Flaxseeds a FODMAP??

I've just come across this article: www.eat-real-food-paleodiet... Half way down it says that "flax seeds are high FODMAP".

I cannot find this stated anywhere else. Other web pages say it is fine on a FODMAP diet.

Does anyone out there know?

Really hoping the above site has it wrong .

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7 Replies

  • Everything i have seen says it is fine. Monash who developed Fodmap have a lovely recipe using flaxseed oil so i would think it is good.

    I use it on my porridge and in casseroles.
  • I find it too stimulating but not stimulating enough to bring about a bm, so I use it sparingly and use flaxseed oil instead.
  • Agree with you there PatV, i would definitely recommend the flaxseed oil and use the seeds sparingly.
  • Thanks guys will try that.
  • Don't know the link seems to be broken? peerdiagnosis.com/symptoms-...
  • Flax seeds and linseeds are the same thing and Monash says linseeds are low FODMAP and perfectly okay.
  • Thanks Roz...still waiting for android version!


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