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Not sure if this is going to work for all IBS sufferers but i've been taking 2 tablets a day of Holland and Barrett 3 Billion Friendly Bacteria for the last month and I seem to be feeling better in myself both when it comes to eating and with the unpleasant area.

I was diagnosed with H - Pylori two years ago after suffering for years with indigestion and taking Lansoprazole - I was advised that if you get bad episodes of upset stomachs you must replace the good bacteria in your gut so I started taking Acidophilus - im not saying its a miracle cure but it certainly helps me, so I hope it helps some of my other IBS sufferers.

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That's good to hear, there's loads of research about gut bacteria and how the right balance is important for a number of seemingly unconnected illnesses. There's a great book called 'Gut' by Giulia Enders which goes into this in a very readable way. It's quite funny as well.


hi, glad it's working for you. For Acidophilus to work it has to reach the intestine which previous products from H&B were not guaranteed to do, so maybe this is a new product


You are correct when I get a bad episode I use custom probiotics Acidophilus and BIFIDUS which is 60 Billion - diary free - not cheap as they are from America, but very good!

Would use all the time because they are strong. A very good website is gutdoctor.com/conditions/ir... these sell the strong tablets.


You are right, my specialist put me on four weeks gut only antibiotic then two weeks 500 billion strength probiotic to treat a condition called dysobiosis which is in the gut and small intestine. It's done wonders.


Try this website gutdoctor.com/conditions/ir... they sell the Acidophilus and BIFIDUS tablets (50 billion) very good not cheap but certainly work.


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