Functional Dyspepsia?

Does anyone else suffer with functional dyspepsia along with their ibs. I have been told this is what is causing my upper gastric problems. The nausea is awful the worst thing along with feeling full quickly, bloating loads of burping and abdominal pains mainly on right centre and round ribs. I am so worried as I don't feel like eating probably because I am so scared. have had two abdominal scans all clear.

I know I am very nervous but I have never had these symptoms as bad as now though I have suffered with the same sort of thing mildly for years.

Your advise is appreciated

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  • Have you tried Peppermint oil cPs at either half hour before or after meals they really do help give it a go. Happy Christmas x

  • Thank you June Rose for replying, I have tried colpermin but it made no difference. Do you suffer with functional dyspepsia?

  • I have really bad IBS and cannot tolerate wheat dairy or eggs unless the dairy is organic as I'm sensitive to antibiotics and is what some dairy cows and some chickens. Some medications cause the problem you have worse. Have you tried going dairy free and wheat free foe a month, oh yes the additives in mass produced bread gives me the most terrible pain I find spelt bread or local bakeries the best hope this helps I'm happy to help anytime.

  • Sorry I ment to say the cows are feed on antibiotics.

  • I recently experienced reoccurring bad nausea, although I believe it might not be for the same reason it could be due to overeating. I found making portions of meals smaller really helps with the sorts of symptoms you're experiencing

  • Yes I have those symptoms. I have never heard of Functional Dyspepsia before. After I looked it up. That is me for sure. I guess next time I go to the Dr. I will ask him about it. I wonder why no Dr. has ever mentioned this to me. They look at me like I am crazy when I tell them I have pain by my ribs, etc. I have had the scope down my throat and they found nothing wrong. Thank you.

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