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thanks for all your replies to ibs and anxiety

hi I must say that my ibs is alot better, I only going to the loo (BM) one to three times a day, rather than the previous 6 to 8. I followed the advice on here and trying the low FODMAP diet. been doing this for around 1 or 2 weeks. mainly cutting out dairy gluten and beans and some fermentable veg and high fructose fruit.

Hospital reffered me to a dieticain for advice on FODMAP diet. waiting to hear from them. I was a bit scepticail about FODMAP diet. Thought it was another fad diet. I very pleased that I can go out more and not worry about the loo so much. once I have gone once or twice.

Thanks again for you help and advice and I would reccomend changing your diet, cutting out wheat, gluten, and dairy if you have simular ibs problems.

It really does help alot. Thankyou

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No, FODMAP is definitely not another fad diet thank heavens and it works for so many people (although not all of course) and I'm glad you're doing pretty well on it.

You'll probably do even better once you've got some proper advice from a dietitian as it doesn't sound as if you've cut out all of the five major FODMAP groups at once which you have to do for about 4 weeks to see how great the improvement is. You then reintroduce these one by one to see which are causing you most probs. Perhaps I've misread you here - apologies if I have.

If you've got a long wait to see a dietitian, you could try reading 'IBS - Free At Last' by Patsy Catsos in the meantime as she gives very clear guidance on how to do the diet.

As a footnote, eating gluten-free processed foods isn't a good idea as they frequently contain FODMAP additives, e.g. the bread usually has apple juice concentrate in. Gluten is irrelevant as far as FODMAPs go anyway and if you don't have coeliac disease but can't tolerate wheat, barley or rye, it's the fructans in them that are the problem not the gluten.

Wish you well and hope this helps you a bit more.


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Really pleased that you are feeling better. This is a great site for seeking help from fellow sufferers!


I keep losing this reply so am doing it in 2 go's

You should get a RADAR key which will open any disabled toilet in the UK



You can also get an 'I can't wait card'



You could get the Monach university FODMAP app as it has a traffic light system which helps hugely when shopping and eating out( if you ever really can!). If you use only the green traffic light foods for 4-6 weeks then gradually add back in one food group at a time individual items to find what affects you. Good luck.

Monash developed the diet and the app is constantly updated as they test new foods.



Glad you are feeling better.I have been on the fodmap diet for nearly 6weeks and have been feeling so much better.

I am now going to introduce bread and milk.I have been eating gluten free bread and drinking rice milk.

Have cut out onions and garlic probably for ever.!

Will let you know how I get on.

Good luck.


A way round the garlic exclusion that I use is buying Sainsburys Oil infused with garlic and add it to cooking instead of the 'real thing' :)


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