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I have been taking Omeprazole for some years for acid problems with IBS but recently I have not found it very effective so stopped taking it. I discussed this with my GP who thought I should give it another try but I still do not think it helps. Has anyone found an alternative - perhaps a more natural one? Various websites suggest that Omeprazole should not be taken for more than a few months.

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  • Hi,I'm on Lansoprazole for Stomack acid which is a similar drug. I have chronic IBS, also no gall bladder and I have to have it also because I had Heart attack and I'm on Asprin. But before all that happened to me my GP gave it me just for a short time to see if it helped with IBS,but I was told I could only have it for a short time because you are supposed to have some Stomack acid. So I don't think you shoul be on it to long,unless your as unlucky as me and have to have it because of Asprin. I sometimes wonder if my IBS may not be so bad if I could come off it. Could your GP give you a smaller mg? Hope that's helpful. Take Care.

  • Yes that is very helpful - thanks. I have been reading up about it and the advice seems to be that you should not be on it for too long. I do get very anxious and I think that creates acid.

  • I have to be on it long term but I've managed the dose down to 10mg (the smallest) every other day which for me is acceptable. You ideally need stomach acid to defend against nasty bugs but on my dose, I know I do maintain some acid. I wouldn't like to be on a higher daily dose for the long term.

  • Hi Binks, I'm on 30mg of Lanzoprazole ,which worries me I've been on this now for 6yrs. Suffering chronic IBS I don't think this drug helps ,but I was put on it because of Asprin . I see my GP next week so I'll discuse it with him see what he says.

  • I wouldn't worry too much. My dad was a GP and he has had to take Lansoprazole for many years now every day (he's 81). It doesn't concern him - he knows he has to take it and so that's that. I know medication is not great in any respect, but you have to balance out the pros and cons and sometimes it has to be for the best. I think we have too much internet information these days which allows us to over analyse everything! If I take a higher than 10mg dose of Omeprazole, I have worse IBS and so it's been trial and error for me. Good luck.

  • Thank You.

  • Thank you Binks. I think you are quite right and your father's lack of concern, bearing in mind his medical knowledge, is very reassuring!

  • How about pantoprazole? Worth a try, an endoscopy late August showed I had lesions and developing ulcers, 3 months on pantaprozole and a follow-up endoscopy and much improved.

    Good luck

  • Omeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor, these things are lethal if taken for too long! Ask for ranitidine or something in that group of drugs. I was on esomeprazole for ages and it did the same thing. Good luck put your foot down with your doctor this is wrong!

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