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tired of doctors

hi am in my sixties with ibs c for years.I am on miralax twice daily with 3 stool softners. I went to see my doctor on Friday for reassurance, igot just the oppiste from her.She said to me it is not like yoy have cancer or life threating disease, very dismissive,left there feeling like I should not complain about my sever constipation and bloating.Was wondering if anyone else has had doctors who do not listen thank you for your time

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You are not alone - a lot of people have had similar experiences of doctors who were dismissive of our symptoms. In fact, the IBS Network has a whole campaign around the hashtag #notjustibs. Everyone on this forum thinks that doctors should take IBS seriously - they would not be as dismissive of anxiety or depression but some docs just don't get how IBS can be similarly soul destroying.

My advice would be to change doctor if you can. There are a range of possible treatments for IBS and it's a question of trying various ones to see what works for you, although in my experience many doctors don't think to tell you this. There are also dietary interventions you can try. These range from modifying the type and amount of fibre you have (you're probably already doing this) to elimination diets like the low FODMAP diet, which should be attempted under the supervision of a trained dietician.


I have done this and with a trained dietican.


how do you find a good dr? my current gastro was recommend by my primary... Its like pulling a ticket out of a hat how do you know what your getting.


Ooooooh boy, you need to switch doctors! I am so sorry you went through that! Sounds like you really have a problem with constipation... That can make you feel rotten all over. Are you drinking plenty of water??? At LEAST 48 oz a day.... no other liquids 'count'...only pure water... and exercise??...are you getting plenty of that... (I know you have to push yourself on that count...being I'm in my 70's I know that! :) _)

Eating a lot of meat can contribute to constipation... because there is zero fiber in meat... Cheese can be even worse. If you are open to alternative suggestions, this is what I would try. From a health food store, buy herbal capsules Slippery Elm...and also capsules of Marshmallow... This will help to 'coat' your intestines and it just might help you to pass the stool more easily. Goo luck!


Try spoon of olive oil before meals



You have my sympathy constipation is no fun,you need to see a different doctor it's not something you should cope with on your own see if you can see another doctor,I changed doctors as my old doctor was like the one that you saw,my new doctor is very helpful.Dont let doctors put you off from getting the treatment you are entitled too.

Good luck treez


I have started to think that doctors are not entirely to blame for not taking IBS seriously.  I`m sure I am not alone in thinking that there is nothing more my GP can do so I have been to see her for more than 12 months - anyone looking at my records would probably assume that I am better now.  Perhaps we should all make a point of checking in with our doctors regularly even if it just to say "I know you can`t do anything, but I do still feel b. awful".  Perhaps if we all kept that up for a year or so doctors would start to realise that IBS is often a long-term and extremely debilitating condition!


Hi Janke, I have never thought that doctors might think(and understandably so) that all is ok if we don't visit. I last saw my GP in Oct 14, but last year had a couple of really bad periods. I didn't go to the doctor as I knew that there wouldn't be an answer. I have started reading about and researching the internet for as much information about IBS. I now still take Amytryptyline (I would like to stop it, but had no idea that it was so difficult to wean oneself off this drug - I wasn't told this when it was prescribed) I will have to see gp at some point in order to do this properly. I have discovered that I have IBS c not d as I originally thought. The d happens after I haven't 'been' for several days and then pass a large stool followed by a softer one and then completely loose and urgent. This is not really a problem when I am at home, but a disaster when I am out!!! I have started using silicol gel once a day and take two Bio-Kult 'live bacteria' capsules a day. This seems to be helping, particularly with wind after a main meal. 

So back to the reason for my post - yes my gp records would probably look as if i'm managing IBS successfully, which is far from the reality of the situation. I suppose I had better make an appointment.......


yes I do , I am thinking if I need to change drs. I have been on many meds. poured my heart out, I have told him its affecting my life, my job, I have a terrible attendance record and work, I miss many days with no pay , no pay effects my life! they act like oh well, let try this and that , in the meantime I am still missing work and having symptoms, I went from being diagnosed to ibs/and microscopic colitis, meds work for awhile then they doent diets work for a while they they don't , I don't know what to do I really think I need to be on disability but dr does not listen.


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