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My Digestive Nightmare SOLVED! EDIT NEW INFO!


After removing my gallbladder, I had believed my nightmare was over. Unfortunately my symptoms came back. After several diet changes and feeling like all hope was lost, I was given antibiotics to treat a condition called SIBO. I was not given the test due to out of pocket cost and scheduling issues.

I'm happy to say that the antibiotics have provided the most consistent and noticeable relief from my symptoms. The antibiotics were called Xifaxin I believe and didn't have an out of pocket cost through my insurance.

Remember, PI IBS is a BS diagnosis and shouldnt be taken as gospel by your doctor. Look into everything possible.


Original post:

I'm going to try to keep this post as detailed as possible while also not writing an entire novel. There will be a TL;DR at the bottom if you just want to jump to that, but I believe some details may be important.

My digestive nightmare began after a bout of food poisoning in April of 2015. How I know it was food poisoning was me and other people that ate food from the same party got sick. The food was kept outdoors, uncovered. It was heated, but I should have seen the red flag when the food was left uncovered with flies buzzing around. The sickness only lasted a day or so, and everyone else healed up, except for me.

The months following included constant nausea, dizziness (for a short period, went away after a while), heartburn, and just a general loss of appetite. I lost around 20-30 pounds within the first 6 months of being sick.

Once the heartburn went away, I was left with a constant bloated feeling as well as nausea that would range from bothersome to extreme, but I was taking so many anti-nausea medications (Zofran, Reglan, Dramamine) that I never actually had to vomit.

I tried everything from tea to natural supplements to help, but nothing ever provided long term relief.

My tests included various blood tests, food allergy tests, stool samples, and an Upper Endoscopy which showed "Gastritis and excessive bile in my duodenum". I was prescribed Carafate and Dexilant after the Endoscopy, both did NOTHING.

I was referred to the Mayo Clinic, where I was told that I had Post Infectious IBS and Functional Dyspepsia, both of which are general diagnoses, and a fancy way of saying "We have no idea what's wrong". I was told to increase my Probiotic intake and start a low fiber diet, BOTH DID NOTHING.

After no success with everything else, my Gastroenterologist recommended trying an anti-depressant to relieve the constant sensation I had in my stomach. I could feel everything and it bothered me just as much as the nausea and bloating. I was prescribed Nortryptiline, which did NOTHING.

I also spoke with a Dietitian, which recommended starting a FODMAP Elimination Diet, which actually provided alot of relief, but was not a complete fix. It controlled alot of the nausea and definitely got rid of 95% of the bloating. The only downside was how strict this diet was. I basically ate eggs, potatoes, and turkey bacon every day, for every meal. I only did this because it was easy, cheap, and tasted good. You can make more interesting meals on the diet, I just didn't have the time.

After all this, I went in for another Gastro appointment, and let them know of a pain I was having in my right side. I had told them about this pain long ago, but they dismissed it. They stated it could be my gallbladder and referred me to get a HIDA Scan, which tests the function of your gallbladder and it's ability to empty itself out.

The test was very easy, and found that my gallbladder was low functioning, and was told it needed to be removed. I was told that a bad gallbladder can cause every symptom I was experiencing, so I was all up for removing it after a year of digestive issues.

Well, yesterday I had my gallbladder removed, and was told it was quite inflamed when they went in there, so it definitely was time for it to come out.

Right now I'm healing up, feeling pretty sore but surprisingly, not nauseous. I've ate two plates of egg whites and potatoes (zero fat meal, as recommended by the doctor).

I'll update this as time goes on, but I wanted to make this post to let other people know that if your doctor seems to have given up, or just wants to diagnose you with PI-IBS or Functional Dyspepsia, and you don't want to accept that answer, have your gallbladder tested if it hasn't been done yet.

TL;DR - Gallbladder caused a year of nausea and bloating, other tests and treatments didn't work. Get a HIDA Scan if you haven't tried it yet. Sometimes you don't have side pain when your gallbladder is bad.

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I also forgot to mention the countless other PPIs and other Acid Reducers I was given did nothing to help my situation.


Hi ironGiant63,Just a quick reply to your post,I really really hope this is the end of your problems,but get all the information you can on having no gallbladder.

I had mine removed about 14yrs ago,and that was the beginning of my problems,BUT I was sent home with no information at all,and I'm suffering real bad now,chronic pain,that gets worse as the day goes on. Last week I rang my pain clinic because I had googled a lot on having no gallbladder,and when I put my ideas to them,they thought I had hit gold,and I did,but it is only a week,they prescribed two more meds for me,but though it's early days,there's no change.

NOW I don't want to put water on your fire,it may be the answer to your prayers,I'm just saying get all the information you can and hopefully it's your cure.

Just must say like you "IBS" Get out of jail card. Good luck.😘

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My gallbladder was removed also and that is when I started having more issues. Good luck.

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Everyone is different, and in my case it needed to go. They said it was even inflammed while being removed, showing something was really wrong with it. Hopefully your issues get cleared up soon!


Very interesting - after a recent colonoscopy thankfully all clear my GP today has just done alot of blood tests following a week of pain in the rightside under ribcage and a file ache behind right shoulder blade.

She is requesting ultra-sound to check for gallstones - if they are present them she stated that if the blood showed a low functioning gallbladder and the bloods indicate the same then I will also have the gallbladder removed.

There seems to be a growing evidence that the gallbladder has a lot to answer for!!

I'm glad you are feeling better and I appreciate your feedback.


Believe me unless it's absolutely nessasary don't have your gallbladder taken away,I believe now I've done a lot of research on it,how important it is,


Hopefully that's the answer to your problem! I'm still healing up so I cant say for certain this fixed mine, but I was able to eat all day yesterday with no issues.


I'm really pleased for you if it's worked out. Like you say we are all different, I can't see my problem solved in the near future.

I have one of the best Gastroentrologist in the UK,if he can't sort me out,I don't hold out much hope.

But I sincerely wish you well. In fact I wish I could wave a magic wand and make the whole of this site better. But Ain't gonna happen.


I don't suffer with IBS as my name implies, but I have had my gallbladder removed after suffering loads of pains for quite a few years. I can eat anything and everything. You need to eat fat as the bile has to do its job of breaking down fat. Just because you have had the gall bladder removed does not mean you have had the part that makes bile removed, therefore it just constantly drips into your stomach. The advice to not eat fat is outdated.

Hope your problems are fixed.


Thanks for the info! I'm still healing, the soreness is reduced every day but is still there of course. I've been eating non-stop without issues since the day after the surgery, so I'm seeing that as a good sign.


Thanks for the very informative post and I really hope that is the end of your problems and as you say, we are diagnosed with IBS as the doctors don't actually know what's wrong. Keep on healing. :)


Hello IronGiant63 ! i know your last post was 4 monthes ago ..but was wondering how are you now after removing your Gallbladder ??

Hope your digestive issues are cleared by now ..are you still on antibiotics ??


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