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Anyone else had IBS success with Symprove?

Anyone else had IBS success with Symprove?

Hi ladies (and gentlemen...if there's any of you out there??) Just want to shout from the rooftops about my success with the low-fodmap diet in combination with Symprove (the liquid probiotic) It's blummin' changed my life. I'm eating so much more and my bloating has completely gone, if I react to anything its usually a really mild reaction and it's gone by the next day. (I used to react for a 3-5 days) I stay close to the fodmap diet but taking the probiotic is allowing me so much more freedom and I'm able to do the reintroduction stage of the elimination with much more ease. I'm going on my first beach holiday in two years tomorrow and I can't wait! I've got a blog up and running to motivate me to keep healthy and spread the word and I'll be honest on whether the trip was a success (I can foresee me eating a LOT of tapas) If you're interested, I'm blogging here : thebeautifulmouth.com/journ...

Good luck to anyone out there on their IBS journey. It took me ten years to find the answer but I got there and I know you will too! Let's all keep sharing tips and tricks. Sam x

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Where did you buy Symprove? cant find a chemist who stocks it?

im glad your so much better.



I bought mine online on Amazon! Sam x


Equally. I can't find this Wonder Treatment. Chemists look at you blankly.

I have also got multiple Diverticulitis, so one thing Inhave to eat lots of Finre for, the other if Imeat too much gives me awful,pains etc.

I am seeing a Dietician next week.

I feel really miserable, and feel like having a Binge on all the stuff I am not supposed to eat ,chocolate is the one thing I really miss. I have forgotten what it tastes like.

I am taking Lactose Free Milk, as I am cutting down on Sugar.Caffeine free tea, and trying hard to find food that doesn't set me off.

It is very difficult.

I lead a busy life as a Local Councillor, and I take my own Tea Bags and Milk to meetings. Also water.I am absolutely terrified of having that massive bleed that I had in January this year.I am also,waiting for an MRI Scan on my back for,root nerve problems

I am also stressed out now because my Mother in Law is in hospital after yet another fall, and has now been diagnosed with Dementia, she is hallucinating, and it is very upsetting.

ENOUGH now I think.

On a positive note, Iam looking into starting a Self Help,Group, and will be discussing this with Health Colleagues.


My fingers on this iPad are spelling things badly.

I hope you get the drift. Been awake since 3am so forgive typos


Ohhhh. Hi yoooou! I wish I could give you a big squishy hug right now and fix everything. I'm hoping the dietician can help you - one thing I will say is, when I first visited a dietician, I was so set on what I thought was wrong with me, I didn't listen to her advice. Two years later I had the same advice repeated to me and it worked. Like magic. They're in those jobs for a reason and I'm hoping you get a good one!

Keep in touch and let me know how you get on. Any idea if the low-fodmap diet works for Divericulitis?

As for your mother in law, I'm so sorry to hear that. Just take a deep breath and focus on you. Don't hate your body because when it's fixed it makes you feel wonderful and you'll be back to being a tough cookie! Try downloading the Headspace app for a little mindfulness to help you whilst your going through all this? I really love it!




Hi I am IBSD and I am on Symprove and this is my 3rd month . For the 1st 3weeks no change and then it so much better for about 3weeks I felt like a new woman ,and then it took a nose dive , felt really bad for 6days and got very upset , but since then I have been O K ,if I do get an off day it's not nearly as bad as it used to be , I only hope it continues . I am tempted to go on the lodmap diet as I understand they go hand in glove with Symprove ,did you find it helped if so what Fodmap diet did you follow and was it easy as I have heard they can be hard to follow on your own? Sunnycot


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