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Query IBS... please help...

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I'm 35 years old and 5 weeks ago started with the dreaded diarrhoea.... seemed to be triggered by coffee and chocolate, slight achy tummy but an immediate urge to visit the bathroom.... went on for 2 weeks and visited the gp.... one stool sample later results clear and no contact from gp! I last week pushed for blood tests which I had done on Thursday and am awaiting results..... some days I feel like I have constant pressure as if I need to use the bathroom all the time! Is this typical of IBS?

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Hi! Samanthajane1982

If your GP has ruled everything else out after the blood tests results come through and IBS is the diagnosis, then it can be a typical symptom the feeling to evacuate. This happens to me mostly in the afternoon after a light lunch. By the way you said you had one stool test, do you know what this one was for? I had three stool tests and bloods taken. Wait and see what the results are and when we know what the problem is your friends on this site will offer helpful suggestions.

Good Luck

Do u take a good probiotic or digestive enzyme?

Sometime it can just be something wrong with ur gut flora/ bacteria. So u need to put good gut bacteria in it

Plus coffee not good for ibs anyway

Yes, I think it is called Tenesmus. I think a Doctor said there might be an injection or medication for it, but this was a while ago, and the Doctor has since retired. I wish I would have written it down, as I have this too. I also get Spasms there too sometimes. Not much fun. Wish they would find a cure. Even though I have IBS, mine is IBS-C, and Coffee helps me at times when it has been a week without a BM. Nothing else, fiber, Medication, seems to help.

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Lulububs in reply to Eliana5

I have ibs c to it a nitemare. I get to point where im doubled over where not been for weeks!

The bowel sit on ur lumber and sciatic muscle to so when im really full il get back and leg pain.

I told gp this and he said “ what do u expect not pooping for week” so i have been put on lactulose solution and i also take magnesium as most people that suffer ibs c are mag deficient that was one bit of knowledge he did give me so i take 400-500mg of that a day. Then before i go to bed a capful of lactulose and bobs ur uncle by time i wake up im desperate for poop!

Also i went gluten free ,

Gluten terrible for binding up poo and constipation

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Eliana5 in reply to Lulububs

Yes, I know what you mean. Right now, am pretty frightened. It's my own fault. Have been going to a new neighbors house to watch "American Idol" and "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday nights. Well, she is Really into cookies, fudge, etc. I have a sweet tooth, Even though I try to take healthy snacks over, she offers the cookies, etc..and by this time, have been pretty cleaned out from the Senna that I take on Sunday's, so I'm feeling pretty brave. Sometimes we make meals together, and by the time Monday comes around, I am pretty hungry since it's hard to eat when you are on Laxative. We made the worst stuff like meatloaf, mashed potatoes, then I think I had cookies and coconut fudge she did not want. Very bad idea, because it is very binding and filling and definitely not nutritious. By Wednesday, already feeling "backed up" my lower back started to hurt and I have the sciatica too. I could not wait until Sunday which is the only day I can be home all day to be near a bathroom and privacy. Well, she also gave me more fudge, sweets, candy. I need to gain weight, so I ate it, but not the way to gain healthy weight at all. Took the Senna as usual last night. Takes six hours to work, and I'm so bound up from Hostess snack cakes, cookies, fudge, all that is coming out is this "sludge" yucky stuff. (sorry for the sensitivity) but I am getting nervous. Coffee is not even helping this time, so now drinking water and Powerade. I have been to ER for impaction so many times, that I swear every time they see me, they know me by first name and surprised they don't charge me board and rent. I see the eye rolls and groans like "not get again". Well, if I could get the help I needed from Gastro's Gastroenterologist and Colon surgeon, wouldn't need their ER. Laxatives are losing their effect on me, and now I am panicking that Senna is losing it's affect. I have to go to Mandatory groups, so don't know about Citrate as they don't allow for "bathroom breaks" during groups, and I don't know if I need to take the liquid or tablets. Just Very confused by it all. My only free day, is Sunday's. If the supplement form will. help me be "regular" on a consistent basis, I will happily take it, because the "quicker acting" laxatives like Lactulose, Docusate Sodium etc...no longer work, and not getting help from any Doctors. They just say IBS, do a colonoscopy and say "see you in 10 years". Very frustrating. Woudn't wish this on my worst enemy.

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Lulububs in reply to Eliana5

Im sorry to have to tell u but u got tell ur friend to stop it or ur never gona stop with this....

All that food ur eating is clogging up in ur bowel and colon and that will equal pain! It cant pass it just all clogged in there like a drain ur not eating digestable food ur eating the food ur body cant break down.

I know ive done it...

I used to eat all wrong food then moan like a b***h when i was ill rolling round on floor in such agony thought i was actual goner!

My husband who is super fit and healthy would just b like “ i told u not to eat that cookie or baguette “ but i wouldnt listen.

Then about 14 months ago i got really ill, fainted where the pain was so horrific! I could breath, i couldnt move the pain was so awful ... i had distended bowel and colon... basically i was so clogged up it was trying to burst!

Was in hosp 4 days till i got cleared out and i never looked back!

I came home after getting a good telling of from the gastro man and turned out all my cupboards threw all my cake chocolate and biscuits away!! Which apparently i was clogged up with biscuits( cookie if ur american) and i changed my life... sounds hard but it werent coz i NEVER WANA FEEL PAIN LIKE THAT AGAIN!

And that will happen to u if u dont sort it now.. im 44 and have suffered all my life with it.

So now my days are fruit, gluten free , dairy free, loadsa white meat and veg( there all best food to digest, red meat sticks in colon so does dough and bread and pizza all that doughy bread stuff and wheat)

I make sure i take my magnesium and lactulose and pint water before bed and i empty it all as soon as i wake up, i dont keep goin so u not got to worry about having poops it just all comes out in one go... basically all u ate day before.

Make sure u drink enough as bowel needs water to make soft poo!!!

Hey it harsh but u gota lay of all that bad food coz it will ruin ur colon.

I still get back ache and sciaitca if i have one day now where i got hyper sensitive colon due to what happened so dont get to my stage. I am 5ft 8 and weigh 8 stone so im well underweight to but there are ways of putting on the weight without all that colon bad food.

Any questions please ask!

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Eliana5 in reply to Lulububs

Yea..she just came over with some banana pudding with wafers she got somewhere. It looked like heaven. But I said no.. Don't know why I used to be able to eat like this, and now I can't. It's the pits..not to even indulge yourself a little..

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Lulububs in reply to Eliana5

Ha ha is ur neighbour a “ FEEDER” , u seen them on tv, they have a sexual thing about feeding people ... sorry i have a weird sense of humour!

It is hard and u can treat urself , i actually had a macdonalds today , even had a tiny bit of gluten which my body can cope with little and not very often. I also do drink alcohol not beer to much yeast bloats belly.

I also have gluten dairy free chocolate every now and again but not constantly and not just eating for sake of eating.

Gastro man told me “ little and often best for people that have ibs as it can go through pipes easier” also he said whilst eating always b drinking to as it helps digest food.

I asked him why this had happened and why it all of a sudden got bad he said coz i spent 43 years of my life eating food my body didnt want in it... i hadnt been able to poop it out everyday so my colon had got out of shape and then it just went ... it now tells me as soon as i eat something if it happy or not which i used to b able to eat anything !

So please do something now whilst u can coz i wished someone had told me before this happened as my body is never gona b same.

If ur already getting the sciatica and back aches through it that not good as that already means ur colons out as it sitting on ur nerves so its already bulging.

You need to start pooping now

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Eliana5 in reply to Lulububs

LMAO!! 😄 Another resident here asked me the same thing, because the resident went to some kind of a free meal center at a church and brought 3 people back food, including me. I did not have the heart to tell her, I just Took a laxative, and could not eat it, will try to eat it tomorrow, except the Macaroni and cheese and chocolate cake. We all do alot of kind things for her, so I feel she wants to return the favor. Yes, the laxative is starting to take effect a little, and will somehow try to get on something more regular, though I have tried everything. Since I have lost so much weight, it has eased the pressure and nerve pain in my back, so not getting the pain like I used to. I'm trying to go gluten free, but I have no transportation at the moment and have to depend on a case manager, I only get an hour with her, she only takes me once a month, so I have to be very rushed when I am at store and can't look at all the ingredients unfortunately. Believe me, I don't want to live like this, suffering, in pain and malnourished. Doing everything I can..have run out of answers.

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Lulububs in reply to Eliana5

I didnt know if i was the only one that knew about “ feeders” i watched it on one of them weird and wonderful channels and i was like WTF!! I wished i was married to one !

Mine just sits there like a sealion waiting for me to throw him grub! 😂😂!

Yeh it is so hard and i feel ur pain jesus do i, i honestly thought i was dying and ive had a couple of episodes since to( basically clogged up again ) and im doubled up. My colon just cant take it now as soon as i not been for over two days i get the back ache and sciatica.

I now literally have a routine, A POOP ROUTINE!! How sads that!!!

I get up have glasss water and my magnesium then my probiotics and digestive enzymes and then i poop...

then before i go to bed i have glass water and mag again but then i take a glug of lactulose to. That way im sure il wake up and wana go.

Then the healthy eating which i stick to but not religiously but i do stick to gluten and dairy free all the time as it does bind me up

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Eliana5 in reply to Lulububs

Lol! At least yours sounds so much better than mine. I wake up at 3:45 am on Saturday morning, as I live in a residential home where there are two floors, 31 residents. Only 1 laundry room. It is kept locked at all times. There are two washers, two dryers, but only one resident allowed in there. You are Only allowed the key for three hours. Have to sign it out at front desk and sign it back in again. Saturday mornings, residents "sleep in" and I know I can get key if I get down there very early. By 5am I am doing laundry..3 loads..stressing, because I too am on a "laxative schedule" and do my three loads, fold clothes, clean the apartment a bit, vacuum, since I can't on Sunday. Meanwhile other residents are knocking on my door wanting something or to visit. Sometimes I have to put a "Do not disturb sign on door" by 6 pm on shower, then I get my coffee brews ready for early next morning, at 10:45 I take my bedtime meds and Senna, then it takes 6 hours, so I only get 6 hours sleep wake up at 3:45, I have laid out the coffee, sugar, mug, spoons, etc so I don't have to rush in case I am cramping the next morning getting ready. I want so badly to take a nap from no sleep over weekend, miss my old life where I could "sleep in" but no more. Pathetic, I know..but I am running back and forth all day to toilet. While I see the other residents at the picnic tables laughing, and having fun. I'm on toilet. I tell no one here I take laxative, except I accidentally leaked it to one gossipy resident..so now everyone knows probably. Tired of hearing comments "are you losing weight, you are skin and bones" and other mean comnents, When I was overweight, no one said anything about my weight then..or people will say "Are you sick? I will pray for you, you look so pale". Ugh..not much fun. Sure wish I was a feeder..lol..👍😄

Hi, did you get your results back?

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