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Probiotics and ibs c

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I have had ibs c as long as i can remember ...

So over years i have tried everything.

I eat gluten free.

I also do not eat cream,onions, garlic, much dairy and spicey foods.

I take probiotics, digestive enz peppermint capsules and DIDA tablets.

I still occasionally get backed up only couple day now not weeks but i have found abit of a answer....

So i usually take a acidiphilious capsule but i changed when i went on holiday to a bioglan flora bacteria one as it does not have to b refrigerated and i noticed when i take that one i go more regularly so when i looked at the back it has the added bacteria sacc bouliradi( cannot spell) which can help with constipation.

Just thought i would let u ibs c peeps out there know as it may help you to...

Also if u have ibs d u may wana check yours doesnt have this and stick to the general bacteria ( all the one beginning with L not S)

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WE will sirurve - or what else?

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Lulububs in reply to Neil119


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Eliana5 in reply to Neil119

Dealing with frustration and pain unfortunately..😞

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Really interesting Lulububs. gives interesting information which has helped me.

Hi Lulububs. Thank you for info . God bless .

That sounds great, and glad it's working for you. I have IBS-C, and was told by gastro to take something with 1 billion CFU's. I need the L-Casei, BB-12 and the bacillus R..something..but it doesn't help me much. Not much FDA testing or approval done on Probiotics. I'm in US. I guess Gastros don't recommend them here, said there no claims to back then up..but he said some people seem to have some success with "Align"..right now. I'm concerned. Have not had bowel movement since Anal manometry test done on I am concerned. 😳

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Lulububs in reply to Eliana5

Try amazon they may send “ bioglan gut flora” its called. It by far the best one for me to help me 💩.

The others which are ones u mention dont make any difference to my constipation.

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Eliana5 in reply to Lulububs had e-mailed a photo of a probiotic as well as a digestive enzyme you thought might help me, several months ago..but I haven't gotten it yet. (financial issues with medical bills).. So..should I not get that and above you mentioned instead? Thanks for any advice.

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Lulububs in reply to Eliana5

Oh god i cant remember what i sent to u.. the digestive enz ive always used so that same but the bioglan gut flora may not b same?

It has all the normal gut bacteria but it has saccraslysis boulardi ( cant spell) it really help clean ur digestive system out

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Eliana5 in reply to Lulububs

Okay, hopefully not too I am on limited income. I forgot to look in my e-mail folder for the attachments you was called Digest-enzyme or something like that. Does that still work. I remember couldn't get it..they only sell it in UK. Amazon didn't sell it. I have heard of "Ultimate gut Flora" I think that is what it is..and I think you had mentioned it a few months ago..but will look in to this one. Hoping it does not have to be refrigerated. Thanks..x

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Lulububs in reply to Eliana5

Yeh the bioglan gut flora does

Not need to b refridgerated as that why i use it.

Any digestive enzyme

Is good to use ...

Ive used Both for over two years now wouldnt b without them

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Eliana5 in reply to Lulububs

Perfect! As always. ☺ Thank you so much..will look into it..x

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