Trapped wind??

Hi everybody, it is 3.07am uk time and im sat in bed wide awake with a pain my right side, it is towards my back Near the bottom of my shoulder blade, ( if i put my left hand under my right armpit the pain is where my fingers are) its quite sharp, pinchey, i had a grumbly tummy a while ago and have a bit of wind. I just wondered if i could have trapped wind its quite uncomfortable. I have ibs and im constipated at the moment. What are your experiences with trapped wind?

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  • Pain can travel so easily, I wouldn't be surprised if it was wind! Mine has only ever been in my stomach, I take deflatine by Rennie and it really helps :)

  • Windeze, mint tea, moving about, don't gulp drinks just sip will help with the wind and the constipation also when in bed don't lie flat you need to have your head raised that's what makes the pain worse lying down. hope it moves sooner rather than later x

  • hello i have suffers with ibs since 94, but I have found that mint for me is deadly, I now have to have Gaviscon Advance plus, after every meal, I have the aniseed, not so ling ago I started to notice that I would start with severe pain in my chest and it would come on about four hours after having pure mint in capsules on proscription from my GP, but I still suffered and when it got to the point that I was drinking loads of boiling water and sitting up rubbing my chest for hours on end to stop the Burning pain you know that you have a serious problem, then I ended up in Hospital with something very serious, and a around two weeks later I was transferred to a nursing home to help me get over the shock, that I would never have just ibs again.but one night I had this pain again, but it was around my heart, & I became extremely afraid, but the sister brought me a cup of hot milk with no sugar in it, I was given instructions to sip it slowly until it had all gone in the mean time the sister was on the phone talking to the gp, but I had noticed that after I had followed her instructions the pain would have gone, but by the time, I had returned home, I had stopped the milk only to be put in Gaviscon Advance plus, I have to take 10ml spoonfuls after every meal, it not only stops the food coming up my gullet, and it then stops the terrible pain that slowly spread across my chest, I have aniseed, why I've got a multi intolerance to different meds, sadly mint has been added to it. If I even sniff it my lips peal, the only other mint I can just stomach is in my toothpaste, but I have no gallbladder or appendix therefore, I think things are settling down, so its not just mint tea, or peppermint, in all its forms that can assist us with ibs. I hope this helps, as I must say that peppermint can happen, if it does not don't leave it go back to tour gp, I was back in hospital. They told me I had suspect angina, and Kidney Disease zone 3

  • Colpermin ( mint oil) does that to me too. Evil stuff.

  • Hi I sympathise because I have trapped wind on a daily basis. It can get very painful and very wearing to cope with. Mint tea helps a bit and my horse water bottle is my best friend that gets the wind moving so I can pass it. I have been laughed at by a gp because its not always convenient to pass wind at work so I end up in agony and it hurts to walk. Having wind can be a funny subject but not to those who suffer great pain from it. I hope you feel better xx

  • hi, I'm lilybud, I take Gaviscon advance plus I used to have the oil, but started to have terrible pain with it, then I was forced to drink glasses of hot water and sit & rub where the pain was, but then I would not only hurt my self, I would have bruises, until one day I was taken seriously unwell and the hospital gave Gaviscon advance plus, its now on my care plan via,my GP, I have to take every meal time after each meal, as it keeps the food down and stop's the pain along with wind that tends to get stuck in your tummy, and around your ribs and heart, the pain can be so bad at times, they like myself have thought that I was having a heart attack, so don't fret go to your gp ask about Gaviscon aniseed that's if you like it, there's pepper mint as well. So good look.

  • I have had trapped wind, but it was in my chest and not connected to my lower half at all. As I understand it trapped wind can occur anywhere in the body

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