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Hi there, well I've had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy and it seems to have helped with the stress side which in turn has helped my ibs. The cd she gave me I play at night when in bed and find I'm sleeping better, the next 2 sessions are focussed on the gut, so will keep posting to let you know how it goes, but at the moment I do feel a little better and the d/c has eased off . We will see what happens but at the moment it's worth the £ 70 a session, i couldn't get it through the doctor hence having to pay , but desperation won.

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Hi, I've had hypnotherapy before for a different problem. I suffer with Emetaphobia, which is a fear of sickness, whether someone else is being sick or you are sick yourself. I then paid for sessions of hypnotheraphy and have to say, although not fully cured am heaps better than I was. I am therefore a great believer in self help.

Hope all goes well

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Thanks for the vote of confidence, I too feel better even though not cured, it's been a great help .


Glad you are feeling better. It's better to be partially cured than not cured at all, makes life a little more tolerable.

Best of luck to you



Wonder if you live in London? I am looking for a hypnotherapist (ideally specialised in IBS) to see if it would help and wonder if you could recommend?


I live in Scotland so can't help with hypnotherapy in London , there must be a lot of registered people there. Sorry can't be of help


Thanks for responding.


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