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Hi fellow ibs sufferers

Been scanning through posts for a few weeks now & thought nows the time to join in !

I've been 'trying' to follow the fodmap diet as closely as possible ( it's so complicated) after going to see my doctor & them recommending it could help so went to a group talk on what is is etc ... so now got the fodmap app & book & booklets from the NHS group .

As it's only been two weeks into it does anyone know how long it roughly takes to feel a positive effect on your ibs ??

The main change I have found is in my stool formation ( really can't believe I'm actually typing this down !!!) & I can only put it down to the new diet !?!?

My main symptoms are flatulence, bloated tummy with pains, rumbling tummy and recently started with burping lots ... 😳Lovely !!

Also does anyone know whether on this diet you should be avoiding all diary products as I'm not but don't feel like I'm overeating them either . Oh & one more thing I was taking probiotics but stopped once I started the diet as I wanted to see if the diet alone would help me figure out any trigger foods. Am i right to do that ?

Gosh sorry that's rather a lot for a first timer!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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If I were you I would write down every question you have and take it to a dietician who specialises in the low fodmap diet. I haven't been to one yet as I've been too busy lately but I've certainly got all my questions written down. I don't really know how long the diet takes to work, since I started it to treat something other than IBS. My IBS has never been bad so I guess I didn't notice the difference. As for the dairy, again I would go to a dietician. One thing you can do is start making your own kefir with raw cow milk. Extremely healthy and a very very good probiotic and it's supposed to improve IBS symptoms as well. Hope that helps


Hi & thank you for your reply .

I agree with you about seeing the dietitian again which I hopefully will do in the not too distant future as it was her last day working when we saw her & they ( the NHS) hadn't found anyone to replace her 😬

Re the kefir I will look it up online as I've seen it mentioned a few times . Have you made & tried it ?

Not easy trying to doing this on your own as I'm finding it's taking over my like 😳 But as with most people suffering with ibs you are desperate to find anything at all that will ease your symptoms.

Thanks again


Yes you absolutely have to find a dietician near you who specialises in IBS. I will be driving two hours south just to see mine, so you might have to consider how far you're willing to travel. As for the kefir, I haven't tried it yet because I'm in the early stages so too scared to try anything. From what I've read it's one of the best things you can do for your stomach health, so since IBS affects the stomach it only makes sense to try kefir. Check out the review videos on YouTube, pretty exciting stuff.

Diet is hard but you will soon be kinda grateful for having IBS. I'm actually learning to cook which I never imagined, and it is such an important life skill so being able to cook your own food helps a lot. Just think of it this way: you've been transported back in time to a society where there is no packaged foods, and you have to make everything from scratch. Think of it like a challenge


Thanks for your positive words 👍

I work & have 2 kids that I bring up on my own so time, money etc puts constraints on me . I will see if I can find a dietitian near me if I don't get anywhere with the NHS .

My kids think Ive gone mad with cutting out so many ' healthy foods' !!

Agree re cooking from fresh it's these 8 restriction weeks that is quite hard to stick to but I'm determined to give it a go.


Also sounds very IBS I'm afraid, takes 4 to 8 weeks to get the fodmapS out of your system ( unless you stupidly like me drank a sugar free drink 😱) back to square 1. It is complicated and your dietician is just the person to support you


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