have to speak to the consultant as I didn't want this. Back in 2012 I had a bladder and rectum prolapse together repaired but not long after probably 6- 10 months if that I continued to have this rectal pain even today its still there and I think my rectum has dropped again or I believe the surgeon never repaired it correctly in the first place. ime in the process of making yet another appointment with the gp regarding this yet again. I had it seems no end of procedure's to pardon the pun get to the bottom of this problem. I gave up in the end and just take pregabalin and amitriptyline for nerve pain cause that's what it seems to be but just feel as though I am back to where I was 3yrs ago.

  • Hi,I can only empathise with you,sometimes they seem to treat us like machinery,as though we feel no pain. When I had my last colonoscopy I said I would never go through that again,and I have a pretty good pain barrier. It was that bad I lashed out at the nurse,and pinched her Stomack ,the specialist that done it just ignored me screaming for him to stop.

    That ended up all for nothing,but that was 6yrs ago.

    I don't know what to do for the best,because I'm in such a lot of pain,but I have got an MRI for nerve pain later this month,so may wait for that.

    You take care,there's a lot of lovely people here.

  • I have prolapsed bowel and suffer from pain. It's like a toothache in my bottom, worse with standing. What about you? Am going to have an op in the hope it helps with all this stupid prolapse brings. I am only 35! Childbirth related.

  • Hi Gemini,

    You can have a colonography instead of the scope. It's done with a CT scanner and the only thing that gets put into your backside is a bit of air to open up the colon.

    Last year I had an MRI defecating proctogram which wasn't half as awful as it sounds! A type of gel is squeezed up into your colon, which you hang on to whilst under an MRI scanner and force out when you're told to do so at the end.

    There are several different ways of doing a proctogram, e.g. X-ray instead of MRI. Some require you to have a completely empty bowel beforehand, which means lots of laxatives the day before, or you can just be asked to empty your bowel as much as poss before your appointment (mine was the latter).

    I'd had a colonoscopy earlier in the year which showed nothing except for a very minor bit of diverticula. The proctogram I had, however, showed a moderate rectocele, mild enterocele and intussusception. In other words, it was much more useful to my consultant than the colonoscopy had been.

    I don't think GPs can make referrals for proctograms (although I could be wrong about that), it was a colorectal consultant who referred me.

    It may be worth you asking a few more questions.


  • Hi Rosie you are so helpful and informative in the advice you give. It's great we have you on here. Thank you.

  • Well thank, you very much poppygirl, how kind of you to say that - you've made me blush!

    Seriously though, I think that everyone who bothers to respond to posts on here really wants to help. These abysmal bowel problems we've all got really are a pain in the butt (pun intended). Even if members can only offer a bit of empathy/sympathy, it helps a lot if somebody knows they're not alone with their issues.

    Are you coping okay?


  • Here Here.😀💐

  • Hi Rosie. I am well at the moment thank you. I had a bit of ibs over Christmas but that was eating what I shouldn't!! I'm ok now though. You are right bowel problems ARE abysmal and can grind you down if you let it.

    I do think it's nice to say thank you as are always one of the first ones to reply with great advice so THANK YOU!!!!

    I do hope you are well. Happy New Year!!

  • Thank you Rosie, as always your a great help,I will take them suggestions with me.

  • Had the same procedure MRI defecating proctogram and before that an endoscopy only to find a polyp I think that's how its spelt. Was then told I would need a colonoscopy I said you can forget that this was bad enough so that was that. Still got the dam rectocele mild so they said,i think its gone to the next level now. Its hard to tell as ive had this rectal pain before and after the repair . Just a complete pain in arse sick of it . This can only be nerve pain

  • Hi,

    Were you told to do pelvic floor exercises to improve the rectocele ... and friends?


  • No but I was told that even after having them repaired its not guaranteed this could happen again. It will be 4yrs this Feb. since having the surgery for a bladder prolapse and rectocele plus a tot for stress incontinence, but I had that fully removed by miss el Neil in London on the 18th sept 2013 courtesy of the NHS .Not sure what to do at the moment it isn't to bad at the mo but I just know its slowly happening again.

  • The rectocele, enterocele and intussusception that I have, are, at this time, only mild and the consultant said the hospital would 'keep an eye on them'. Presumably this means a repeat performance of the proctogram at future intervals.

    He also told me that pelvic floor exercises would help to improve things and that electronic exercisers were a particularly good idea. I then spoke to my GP about this and he agreed saying that a lot of physios use them instead of relying on patients to do them manually.

    I'm now on my third week of using one and keeping my fingers crossed that it does some good.


  • What's an electronic exerciser Rosie.?

  • Have a look at this link:

    I've got the Ultra 20 version.

    My husband thinks it looks like something you'd buy from an Ann Summers' shop, but I don't care if it does some good!

  • Hi Rosie,back to them three big words you've used in the post above. How did you find you had them?

    What were the symptoms ? And did you have pain?

    I've just googled them and it sounds awfully like me.

  • If you re-read the very first reply I made to you in this post you'll see that it was the MRI Defecating Proctogram that revealed all of them. They did not show up in a colonoscopy.

    No, I've never had any pain from these, but the incomplete bowel-emptying and slow bladder that I have can both be attributed to one or more of them.

    And there was me thinking it was all down to IBS ...!!

  • Hi rose I,Does any of them tests you metion actually look inside the colon like a colonoscopy would.?

  • It's a completely different procedure to a colonoscopy, there's no camera and it's done with X-ray or MRI. A proctogram looks at what happens to your bowel and pelvic floor when they're actually in use - fascinating stuff!


  • Rosie,Hope your doing alright. I'm seeing a Colectrecal specialist tomorrow, and you suggested asking more questions.

    Could you give me any pointers in what to ask please.

  • Hi Gemini,

    Yes, I'm doing pretty well thank you - better, in fact, than I've ever been since starting all this IBS stuff, just hope it lasts!

    So glad you've got a CR appt tomorrow, I hope you've got a good consultant.

    I would ask for a defecating proctogram as this was, without a doubt, the best diagnostic procedure I ever had.

    If he/she wants to do a further colonoscopy as well, do have it done, just ask for a whopping dose of sedation beforehand! I know it's not pleasant and can be painful, but I think it's a good idea as having different procedures can all add up to a better diagnosis.

    On the other hand, if you really can't face it again, ask for a colonography instead which is entirely non-invasive apart from the air they puff up your backside beforehand!

    Let me know how it goes tomorrow, I wish you well.


  • Thank you Rosie,sorry I'm late in answering,I was quite busy yesterday. I don't think I could stand another colonoscopy,it wasn't so much the camera,it was more the way the nurse was digging her elbows into my stomach,so the camera could move round,and now my stomach is a bit more tender..

    I don't want this to put anyone off,because I know of people it never bothered. Even maybe I didn't have very emphatic staff,I don't know. I'll let you know how I get on.

  • Hi Rosie,I've seen,my Colectrecal specialist,and he was very thorough.after looking up my backside,and pumping air in,he's under the impression,it's nothing serious,but he's going to do a CT scan the one you mentioned,because I said I wasn't happy about a colonoscopy,and he's the first person in 12yrs to say he wants to know what's causing the pain,not to interested about BM just the pain,which suits me just fine.

    So it's sit back and wait for an appointment now.

    And thanks for your help.

  • Brilliant news, Gemini! I'm so pleased that you got a good consultant and that he's agreed to do a CT scan for you instead of the camera.

    The big advantage of a scan is that several other organs, as well as your bowel, can be seen too, so all bases are pretty much covered.

    I found that colorectal medics were much more help to me than gastroenterologists ever were and it looks like you're getting better treatment too.

    Keep me updated on how things go for you.


  • Well to be honest with you ,I had never heard of a Colectrecal specialist until now,but I wish I had. Because I couldn't agree with you more,they seem to have a much better idea of what I was talking about.

    Thank you once again.

    I think I'm going to recommend you to

  • Hi Gemini 71,

    My sympathies ..I've been to dr this morning and she has referred me back t surgeon re both gallstones and bowel pro lapsing again, I've had the colonic soppy with air recently, not too bad but when she called me back about the gallstones and I mentioned the bowel was pro lapsing she said both could be done together if the surgeon said I needed that..not happy as it was a young dr who I'd not seen before and no discussion really, so I need to be sure I really need this done.. Or can cope with the discomfort and embarrassment.. Good luck


  • Hather,please don't be put off,push your GP to see someone else.

    You may be a bit older than me,but my motto is we still feel pain and discomfort,and bleed,just like a 15yr old. So you deserve a bit more respect,don't allow them to beat you. You take care.

  • hI Gemini71,

    Saw dr,who wrote and said she wanted to,discuss result, tho not serious ,hadn't seen her before..she just sat there said s he would refer me to,surgeon told her i was also have reoccurrence of bowel prolapse and some discomfort with bowel not clearing ,but don't think she knew I had already had a repair a couple of years ago bleeding at all, more discomfort..then she said if surgeon wanted to,operate he could do Both at once, but I don't want any op at all, just wanted to talk it,through..somehow that didn't happen, maybe my fault as I was a bit shocked..wish I had gone to my usual dr but as the letter said the new one..still maybe as she did the referral that was all that she was supposed to,do

    So I am apprehensive, as I am fairly active and go out most days, not too far from where clean toilets are in the town so I feel lucky that I can do that and since hubby died in hospital in June, I've gone off hospitals just now, though they were good to him it was very traumatic.

    tHanks for replying just you take care of yourself as well

    Hather 😊

  • I can understand that Hather,I'm sick of Hostpitals GP ect as well,but I'm have constant Stomack pain,and it's just wrecking my quality of life,so I have to keep pushing on.

    But you do whatever your comfortable with,but if your not happy,push some more. You take care.

  • Hi there again, bet you didn't expect this many replies hey. Its all good advice, I would go as far to say its better than most gps give. To be honest I don't think they have a clue half the time as to what to say or do to help us. It seems we know more about where to go for these procedures and what to push for. With this support group we tend to find we are not alone with our suffering. I also underwent the MRI DEFECATING PROCTOGRAM sorry for the capital letters forgot to take the caps of. Your are given a liquid laxative up ya bum first, what a strange feeling this is. feels like you are weeing out of ya bum anyway moving on like rosie218 said a type of thick gel is inserted up ya bum etc. Showed I had a mild rectocele and that was that . Don't we just get seriously so fed up of living with this god dam pain in the but.

  • You bet we do,and your right about having to find out for yourself all the time.

    I tell you I could write a book on the mistakes that have been made on me,that's why I question everything now.

    Pain,pain ,pain,that's all my life seems to consist of. I don't think a doctor,consultant,ect can look at me without giving me something else to worry about.

  • I have never heard such a load of rubbish in my life.      If you had ever suffered the chronic pain I've had over the last 10-12yrs,you would feel exactly like me.   If you want to talk about Traumatic Stress,I've been on a life support machine twice,my family being told I may not see the night through,then for a Dr to come out and ask my hubby what they should do,what a joke,before they put me on a life support machine,the first time round,when they told my family I would not see the night through,my eldest son asked if I was on a life support machine,they said they didn't think it would work,so my SON,said "what you got to loose" bit later on they come out and told my hubby they had put me on one,looked at my SON and said it was our decision.    Then you talk to me about, the overworked stretched resources, do you think people like me,and most people on these forums,should just take PAIN in our stride.    If your coming on these forums come on with some useful information,like everyone else.   And don't be so patronising.    We all cope as best we can without to much fuss.

  • Sar2262,Your reply has come into my mail box but I can't get it up,plus your first reply has gone.

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