Hi Folks,

Has anyone tried hypnotherapy, I have an appointment tomorrow with a registered therapist, I really hope it can help, these past few days have been awful. I have an overload of stress this year, a house move , husbands business failed, my brother and father passed away , my sons partner has kidney failure and has had problems with dialysis, and to top it all my daughter says I am using excuses for not going to see her more often , she lives 30 miles away so not easy if you are having an ibs attack.

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  • Help, I cant get my post out. Can someone message me,sky?

    For one hour this website will not let me post. Temp. Unavailable. Not fair

  • I did a self-help course of hypnotherapy from


    It helped me a lot

  • Thanks , I just hope it helps I need to feel well again x

  • Bon courage!

    Yoga breathing

    Emergency pack in car

    Good music

  • Hi Get doughter to come to you-i have such a doughter AND if they dont have what you have they dont know and dont care. Stick up for yourself and dont let folks step al- over you.


    Let them know you are not coping-I nvited one of my offspring to come GPs with me !

    They soon pipe- down

    Blessings S x

  • Thanks for that , I give up with her nice to know I'm not the only one x

  • I tried hypnotherapy a couple of years ago,didn't work for me. I suffer chronic IBS,so I understand how you feel.

    As for your daughter,don't want to sound nasty,but with all your coping with she is just selfish. Don't think I don't understand because I do,I've had my full share of family issues,they don't understand how you feel,because there not in your shoes.

    Go and give the hypnotherapy a try,it may do you the world of good.

    Just didn't work for me. One more word of advice try being a little selfish yourself,make time for you. Your no good to anyone if your unwell yourself.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks it's nice to be able to talk to folk and not feel isolated

  • Never feel isolated ,there are lots of folks on here to chat with. I can quite understand how you feel,nobody seems to understand,but we do.x

  • I thought about going to hypnois myself because l do not eat! Worry about if l will have a bowel movement when l eat! Now it is to the point of not eating at all! Drs. tell me do not starve but eat! Losing too much weight!! They keep telling me nothing wrong and nothing found! Stop worrying!! I do suffer with IBS Constipation.

  • I am on a waiting list for hypnotherapy which has been organised by my consultant. Also told to avoid stress, my husband sometimes loses his temper when I am late trying to leave the house so he told him to drive round the block whilst he waits for me,

  • Let me know if your husband drives around the block.

    I wish u luck with the hypnotherapy!


  • No my husband doesn't drive round the block, but he does get fed up at times but hey ho , that's his problem. Bet they couldn't deal with it like we do.

  • He does, he is getting slightly better now he has been told.

  • To Robbie, are you getting the hypnotherapy for free?

    Please keep me and the group posted. I am hopeful for you.

    There is this group selling hypnotherapy downloads for hundreds of dollars. They claim they can help anyone with our issues.

    Good Luck,


  • It is on the NHS but I believe it is not available everywhere. I have been waiting for 7 months and they told me it would be 6 months. I am still hopefull though. Will let you know. My next appointment with the hospital is mid January to see the consultant.

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