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Most horrendous bowel contractions :( nobody seems to understand whats going on with me!!

Hi Ive posted several times before.I am following the lowfodmap diet and have seen some benefits after suffering years with IBS C and D.

Yesterday I had the most horrendous pains I can only describe them as "contractions" not unlike established childbirth (I have 3 children so know what that feels like!) I kept passing water (urine) and very little from the bowel. the day before id had sevral bowel motions over a period of 2 hours which is unusual since Ive been on the fodmap diet as had been having one good motion (sorry to be so descriptive) each day and I take flaxseed and drink lots every day so hadnt been having any major problems...until yesterday Im flumoxed and tbh crestfallen as had hoped Id never experience such pain again.

Last June I got rushed into hosptial with similar pains and hence the ball got rolling on tests and scans and then a colonoscopy..nothing found other than apthous ulcers in the illium. Im presribed buscopan and lansoprazole but havnt been taking buscopan regularly as hadnt really needed it.

yesterday however i resorted to morphine as nothing else took the pain away..several hours of suffering and crying like a baby in front of my children was awful, I feel lost. Does anyone identify with what im describing?

My belly isnt swollen during this type of attack and I have to keep peeing which i find bizarre..im due to go back to the consultant next month for a check up as its been 6 months since he packed me off to the dietician hoping that was gonna do the trick!!

OMG im so lost and scared as to whats wrong with me, no doctor seems to know either :(

Can anyone help or advise??PLEASE...x

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Hi,Ive suffered IBS for 20yrs and also have bouts with this horrendous pain its always on my left side low down its so bad i have to sit on toilet doubled up and have a rolled up bath towel pressing in my abdomen,if i dont have a motion with this pain i vomit until i do and the pain does not go until things turn to diareah.ive had all the tests diverticular diese showed up but consultant said it shouldn't cause the pain i suffer,he did all the tests and put it down to IBS,it also causes me to pass urine loads.The pain is undescribable and i just want to die went i get these bouts I have tried everything i ever hear about to help this awful IBS and i'm still trying to find something that really helps,the best thing i have ever found for the constipation part is magnesium citrate tablets and lopamide for diareah i take co-codamol for the pain. Take Care x

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How often do these occur?


I totally understand how it feels, I also cry when I get like this, as I'm scared as I don't like the pain and not sure why It's happening. I'm getting terrible sweats due to pain and take oxycontin 40mg twice daily and oxynorm 5mg 4 x daily. The GP worked out I was on 200mg pure morphine a day. He was so shocked as still in really bad pain. I'm being brought down off this medication as It's not working for me. Doing it weekly , in 2 weeks I will be on the lowest doseage to meet the same level of 8 Tramadol per day. It's been really hard, even panic attacks, so I look forward to being on medication that works, apart from acute ibs I have chronic constipation, which is why I used to have no control of my bowel and many accidents. Due to constipation and food having no where to go. So literally food just passed out of me as soon as I ate. I've been admitted around 8 times due to pain, but surgeons couldn't help me. I'm being referred to a pain clinic and and an ibs consultant who deals with the FODMap diet. I really hope this helps as the last consultant practically told me to learn to live with it. This upset me. I've been on so many laxatives that once I stopped using them I was able open my bowels again. It hurts a lot going to the toilet. I feel very tired a lot of pain and don't plan ahead anymore. I get nervous leaving the house due to this problem and feeling unwell. I just hope one day it will calm down and I feel better. I really hope my life gets better. At 32 I hope I can enjoy my life better than it is today. I don't have children, have no relationship and hope I can find a life for myself soon. With all these symptoms, does anyone like me work? In this condition I'm unable to, but has anyone given up work at my age? Does it get easier? Makes me sad, as I wish I could do what I used to do.

They also found many piles up into my colon, due to all the diarrohea. My hair been falling out and my mouth is so sore, brushing them is a job I now hate doing. So I've been given difflam wash, for soreness and swabs taken of the mouth to check for any infection. Also blood test to check for anemia. If nothing is found.I then have to attend a mouth hospital to try and see the reason for the pain. It's awful, feeling unwell and sometimes wonder do my family actually realise how bad I feel? I wish everyone reading this, the very best and wish you all less suffering from this horrible illness. xxxx


This kind of rang bells with me as I have a close friend who was diagnosed with IBS about 18 months ago. Her symptoms worsened and she described childbirth-like pains and peeing up to 25 times a day amongst other things. Her husband eventually demanded that she see a gynaecologist and, in short, it turned out that she had a womb prolapse which was pressing on her bladder. Once a bit of surgery had corrected this, she was back to normal.

Not being in any way medically qualified, I hesitated before posting this info, but it may be worth looking into.



I too have this pain. If I take certain stimulating foods I feel like I'm in labor. The water being squeezed out of my colon is peed away. I underwent a colonoscopy and the only result of note is diverticulosis. My colon is trying to work but getting stuck somehow. IBS-C and Parkinson's -- not a fun combo.


i get those pains and yes it is like giving birth think its just part of ibs usually last for about 2 hours its making note of what u have eaten that day ive found that I cant eat to much fresh fruit and veg and no icecream at all :(


Hi sickandsore, this sounds pretty horrendous for you and I can't help but feel that another visit to your GP might be in order. Have you had bloods checked? If not I would recommend blood count, Us&Es and LFTs. If this is all normal then here are some alternative remedies I would recommend to my clients -

First of all make sure your bowel is not compacted with waste, this can be the case even if you have diarrhoea. If you're abdomen is bloated, tense, sensitive, sore when you press on it and your bowels are not moving a good amount daily then this may be the case and is the first thing needing sorted as compacted waste can cause many problems and when the bowel muscle contracts it is "squeezing" onto the waste. Take slippery Elm, aloe Vera juice and gently massage your abdomen to try loosen some of it.

Magnesium glycenate is brilliant for muscle relaxing

Probiotic helps to balance the internal environment

Glutamine to help heal the gut lining

Omega oils for lubrication.

I could go on but feel I am writing a book here but contact me if I can help further.

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I also get this horrendous pain and I know it makes you double over in agony but I have found if you lay down flat on your back maybe on the sofa in front of the tv (to help take your mind off it) not easy I know, but it actually helps with the pain, the more you crunch your body up the worse it gets and sitting on the toilet definitely doesnt help. The last time I had this pain I was stuck in the toilet unable to even walk. My partner finally helped me to the front room and after listening to me cry for over an hour he shouted at me saying I wasnt helping myself by laying all crunched up. Thankfully he was right after laying on my back for 5 minutes the pain had started to lessen and within 20 minutes had subsided completely. Give it a go. Anything is worth a try.


Certain foods used to give me symptoms like this. I used to make a vegetarian spagetti bolognese and no sooner had I taken my last mouthful I would be doubled over in pain, I used to describe it like having a fist inside that was gripping me under the ribs and pulling down, as I was unable to stand up straight. I would then have to rush to the toilet and sweat would be popping out on my forehead with the pain. However, after a few bouts of diarrhea I would be perfectly fine, but the pain really is terrible and hard to describe to someone who hasn't had it, like the difference between a headache and a migraine!

If I have been straining on the toilet then I do wee more and have to go more often.


Hello forum I am a new member but a long sufferer of IBS and it's horrendous symptoms. I am lying down now totally unwell and have been feeling terrible for 3 weeks now, undergoing further tests. Trying to hold down a job with this crippling condition is becoming a nightmare. I am beginning to worry that one day I will be housebound through this illness. The pain in the gut, wind, bloating, nausea, and endless tripsto the bathroom are really getting me down. I have been off work on 3 occasions in the last 3 weeks.

Please if anyone has any helpful advice let me know, apartiom the obvious symptoms I feel unwell, tired and totally lifeless most of the teids destroying both mine and my husband's life as most outings, social trips have to be cancelled before or during the event. Excuse all the mistakes won't let me correct them on my phone!


Hiya I totally feel your distress, Know exactly what its like..what i will suggest is that you get all the tests they offer you just to rule out anything serious.I had scans, bloods and colonoscopy done last year (it really isnt that scary and it isnt painful at all so if they offer to do it, go for it) I felt so much better knowing apart from a few ulcers that the results showed i was clear of cancer or IBD.

IBS is my diagnosis, Ive suffered since childhood and have found im much worse when using hormone based contraception for some reason. Also i was referred to a dietician and I follow the lowfodmap diet, it was daunting at first and i saw no improvenment for 3 months at least but i now know I cannot really tolerate wheat or much dairy and certain veg and fruit trigger my symptoms too. Take a look at my earlier post re the fodmap diet and the list of safe foods as it may give you some idea what may be triggering your reactions. i feel a lot less tired and achey since I stopped eating wheat. I also take a good vitamin supplement and take flaxseed daily to help clear the bowel properly (tho you MUST drink lots if using this)

Are you particulary stressed out apart from with your symptoms? stress plays a huge part in the behaviour of the gut and can cause mayhem if you are highly strung.

Good luck with all the tests and I hope you find some relief soon. x


How are the episodes now? Mine are 2 weeks apart and wonder if they'll get closer.


How often do you have these?


Hi its been ages since I've posted on here!

I am, I admit not great at sticking to duets so am eating wheat again( hence I look pregnant all the time!)

I have the occasional flare up but I'm a bit more atuned to my bowel these days, if I don't open my bowel properly on one day then I take lactulose with a pint of water before bed to get things moving the next morning, if that doesn't work I find just one dulcolax certainly gets things going.

for me its maintaining a daily bowel motion and if possible avoiding too much stress and certain foods especially onions/pulses anyhing that causes excess gas in my tummy.

I will never be fully over this, its a lifetime affliction for me, its also a hereditary thing, I'm just doing my best to control it as I list my mum earlier thus year to bowel disease and in particular a bowel obstruction that perforated causing blood poisoning, so I am very, very careful myself with how I treat my bowel. I feel the more natural treatments are better and diet control if u know your triggers.


I have the same pain. Worse than both my kids birth. It hurts so bad I start to throw up, then shortly after or during vomiting I will start to poop. I almost pass out sometimes it hurts so bad. I started taking Cromolyn for an unrelated issue and my pain stopped. Well somedays there is still pain but it is mild. The paper work that comes with Cromolyn says it's sometimes used off label for IBS. Might be worth talking to your Dr about it. I missed a days worth of Cromolyn this week. The next day I had that awful, on the floor, vomiting type pain again. I won't forget to take it again.


Hi I'm sorry I'm dragging up your past, but I have just come across this post and I have been having symptoms EXACTLY the same as these for quite a while now, yet they haven't been 'constantly consistent'. I'm now nearly 16wks pg and when it reoccurred the other night I truly thought that I was losing my baby. I'm very interested to find out your diagnosis. Its difficult to get a doc's appt so if I could get one and also have my own probable cause of symptoms, I don't doubt it'll help me no end. Many thanks Sarah x


I have the same problem everytime i have my period! I was on visanne for 2 years, and i dun have period and also the painful bowel moment during that 2years. I have a hard time learning new things and memorizing new information during that 2years, so i decided to stop the medication couple months ago. The painful bowel moments come back and the pain is very distracting that I can't focus to work. I hope this information helps.


How do you guys go to work with this debilitating life..

I lose jobs over this. I hate that it's just ibs as if it's no big deal IT'S A NIGHTMARE..

I used to write down in a journal things that I hate, all it did was tell me my body hates food, all food!!!

I've wanted to take my life before because of this pain. I had a ginormous hernia in my colon/rectum removed. He told me as long as I did not eat meat I would be okay the pain would subside.. UM WRONG.

I have tried everything they offered me for ideas which was only Bentyl & Levsin

Medications don't work pain medicine doesn't work. I can't live like this


Oh yeah also after your spasms, are you also shaking uncontrollably and your feet are numb and you are completely lethargic??


Hiya I’am 37 years old being having this pain for years I’m going through the same as you I sometimes even pass out with the pain I can’t stop going to toilet and sometimes have bowls attacks that get that bad I have to phone ambulance because I can stop the bowel movement and the pain in my lower stomach I sear like anything when it happens my temperature goes that high then drops is quick I end up freezing and can’t heat up I’m not got a life can’t work as I can’t keep if toilet I have got few other medical conditions I have Addison disease and that is a chronic disease and my ibs is mush worse! I’ve have colonoscopy I’ve been to pain specialists had lots of yeast done found nothing my kids see me in pain all the time I just want to feel normal, I get prescribed codeine phosphate they do take the pain away but it’s like a vishis circle I end up constipated and end up in pain with that get bunged up and have Iva attack can’t win I hope one day they take ibs as serious as other medical conditions as people haven’t got a life with it take care x


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