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tried of the Doctors in Amarillo Texas!!!

I have really bad lower andupper backpain my ribs on the right side is killing me and ER Doctor told me that I have sis on my liver.Last Tuesday I had a colonoscopy and he said everything looks good but we took some biopsy for the dirrahea that I have been having for a year and half.I just thought seeing all the grandkids thats why I have diarrhea.I have seen so many doctor all they ever sayis there nothing wrong you have no idea how many times I cry and get so piss off. My poor husband has been though alot with me Im very lucky to have him in my life.I can feel it in my gut that there is some wrong but I can get any Doctors here in Amarillo Texas my body is bloated it never was before this has been going on for a long time and IM piss off and so tried with all theires Doctors BS. Im from Rhode Island and I have never seen such bad Doctors in Amarillo Texas where I come from where Doctors take care of their patient and make sure he has done everything he can do and still help you find whats wrong.Need to move back home

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its not just the doctors in texas, I too lost my job due to digestive issues , I begged my dr to put me on disability and he just kept trying different meds and had a who cares additude. I cannot even get unemployment because I have to be ready and able to work and iam not. unemployment said denied unable to work!. I now am trying for some kind of assistance. I hope you find a doctor to help you, I am seeing a new one and having a colonoscopy this week with biopsies being done. wish you the best!


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