Post Infectious IBS?

Had a nasty stomach bug 2 weeks ago. After a week started to feel better - but recently developed daily queasiness and hellish nausea at times. The bad nausea occurs a few hours after eating. My doc said it could be PI IBS...I looked it up...looks awful. Anyone else have these issues? Thanks. When I'm nauseated, even Zofran does not work!

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  • Oh you poor thing, I really feel for you. My IBS started many years ago after a bout of Salmonella - I had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy to rule anything else out. I'm lucky in that I don't get nausea too much but have to say that I too had a stomach bug but mine was before Christmas and just a couple of days after the bug I started to feel much better. I was like that for about a week and then started to feel what I would call yucky. I had to resort to the anti sickness tablets that my doctor gave me but I seem to be fine now. If I do get nausea I usually take a travel sick tablet but it's the worst thing with IBS and some get it more than others. I have read posts on here where some people are physically sick and are like that most days - I really don't know how they cope.

    With you I would leave it for a few days and if it's not going then go back to the doctors and if he thinks it's Post Infection IBS then he should send you for tests as you can't tell if someone has it just by looking at their symptoms.

    I really hope you are better very soon.

  • HI......thanks for your note! What kind of "anti sickness" pills did you take? Thanks !

  • Hi Dylan, sorry for the delay in my reply. I use Stugeron and have been using them for years. The only time I have ever been sick was when I had a stomach bug just before Christmas (I suffer from Emetophobia so not good for me).

    Hope they work for you as they certainly do for me.

  • Hi ......I looked it up - it's in the UK and I'm in New york. Oh well.'s an antihistamine - which I'm not supposed to take coz i am taking Klonopin and Zoloft.

  • Oh no, that's not good. I knew they were part of the antihistamine group. Really hope you find something but as a tip my dad said years ago is you have cider vinegar and honey - 1 part vinegar to 3 parts honey. If you take this is does settle the tummy really well - I've used that many times in the past. Also, Brandy & Lovage (don't know whether you can get Lovage in the states but it's an alcolholic cordial). You don't have much of it and I can't remember the quantities but I seem to remember that it's purely guess work. See the link below which I know is relevant to the UK but you may find it where you are.


    Best of luck

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