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Supplements which help IBS

Just some info and advice for IBS sufferers who have a lot of pain. Once you have sorted out your diet and excluded triggers, kerrym212 has some great advice on this which she has posted on this blog, I would strongly recommend IntestaidIB which helps to heal and soothe the gut and is a fabulous supplement to try (Boots have it on 3 for 2 at the moment). Although expensive if you are experiencing cramps pain etc it is well worth it.

Also slippery elm if you have constipation.

Strongly recommend you avoid aspartame and other chemical additives as they are toxic to your gut and the rest of your organs.

I am a nurse and colonic therapist and have many years of experience of IBS and treatments

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Yes! A campaign is a great idea :) I've been trying to get that message across for years!!

Slippery elm is great and very gentle and very much a case of preference. For my clients I recommend capsules as they're easy to take with no taste. If you're interested I can send you details of my supplier.



I've never heard of Intestaid before, but having read your blog and looking it up on the web for other comments (most of which are very positive), I've just placed an order with Boots - as you say, it's on 3 for 2 at the moment, so got to be worth a go.

I follow the low FODMAPs diet very successfully (I'm about 90% symptom-free), but the least step off it is always a big mistake, so I'm hoping that maybe the Intestaid will allow me to expand my food choices a bit.

Many thanks for the info.


Hope it helps roz, it will probably take a few weeks to kick in so it's good you have the 3 boxes which will last about 2 - 3 months. Good luck



Just thought I should let you know that I tried IntestAid IB (just 2 a day as I'm not very big) and was fine until the 3rd day when constipation came on with a vengeance. As I'd been sticking rigidly to a low FODMAP diet, I guessed it had to be caused by the capsule, especially as, by that time, I'd noticed that it contains fructo-oligosaccharides - the very things I'm avoiding. I stopped taking it for a couple of days, things went back to normal and then tried it again with the same c result. I saw my dietitian this afternoon and she told me to leave the product alone because of the FOs even though it's only a very small amount in the formula - I expect I must be extra sensitive to these.

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