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Hi there I just wanted to share somthing..I am now on the low fodmap diet under supervision from a dietician, one of the dieticians recommendations was to try golden linseed as a form of fibre that wont upset me.

Ive been trying the golden linseed now for 5 days and what a revelation..no constipation or diaohrea and no severe cramps which i had to endure upon waking every day and was making me feel miserable. I finally feel like my bowel is clearing out properly which it hasnt in years!! im hoping that its going to continue this way and am sticking to the low fodmap diet strictly also...fingers x eh??

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Thanks Kerry im tryting to drink more, im not very good at drinking fluids during the day so must make more effort!


hi there - I have also had that advice from my dietitian and it does really help. I use brown linseeds - 1 tablespoon followed by 2 glasses of water. If you find it hard to get down that amount of water, as I do, then I find it helps to have warm water - I just put in half a glass from the kettle and fill it up with cold from the tap.

It's a revelation for me too.


I soak the seeds overnight in a little water, then by morning they have absorbed all the water and added to breakfast makes them far easier to get down. They do help me but I think they do still generate some wind and too many makes more bulk to be got rid of!


Sorry to be thick, but what is a fodmap diet? Help, I'm really suffering! :'( xxx


Take a look at my threads, and RozB who has also had success with this diet. It may not work for everyone, but as long as I stick to it, I am 100% better!


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