giardiasis ( Tap Water ) infection of the intestine with a flagellate protozoan, which causes diarrhoea and other problems

doctor quack is amazing .! ive never seen any doctors like it . in all my life .! you want to law suit the Water companies .Parasite in water travels .! got to us all .! Doctor today said IBS to me today .(retard) .! they gave you wrong Diagnosis .? its Water Parasite .

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  • Who told you it was giardiasis? and what tests were done to diagnose it?

    I'm in the UK and started feeling ill about a year and a half ago, then 6 months ago I noticed the water had a green tinge it when filling up a hot tub. Other taps in the house were the same. After putting chlorine in the the hot tub the water went clear.

    Had water tested by the water company and they said it was safe to drink but didn't explain why it was green and why chlorine would make it go clear.

    Around the same time I also noticed the dogs stomach going crazy and my parents were getting stomach aches off and on and also a friend of mine who lives near to me was getting stomach problems.

    Doctor diagnosed me with IBS 6 weeks ago and thinks it was stress and anxiety that made it develop, but I only developed the stress and anxiety because of how ill I was feeling everyday.

    Been drinking bottled water for 5 months now but still get stomach aches every other day.

    Mebevarine and Amitriptyline don't seem to be helping much.

    I did find this study about giardiasis which is interesting.

  • I've been really ill for over a year and after numerous intrusive tests up and down plus 2 MRI, 2 ultrasound and CT scan I was told its IBS which I knew I had but the extreme bloating, pain, constipation and flstulence etc et. Wax unbearable. I'd upped my mebeverine to the three times a day dose because feeling so poorly!! Then Saturday I de used todo something drastic and stopped taking it! By Monday morning I felt like a human being again!!! I can't actually believe how much better I feel! Try stopping Mebeverine for a couple of days, change your water filter too it helped me I think?!?!

  • I have actually cut down on mebeverine a lot (because it didn't seem to be helping) and only take it now when my stomach goes really crazy. It did seem a lot better when I stopped taking it for a few days but then it gradually went back to how it was before :(

    I don't feel as ill as I used to though which is one good thing.

  • it is the water hundreds people got it .! more and more each day .! they all saying its IBS trust me its not . it is the water contaminated water .! ive got it .! i started with it in 2010 .! drinking the milk though makes it react with the Gas in the stomach .once i moved away and stopped brushing my teeth with local tape water i am getting better slowly .!

  • Same here !!! They told me to get my anxiety under control. I'm like excuse me I only have anxiety and I'm stressed out because I think I'm dying because of how my stomach feels . I believe I have post infectious IBS . I had swollen lymph nodes in my small intestine they said it was caused by a viral or bacterial infection and it should clear up between 2 or 3 weeks. Well here we are 2 months later and my stomach is kind of messed up . Not as bad as it was . Thank god !

  • yeh it takes ages depends if its treated though .! they only telling you its IBS because they not started on any of the others an not looked at any other diseases .! Giardiasis is in tap water its a parasite and infects the intestine stomach. give a big massive pain normally on the right hand side .! which is the build up of gas .! eventually the pain will go down .! the constipation will go down as well .! (Stay Away from the Tap Water ) Filter it .! brush your teeth with other options not raw tap water .! good luck

  • i did the research on this .! i have the same problem the NHS is telling all doctors its IBS .and the doctors instructing the patients that its IBS .! i kept brushing my teeth in the same town for years and years with the Tap water. My mate has just got it at the moment and he drinks lots of tap water at work ! his stomach has gone hes ill .! i moved from the town and live in this other town and im getting better now slowly .! less gass stomach pain gone down now its still there but slightly .! getting less acid in my stomach now .! slowly getting better .! its is the Giardiasis .!

  • don't drink the tap water brush your teeth with other options .! don't use raw tap water . don't worry lots of people got it in my town where i work .! when i moved away into this other town .! different water supply . getting better slowly now .! you need to research for the drugs to treat it .! TINIDAZOLE . read that link thanks .! Fasigyn (Tinidazole) - 500mg (100 Tablets) .

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