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Low fodmap diet for IBS

I know a lot of you are aware of the low fodmap diet but I would like to say I really think it works! It's inconvenient at times and some find it difficult to follow but if you are really suffering it is definitely worth a go. It hasn't cured me but seems to have got rid of the terrible bloating and discomfort. It isn't cheap as anything gluten free or lactose free isn't cheap but I think it balances out as you won't be spending money on chocolate or alcohol! There are really useful free apps with low fodmap diet lists of what you can and can't eat. I don't follow it to the word, but I usually know about it when I treat myself! but even lowering your fodmap intake will help - I guess it depends how much you are suffering - for me I will try anything to feel better x

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Agree with you 100%


Agreed. I thought it would be too difficult to follow, so I bought a cookbook. As long as I eat at home, all is well.

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Hi. Agree entirely with you . Fodmaps diet helped me too. Recently came off it and back came the problems so will start again. Definitely worth a try. :)


Hi, i'm glad you find the FODMAP diet useful, as I found it a complete waste of time! The only thing this diet did for me was eliminate lots of foods, leave me ill, cut lots of essential foods out of my diet and find out that my diet was in fact fine except for the amount of oil I was having! I feel the FODMAP ONLY works with people with allergies as it eliminates the foods causing the problems, but my i.b.s is stress related and there seems to be no dietary advice to deal with that!


this is my worry- i don't know what i react to so it's all guess work!


It worked for me- I eliminated for 6 weeks then reintroduced gradually and found the culprits. Now I eat normally but steer clear of particular culprits, or make sure if I have one then I avoid the others for a couple of days. Definitely helps me




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