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Hi everyone,

I have been suffering from IBS for the past couple of years now and I have been finding it extremely difficult to find any snack bars that don't cause me any upset. The FODMAP diet does seem to help me, and I know it cannot be for the long-term but I wish there were more things on the market that catered to this diet.

I live in central London and even with the abundance of "healthy" snack bars on the go I simply cannot find any without one or two FODMAP ingredients (they always have dates or raisins!!!). So more recently I have just been making my own snack bars at home, it takes up a lot of time, but they taste awesome and so I see it as being worthwhile :)

Being a student at business school I thought I might use my entrepreneurial (and snack bar making) skills to start making yummy snack bars with no FODMAP ingredients for my fellow sufferers. So I guess I just wanted to know if other people would be interested in these, or if I am the only one - in which case I will just continue making my homemade ones for me!

Please let me know your thoughts!


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  • Definitely. X

  • Yes! That would be perfect. It would be my dream to be able to buy a brand of food that has no IBS triggering ingredients in it! Shopping would be sooo much easier.

  • Defo interested, sounds like a great idea

  • Yesss defo!! i keep munching on gluten free crisps and rice cakes...not particularly healthy lol

  • Yes please! I am fructose sensitive too which makes it very difficult to find healthy ish snacks. I do like protein balls but they are expensive and have a few nasties in them. Like you I make my own like gluten free chocolate cake and flapjacks.

  • Yes please.

    I'm currently following the restriction part of fodmap due to years of cramps and poorliness.

    No gluten or lactose. No high fodmaps either. It's proving hard to find much to eat !!! Yes my symptoms have eased tremendously but it's not the answer.

    Snacks are a problem. Not much out there that is lactose and gluten free with low fodmap ingredients too.

  • Im due to see the dietician in January and she is putting me on the low fodmap diet. I find it very confusing as to what you can have and cant. At the moment two very bad bouts of IBS and this has been a rather shite year for me, in fact the last five years have, so the pain has been crippling as much as the stress which then begins the vicious circle. I had colofac which I found really helped especially after the first week, and could eat what i liked, dont like being on pills so weaned myself off, rather bad mistake. Ive had flare ups since, so trying to find out what the basic fodmap diet is, at the moment im in to starving myself


  • Hey Oli,

    Sorry to hear that you haven't been doing well. We have all been through the same thing and so know your pain :(

    The list I usually go by is this one:

    And don't be discouraged by how many foods you can't eat! The FODMAP diet is only temporary and so once you have done it for a little bit you should be told to slowly reintroduce foods and see what you can handle.

    IBS is a real curse, but people have recovered from it before and so will you! I would also recommend introducing plenty of probiotics into your diet. Your gut flora is probably in bad shape and so it helps to reintroduce some friendly bacteria in there :)

  • I have never heard of the FODMAP diet, what is it?


  • Thanks for that I will try and see what I can do with it food wise as I am a driver and out on the road all day. I have started taking yakkult twice a day and am off the colofac at the moment but back to taking buscopan for cramps and otherwise just wing it and go through the spasms of cramp.

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone! I will be sure to let you all know if something comes of this :)

  • I would definitely be interested in buying your bars.

  • For sure very interested

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