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Low FODMAP diet – great help

I have had IBS since my early twenties and I am now 50. I too have tried everything from prescription to holistic and herbal. I have constipation predominant IBS, bit it alternates. I also suffer from sever bloating and cramps.

I have been fortunate enough to be referred to a specialist and have now had quite a few tests done and do have bowel dysfunction. That aside, I was referred to a dietician and have been following the low FODMAP diet. It has helped me tremendously with the bloating and I plan to continue it. It is the best way of eating for IBS that I have tried (and I have tried many). It is fairly easy to maintain. You eat low FODMAP foods for 6 weeks and the reintroduce certain food categories. You find out quickly what your problem foods are.

Here is a link, but you can find lots of information on the internet. I also attach a link of food lists you should and should not have.




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Hi, my name is Sam. I too have tried this FODMAP diet with very limited results! I give up I don't think diet causes me problems, I think stress does. Have been diagnosed with i.b.s but am slightly sceptical, is it i.b.s? My worse problem is trapped air and pain in my stomach which is a daily occurance, the other problem is I've been told I have a wheat intolerance hence the diet trial. I don't know what else to do I give up, I used to be very healthy - a blood donor and everything! Help, I find this worse since my dad died 4 and a half months ago.


Hi Sam, I know exactly how you feel. I have the same issues. Have you tried the FODMAP diet properly i.e avoiding all the foods for about 4 to 6 weeks (which are all the foods that cause gas, fermentation and wind). It is not just the wheat that is the problem. This alone has stopped the bloating for me. Stress does play a part, but I don’t believe that it will cause all the gas and trapped wind. You should also be referred to a specialist for your condition.


Hi I suffer from bloated stomach,Have had the constipation for several years and now seem 2 have gone the other way.I have had an operation as I had a twisted bowel but hasnt sorted out my problems. Was at the hospital only yesterday for yet more investigations but they still cant find anything wrong.I wake up some days in agony and can hardly function..I lost my mum to the big C 24 yrs ago.. I had a miscarriage at 23 wks and have depression so maybe these contribute to the symptoms I dont know???? I am now trying Lacto-free milk and am also gonna try other foods that are similar to see if they help!! I have cut out cheese and spicy foods so far.. I was wondering if anybody else had any ideas on foods etc that I could try coz starting 2 starve here...I am on levothyroxine 100mg..sertraline 50mg ..paracetamol 400mg..Diazapam 2mgBuscopan 10mg..Zolpidem 5mg..Omeprazole 20mg... And finally I think ferrous fumarate 210mg.And Tranexamic Acid 500mg.....I deffo rattle well if nowt else..So plz if anyone has any good news how to not so much get rid but ease the symptoms as I starting 2 not eat coz it makes things worse..Any useful diets etc that work plz plz let me know.... Thanx loads...


Hi everyone!

I've just joined, based in Scotland and am at present having a fight to get my GP to accept FODMaPs as a legitimate treatment! I asked him to refer me to a dietician for advice to be told he will refer me but doubts it will be entertained as it is seen as 'faddy'! Anyway, I have now set up a group on facebook for IBS sufferers based in Scotland to try to put pressure on local health services to accept this as a legitimate treatment. The things we have to do eh! If you want to read more about my story (IBS for most of my life as well as 3 operations on my stomach) please feel free to have a look at my profile.



Hi - you should tell your doctor that it is recognised by the Nhs as legitamate treatment. Here in London it is offered on Nhs. I went to St Thomas hospital. What is the name I should search for to view your profile?


Hi I am from Inverness and asked last week to be referred to a dietician and was refused, as if I couldn't identify the problem foods there would no point in going. If I knew what the problem food was I wouldn't be eating them. My visit was a waste of time as he asked why I was in toilet for 45 minutes and as again i told the doc it was because of diarhorrea not because I like toilets.


Hi, I successfully did the low FODMAP diet long before the NHS (in England) took it on board so had to find my own resources. Best website is, of course, Monash Uni med.monash.edu where the diet was developed - there's a great smartphone app you can download from there. Patsy Catsos's book, 'IBS - Free At last' was my bible, the author is Monash-trained and she gives you a good plan to follow. She also has a website at ibsfree.net

I suggest you give this a go, it's not rocket-science and by the time I went to see an NHS dietitian, I knew more about FODMAPs than she did!


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