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Do Probiotics Actually Help?


Hi everyone! I’ve struggled with IBS for two years now and thankfully sticking to mostly a LOW FODMAP diet helps. But I’m curious if anyone has noticed a significant improvement in taking probiotics as well? Can you recommend some brands please? I’ve been on and off taking probiotics because I get nervous mixing too many supplements... I take a multivitamin, biotin and fish oil already. I personally have not noticed my stomach feeling any better from when I’m taking them vs not taking them. Appreciate any thoughts!

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I was told early on to do one thing at a time and do it for at least 3 months.

Don’t change too many things at once.

After years of control but not improving I tried Symprove. It was a great improvement. I am now on Alflorex.

Remember that different probiotics help different people.

Good luck.

Yes I heard alot of people taking probiotics and some of them seem to do better after a course.

I have been following low fodmap for 2 years now and have nearly completely eliminated my IBS symptoms.

The thing that I would say about low fodmap is that it deals with symptoms at source and by identifying your food triggers you acquire an in-depth knowledge of what drives the days with bad flare-ups. I used MyFitness pal for a bit as my food diary, now I use Tummi FODMAP on my phone as that has some really helpful tools to identify the high fodmap foods and match changes in symptoms to the things you ate!

And lastly, 100% fodmap is a more cost-effective solution in the end. It takes a few months to bed and you don't need to buy gluten free breads etc... . Experiment with sourdough breads and adapt favourite recipes to low fodmap.

Catatvet05 in reply to grufjones

Sourdoughs? My app says not to eat this bread? I’m wondering if it’s accurate?

grufjones in reply to Catatvet05

Yes it's one you need to discuss with a Dietitian.

Here is what my dietitian says. Only Spelt Sourdough is OFFICIALLY low-fodmap, that and Gluten Free breads.

Now comes the 'but' ... Sourdough of all kinds is lower in fodmaps so many people with IBS find they can tolerate say 1 or 2 slices of wheat Sourdough regardless of official classifications. That is not formal advice, but I am one of those people. Which is great as I can eat some bread that tastes good :-)

Loads of the fodmap stuff is like this. Start with following the official guidance, learn more and then trial and error see which groups of foods can be reintroduced with no flare-ups.

Someone on here suggested Waitrose No 1 Spelt Sourdough.

Yes I tried this. It’s nice. Its definitely true to eat 1-2 slices. I’ve learnt quite a bit from this app👏🏼 Thanks everyone.

Catatvet05 in reply to grufjones

Ah, great. I will do. I brought spelt flour and made pumpkin loaf. Not to bad. 😂

See my comment to grufjones above.


Please see our blog written by medical professionals on probiotics

Also if you join The IBS Network as a member for £24 for the year, there is an offer for 2 months free Alflorex

I back up the post by IBSNetwork. I took the 2 month free trial of Alflorex from and never looked back. It has been scientifically studied for IBS and it's the probiotic that has worked the best for me. I can tolerate far more foods now and am pain free most days (alongside Linaclotide for IBS-C, though it was the Alflorex that took my improvements that step further). The FODMAP diet is great for IBS but FODMAPs are good for you so you should consume as many as you are able. If I could do it all again I would have tried Alflorex before the FODMAP elimination and reintroduction diet. That way I wouldn't have had to modify my diet so much and for so long.

Hi Probiotics works for me it controls bloating and keeps the

intestine clean. I use Health Plus its dairy and lactose free suitable for vegans and vegetarians available on


Probiotics have never worked for me and I have tried quite a few over the years. I recently did a mircobiome test and was told that mine was in pretty good shape.

Try one at a time for more than a couple weeks. I personally found minimal help with probiotics and some strange side effects from some. There are also many studies that confuse the issues saying they are great and that in turn they really do nothing. What these supplements do in most cases is make people rich at the expense of our issues and pain and search for a cure or at least one good day. So tread carefully with the guidance of a well looked into GI doctor. IBS is more about a good plan than a pile of supplements. Elimination diet to understand things better. A better diet overall - The ability to stick to your plan. Working out or physical exercise in general are all key pieces to a good IBS plan. Honestly thou you could say those are just keys to a better life in general

I have stopped having milk and have seen a big improvement in my IBS so give that a try x


Cutting out all dairy except hard cheeses helped and taking a probiotic helped me.

I dont take them anymore as my Gut is in a lot better place now then a few months ago.

Low fodmap never worked for me but thats because my symptoms only came on when i eat or drink dairy or anything with chocolate or anything with caffeine in. As long as i dont eat these foods i am fine and hardley ever have a flare.

But the one thing that helped the most for me was bone broth , since having bone broth in my diet i have not had a flair in 4 months. In the beginning i had it everyday for 8 weeks and now im down to 3 days a week. My gut felt a lot better and i feel my gut is stronger sibce having bone broth. I know make a creamy chicken soup with bone broth.

If anyone wants the recipe please let me know.

Catatvet05 in reply to Hidden

Could I get recipe please.

Hidden in reply to Catatvet05

Catatvet05 in reply to Hidden

Thank you 😊

Wow all of these responses are amazing thank you! Appreciate the time you took to write them

Me personally I've taken a few probiotics but saw no improvement I mean people say they help and some claim got it changed their bowels better but I have yet to experience this or to experience this claim that their IBS was magically cured. But if you do find anything let me know please. I'm 28 and I've had IBS-C since I was 23.

Symprove is literally the best probiotic I've ever tried. Completed the 12 week program and decided to stay on it, if I haven't took it for a few days I notice the difference!

I have had IBS for many years. I have tried so many probiotics including Alflorex but none have made any difference to me.

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