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Bloating and peppermint capsules


Hi everyone,

I’ve suffered with IBS for many many years and within the past 2 years have really focused on my food and eating things that work for me (mainly having no diary and less meat). I’ve been suffering with awful bloating for a month or so now, I’ve never had it this bad before. I’ve been taking peppermint capsules the past couple of days and I feel like it’s been getting worse if anything, I know it’s early days and I need to give it more time but just looking for any other tips to help this? Any foods that people really avoid? Any good vitamins or anything that can help bloating? For anyone that swears by peppermint capsules ; do you drink peppermint tea as well as the capsules? How long did it take for peppermint tablets to help?

Thanks in advance!

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If this bloating is a new symptom for just this past month you need to see your GP and have a blood test - CA125 - for elimination purposes. & Maybe a pelvic Ultrasound scan ?

Has there been any recent change in habit? Eating differently? Less exercise? New stress? New medication or pain relief - during this last month?

Is that the test for ovarian cancer?

That’s the other thing still suffering with my UTI, and recently diagnosed with endometriosis so hard to know if it’s IBS bloating or one of the others! I think it’s IBS due to it coming usually after eating and happening every evening!

Yes, partly.

Persistent bloating for a month justifies this blood test. I would see GP asap unless you've had this test in the last few weeks.

What oral antibiotic are you taking now?

Isn't it about time you had Intravenous Antibiotics.

You've had bowel problems for a while now - so what changed a month ago?

I will definitely ask the GP for the test on Friday when I go!

I’m on amoxicillin currently. I think that’s next step if this lot doesn’t clear the infection but they still want me to see urologist but that’s not until December so will be pushing for intravenous if this lot doesn’t help.

I’m not sure what’s changed, stress could be it, I haven’t changed diet or exercise plan. I can’t think of anything in the past month I’ve done different to other months

Amoxicilin !

Did the Culture & Sensitivity test actually say the Streptochocus was Sensitive to this ?

You already had Co-Amoxiclav (Augmentin ) which contains Amoxicilin. And that didn't kill it off.

That’s what my Dr told me on Friday, apparently this was the antibiotic it was sensitive to!

But you've already had it.

It was also sensitive to other Antibiotics you've taken - but none is killing it off. The antibiotics are stopping it spreading to your kidneys but not killing it off.

How long did you stay off antibiotics for?

Also - strep can become Amoxicilin resistant, I've read.

I’ll have to question it when I see the GP Friday, I’m seeing a different GP which might help

Just edited last reply.

By the way, I prepare sucking Mint Imperials and /or Fox's Glacier mints to taking peppermint capsules.

Always check the ingredients when buying mints - that they are made with peppermint oil and glucose.

Thank you! I’ll look into them

Oh dear I’ll have to question them about it becoming resistant! Last lot of antibiotics were about 4 weeks ago.

And how were you for the past 3 to 4 weeks (apart from the bloating).

The bloating's a bit of a coincidence isn't it?

Do you take Co-codamol or anything for pain?

Have you had any abdominal pain or back pain?

How often did you take your temperature and was it always the same?

I’ve been the same the past 3-4 weeks (other than the bloating), temperature has stayed the same it’s never turned into a fever, symptoms of the UTI persistent but not any worse. I’ve taken ibreprofen for the pain at times but have tried to stick with hot water bottles where I can. I’ve not been prescribed anything stronger! I’ve had abdominal pain but had that from the start and doctors are aware and no back pain (other than my usual period pain in the back but I get that daily anyway so not unusual).

Abdominal pain justifies a visit to A&E. It was abdominal pain that my husband had.

What was your temperature?

I think I would be asking for a pelvic Ultrasound scan and an up to date abdominal Ultrasound scan.

Temp was 36.8 - 37°C. I’m booked in for an abdominal ultrasound towards the end of August, so will see what comes up then!

Normal temp is 36.5 .

37 is slightly raised.

Sorry, got mixed up, thought the scan end August was a Urology scan.

I would still want a pelvic Ultrasound scan as well and probably would enquire about having a Transvaginal Ultrasound scan too. But I think gynaes order that one.

Oh I was always told 37 was normal! Will have to keep an eye out thank you. No, sorry, urology is in December and I have abdominal scan regarding kidney function in August!

Yes drinking lots of water and have been trying massaging which I just find massively uncomfortable because it’s so sore!

Actually, that reply was for Emsky who said peppermint doesn't help - but it's helpful to know about this other symptom!

Does your GP know your andomen is sore when touched / massaged?

Do you have Diverticular?

Do you think you are sore to touch because of trapped bowel contents?

I would also be wanting a referal to a Colorectal Specialist for bowel investigations.

IBS is just an 'umbrella" term. Not really a diagnosis.

I have numerous different bowel conditions. So being told 'IBS ' ( as if to say 'get on with it', eat more fibre, etc., etc wasn't helpful)

Oops! Yes they do know, was always put down to ‘IBS’! I have never heard of diverticular! I’m honestly not sure, it’s not sore all the time but it’s sore whenever I’m bloated!

Diverticular is pockets in your bowel where herniations have occured due to small balls of constipation getting stuck. Gas/wind and/or small amounts of stool get trapped in them and cause pain or soreness when touched.

It's essential to get bowels moving and keep them moving to eliminate pain & discomfort and for general health. Otherwise lots of symptoms can be suffered, so necessary to eliminate possibility of other things too.

Specific abdo exercises (which I can no longer do) , drinking lots of water , decaf tea, eating fresh fruit and root veg all help.

If you want to you could take Lactulose medicine morning & Evening and/or Fybogel orange sachets (evening) till bowels in good routine and IBS symptoms reduced. Gradually change to high fibre diet if not already eating enough. But lots of water essential. Which is what you do anyway for the UTI.


Fybogel is easier to take if a little orange juice is added, it stops it setting to a gel before you can drink it.


Oh that’s really interesting I hadn’t heard of this before. Thank you!

Diverticular in the colon can be seen on a Barium meal bowel xray.

Diverticulitis is inflammation of a diverticulum, this is very sore & painful and can cause bleeding.

My last Barium Swallow xray revealed a diverticulum on the duodenum; so it was assumed that I also have them in the small intestine. Never had investigations into small intestine.

Diverticular disease used to be thought of as an older womans condition but anyone who suffers with constipation or IBS and has a slack tummy/abdo can get diverticulum.

Thank you again, really helpful!! Xx

Yes you’re right, I didn’t realise there was a difference, I will be requesting that! I had a transvaginal ultrasound at end of June in regards to the endometriosis investigation so not sure if it’s worth asking for another one?

I would ask the hospital medical records department or radiology department for a copy of your scan reports. Everyone can get them free of charge now since new rules 25 May 2018. You have to apply in writing though, either by email or letter. They can no longer require you to fill in a form.

You will probably have to produce Identification.

I have done this before for a copy of my colposcopy report, took an absolute age and didn’t understand a word of it when it came but was so glad I did it for my records!

They have to reply quickly now and no later then within 30 days.

I Google any terminology that I don't understand . Or you could show it to your GP and ask her to explain it to you.

That’s a great idea, thank you!!

Endometriosis can also cause really bad bloating, did you have the laproscopy for you diagnosis? I was diagnosed with this by gp and gynae then had the only way to properly diagnosed it is the laproscopy and they found nothing for myself, peppermint hasn't helped me either I just feel bloated every time I eat :(

Natalie02 in reply to Emsky

I haven’t had the laparoscopy yet, still waiting to see the endo specialist! Sorry to hear you’re struggling too, hopefully you can find something that works for you too :( x

Emsky in reply to Natalie02

Thanks! My laproscopy wait time was really quick, well compared to what I was expecting, I know its the only way for proper diagnosis, and if there is any they will remove it, maybe longer if you're seeing a specialist I just seen a general gynae


Have you tried drinking extra water? A glass first thing and before & after each meal.

Have you tried gentle massage ?


U fund windeze best for bloating and byscapan if painful.avoid all fizzy drinks, lager, shrimps, mushroom s.ciuld ask doct for fibre and cut our high fibre foods like wholemeal,wheat cereals, sultanas affect me badly.pepermmunt didn't help me but we are all different.ready meals often upset

System too many preservatives n chemical s artifcvl sugars.

Hope something here helps

You never give up

Walking jogging can releive bloat ING just have to make effort and go for 15 mins or so.worth it

Seems to settle colon into calm rythim.


George Rex

Thank you George Rex that’s really helpful!!

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