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Hi all, I'm a 30 year old male and new to this site. I worry a lot therefore I would like to speak to others that have or are going through a similar situation. Just over 3 weeks ago I started to experience piles (I previously suffered from piles 1 year ago for a few weeks) then a couple of days later I started to experience stomach aches/cramps and felt a sudden urge to go to the toilet where I would pass a loose stool, then the ache/cramp would disappear. This would happen up to 4 times a day. I visited my GP 1 week later and was initially told to take Imodium and to come back in 2 or 3 weeks time if things didn't improve. During the next week things were not improving so I decided to phone 111 where they referred me to an out of hours doctor. He told me to take Buscopan and to take a stool sample to my GP for tests. The Buscopan has helped. I am not suffering with stomach aches but still get cramps/sudden urge to go to the toilet (still up to 4 times a day) and my stool sample test came back all clear. This is getting me quite down so I decided to try enterosgel. The day after taking enterosgel, my loose stools have turned into watery Diarreah and I was also vomiting and my whole body was aching like I had the flu (not sure if this is coincidence or not but I have stopped using enterosgel). Having phoned 111 again, they referred me for a telephone appointment with my GP. He prescribed me with anti nausea tablets and antibiotics called ciprofloxacin. I have been taking these for two days now and still experiencing diarreah, but feel much better and the vomiting has stopped. I spoke to my GP today and he said to visit him in two weeks time but in the mean time get some blood tests done which I have done today and my results are due in 1 week. Since experiencing the vomiting and watery Diarreah, I am going to the toilet up to 8 times a day and I cannot go to the toilet without sitting down on the pan. Bright red blood is also still noticeable in my Diarreah.

If you would like to share your experiences or have any useful advice, it will be appreciated.

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please go to hospital and if its piles there are things you can use and if its bad a simple opp.

If no joy please email your MP

S x

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Please take all blood tests and xrays to make sure its not a disease. Or find out which one it is. Take a colonoscopy to rule that out. But your very young. So thats unlikely. I dont like the sign of bood. Doctors like to know anout blood in the stools. I have had IBS since my twenties. Also, please look into taking something like metamucil to get you balanced.Metamucil is goid for diareah and consipation. It saved my life.Please b patient,but get all tests done.

Good Luck!


Hello ishkabob, I too went thru the same exact issues you are expriencing . The 1st gastroenterologist had told me to take Imodium and brushed it off as I.B.S. I didn't believe it as he was no help and first stool sample came back negative. I then went for a second opinion with another dr. He had ordered another stool sample and tested for c-difficile and cryptosporidium. It came back positive for c-difficle. I was then put on very strong antibiotics which didn't stop the toilet issues with urgency. I then started on my own taking notes of what i was eating/drinking too see how food/drink effected me. As time went by i discovered that always at the top of my list was dairy products. I had stopped eating/drinking all dairy and my urgency went away within a week. After looking into this more myself thru internet, i discovered that some bowel infections effect how your gut bacteria balance is. Mine was effected by my gut not having enough lactase which processes dairy. The infection causes your antibodies to not only fight off bad bacteria but the good bacteria as well. Well not wanting too cut out dairy, and too try to normalize my gut bacteria, i started a regime of pro-biotics and lactase pills. This helped me emensly, as now several months later my stomach pains are fewer and farther between and am having normal stools again. I also am enjoying dairy again as long as i take the lactase pills and i will soon try to get off them to see if i am ok without them again. I should also mention that i was also diagnosed with diverticulitus , which is pockets formed in the bowel. These pockets trap bits of food which eventually clog up your bowel where only the soft or liquidy stools rush thru. Have a scope done to see if this could be an issue as well. I hope this helps you and i hope you feel better again soon.


Hello dg8867, thank you for your helpful reply and I'm glad you are feeling better. After my treatment of antibiotics which lasted 7 days, things started to improve. My stools returned to normal - some hard, some soft and passing circa two times a day, bleeding stopped and my bloods test came back all clear. The doctor said it probably was a bowel infection and it is normal for them to last a few weeks even months. I now feel much better, but occasionally get the odd stomach pain now and again but is relieved when I pass a stool. I have reduced my dairy intake and use almond milk instead of cows milk when I can. This has made me feel much better, however I always have a worry that it will happen again.


Sounds like something bacterial - have u been abroad recently. Regardless it's not normal. U need to go to the dr again and insist it is treats.

In meantime try drinking lots of water and doing 24 hour fast.


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