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Things that have helped my IBS-D in the past - maybe they can help you :)

Hey guys - my IBS flare up is still going on and ive been getting really stressed about it - which of course doesnt help - it also doesnt help when people keep saying - do think you have crohns?? So either way im going to see a specialist to just check and make sure this is my IBS, and not a parasite or something worse - cross your fingers!

On another note, i have had this happen before and i DID get better and I WANT TO BE POSITIVE so i thought id share what helped me before:

-Eating rice or crackers, or egg or porridge oats - this seem great for the stomach!

- Fybogel totally saved my life the last time, 1 sachet a day after breakfast or after the first meal of the day (or any meal if you forget, but morning is best) this stopped the awful urgency i had and i fully believe it saved me from many more months of IBS-D.

- Buscopan - to stop cramping and to take when eating dinner out to help with the anxiety as well - it helps everything flow nicely and if you feel safe when your eating this is an added bonus ans less anxiety!

- Bimuno travel aid - i took this while i travelled for an entire 3 months around asia and i full believe it helped me as i only had a stomach upset on 2 occasions! and i didnt even get my awful travel bloating - they do mother ones - i may try bimuno IBAD - so i highly recommend this

- Probiotics - I used to take them in the UK and whole travelling and i rarely had problems! So i am going to get these again and hope i see a positive change!

5htp - I also used to take this and will be getting again - this is a natural way to balance yourself out without taking antidepressants -defo look in to it first and see what you think and if you can take it along side any other meds - but it may help with anxiety etc!

- Mint tea / hot water / ginger tea - good for bloating! but avoid mint if your having diarrhoea.

I am sure you all knew a lot of these things but i thought it might help someone if you haven't!

Crossing my fingers we all feel better soon! x :)

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It's so good to see a positive approach as I see this as a major step to self help. Thanks for the great info and hope others can use it as a reference. Hope you are back on the mend.


Thank you for sharing! I love seeing what helps others. Some of these things I had not heard of and will be researching for sure.


definitely worth a try :) I hope they can help! Let me know!

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Thanks for all that info. I have tried some of these things with varying degrees of success. What is 5htp? Have you found any particular probiotics better than others?

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5htp is like a natural kind of mood booster - and as i suffer with PMT i find it helps keep my mood balanced in a natural way which in turn helps my IBS! i used to use healthspan multivitamin and probiotic tablets - i found them to be good! but i dont think they deliver to china so i have a friend bringing some random type that had good reviews on amazon! ill let you know how it goes :)

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