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I am severely bloated EVERYDAY because of IBS...Please help!!!


I have recently lost 25kg through exercising and eating clean. But after the weight loss I have been told that I have IBS.

The problem is that I am bloated everyday! I wake up fine and through the middle I start to bloat and by the end of the day I look 3 months pregnant.

I drink mint tea, ginger tea, I eat, but it does not get better.

The bloatings come with severe lower abdominal pain and the doctor said that its the IBS.

Please help me, it has started to severely affect my personal and professional life now

Thank you

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I take peppermint oil capsules and have switched from white rice, pasta and bread to brown. It's really helped me a lot.

I hope you find something that works for you, the pain and bloating are horrible



Have you considered the possibility that you are swallowing excessive air. I posted on this recently. Prof John Hunter from Addenbrookes Hosp reports that 20% of referrals of IBS can be attributed to excessive air swallowing. If you are anxious you tend to have poor breathing habits and swallow excessive air. Most people expel this easily by burping but if air makes its way down into the small intestine this causes bloating and pain that can be very difficult to shift. Excess amounts of air in the small intestine can create loads of problems. There are a number of very useful articles about this online that are helpful. If all other causes have been eliminated it might be worth considering looking at your breathing habits particularly if you have anxiety or stress problems. I hope this helps.



When I am feeling particularly bloated (or constipated), I either go for a run or do some yoga. The best position is definitely the upward dog, which enables you to stretch out your stomach and reduce some of the tension there.

Hope this helps!

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I agree on both the running and yoga for pain and bloat.


Hi there you need to take notes of how you feel daily , and explain this to your GP so he or she could further investigate or send you to see a gastroenterologist.

Please do not ignore this ,the sooner the better.

I neglected my symptoms until it was a bit bad.


I have ibs also the only thing that helps me is the fob diet for ibs and celiac . No dairy no gluten and no high fuitose corn syrup. It's very limited but it works. My swelling went down and lost 14lbs.

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You mean the low FODMAP diet .. Right ?

Cause yes all the above did the trick for me too .

Much better now thank god .


hi there, have you tried just drinking plain water? I get a lot of pain lower back,lower tummy area and hip pain,feel older when I am walking about town due to this pain, I have co-codamol for the pain and drink plenty of water to help with bloating though I know it doesnt work for everybody, sorry if this doesnt work for you just thought I would mention it,plus I am trying to lose weight also as I am over weight anyway


Thank you everyone for your replies. I have just been to the gastroenterologist. I explained that I workout 5 times a week and watch my food intake very closely. So told me to increase my fibre intake<which I think is already a lot> and gave me Bedelix for the pain, Duspatalin for gas and Duphalac for bowel movements. I dunno if these are available in UK though. I am from Mauritius.

He gave me these for a week and see what happens.

I just want this to stop-it is very difficult and uncomfortable to have a normal life with such pain.


If you have IBS you need to eat soluble fibre not insoluble fibre. The normal 'healthy' foods usually make IBS worse not better. In my opinion it is better to find out what food is better for you to relieve the pain than take loads of medications which generally don't work for long and do more to upset your system than make it better!


Hi Oumi..

Sorry to hear about your suffering , me too I have had the bloatedness and lower abdominal pain .My GP has booked me to have some further test to find out the cause . Meantime in waiting he has prescribe me Buscopan tablets to reduce the discomfort. They seem to reduce the pain but not permanent.


Hello Noel, Im taking these meds the gastroenterologist gave me. They seem to be working. The bloatings have really calmed down and I am able to resume my workouts without any pain or discomfort. I am a bit concerned though about what I will be doing after the treatment. I am supposed to take these meds for a week and see what happens. The gasto... told me that the reason for being bloated can be that I dont eat enough. I eat 5 times a day but I would agree that my portions are quite small.


Oumi please try no to think too much in the future take each day as it comes you know anxiety is also bad and can cause your symptoms. As you said your med seems to be helping you now try to be happy and enjoy even the small comfort you have now. Loose yourself in your social life with friends and family if you can . Eat enough :) Okey ?


I found the following reduced my severe bloating by around 60%:

- bowel calm probiotics by clever cultures

- digestive enzymes before I eat larger meals

- cutting out gluten and dairy

- medicating and supplementing my hashimotos thyroiditis which is linked to IBS symptoms

- reducing stress by changing job

- avoiding eggs and too many apples, grapes

- sticking to a fairly stable diet- avoiding spices. garlic and onions

- fasting twice a week

hope something works for you, its a horrible thing to suffer x


Hi there! Sorry to hear what you’re going through. Ive been there. I’ve had IBS for over 10 years (but digestive issues all of my life, nonetheless). I’ve missed work/school because the pain was unbearable. After seeing many doctors , emergency rooms, reading online and changing my diet quite a bit, I can honestly suggest some great natural remedies That have improved by IBS by almost 100%. First and foremost, make sure you don’t have food sensitivities like lactose intolerance which can contribute to IBS. I am lactose intolerant so I cut out dairy (bloating/nausea is not fun); except for kefir which actually helps IBS.

Here’s a list of great remedies that have helped/saved me:

#1 eat healthy and drink tons of water. Cut out the fast food and eat more veggies and fruit (think apples and pears) . Result= you’ll start seeing the bathroom on a regular basis and it won’t be a struggle :)

#2 probiotics, to be exact, KEFIR !! This has done wonders for my stomach. Better than TUMS or Pepto ( especially those people that wake up nauseas for no reason, like I used to) . Drink Kefir regularly and you’ll feel way better. Mix kefir with fruit if you don’t like the taste. And definitely invest in some great quality probiotics

#3 lemon water: squeeze half of a lemons juice into lukewarm water, stir and drink. (preferably drink in the morning to get your stomach moving) this will usually send you to the bathroom soon, so be prepared to go

#4 Apple Cider Vinegar: put about a teaspoon in a bottled water and drink up. ACV has probiotics that promotes good gut bacteria and relieves constipation

#5 pills can help with bloating: heathers tummy tamers peppermint oil pills helps with IBS symptoms ( shop for it at helpforIBS.com, there’s other great products there too)

Hope this information helps


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