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Hints and tips for what has helped me with my IBS-D!


Hey guys, I haven't been on here in a while because touch wood, after almost 2 months of awful IBS-D I am feeling much better! I even managed to go to Thailand and eat Thai curries and seafood and drink alcohol, all without any issues! Aside from mad bloating on the plane, but some things cant be helped!

A few things that I live by now are:

Yakult! if you have no other option Yakult is a great probiotic! And is so necessary after losing all that good gut floral from an upset bowel movement!

Probiotics - I take a probitoc capsule 2x a day now!

Bimuno travel aid - I took this when in Thailand and i think it helped keep me balanced! highly recommend this for travelling!

Kombucha tea - I believe this is what saved my stomach! It is fermented so is amazing from stomach bacteria! find it get it or make it! I 100% recommend this - I love the taste but not everyone does!

Fybogel - one sachet a day! i will be taking this for my entire life i think!But rice and bananas and oats are also a great source of soluble fibre!

Fingers crossed everyone feels better soon! and try to stay positive! I think state of mind has a big part to play in a lot of cases of IBS! And I know remaining positive is hard - but you will feel better! it just takes time! xxxx

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Good news! Where to get Bimuno travel aid?

You can buy it in boots, but ive always ordered on the website! They always have a deal of buy 2 get 1 free or something like that, so well worth it! It worked for me going 3 months arund south east asia and a friend who spent 3 months in india! good tests i think :) Hope they help!

Where can you get Kombucha tea???

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I live in Beijing, and I only know one shop that does it! I am sure you can find it - but you may need to do some searching! It is well worth it!

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Ahh okay haha I will have a look thank you!


Have you tried leaving dairy out of your diet rather than taking all that medication

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i have little to no dairy! and i think it may help, but its mainly junk food and emotional stress that effects me! and thats probably why i am having a flare up now :(

Brilliant advice. Travelling can be so stressful to the point where I put it off or don't do it because of worrying about stomach issues. I too find rice, bananas etc a good source to help 'settle' the stomach. Viscious cycle of anxiety, worry, IBS and so on - doing a lot of what you have recommended will surely help esp when travelling.

I would definitely agree with the Yakult suggestion MinaFox; I also take a product called Lepicol, which is probably similar to Fybogel and it also helps me. I'll need to look out for the Kombucha tea; not too sure how readily available it is in Ireland.

Kombuka tea is here in the U.S. HOW CAN I HELP? Maybe you can go on the internet and do a google search for Kombuca Tea. You can probably order it from the U.S.

Thankyou Mina Fox for all that great information. Knock on wood.

You will be ok. KNOCK ON WOOD.:)

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