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PHGG (Partially Hydrogenated Guar Gum) low FODMAP fibre for IBS

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Has anyone tried PHGG (Partially Hydrogenated Guar Gum) fibre for IBS?

It's a low Fodmap soluble fibre supplement suitable for regulating IBS-C & IBS-D. It's also a prebiotic so helps promote good bacteria in a low fodmap way.

I have been trying it as an option to Fybogel (which seems to increase bloating). I'm gradually reducing the Fybogel with the aim of taking just the PHGG. So far the results are very good.

It is available online although I don't think in UK stores. It has the Monash logo so I assume safe and reputable.

8 Replies
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Can't find guar gum on fodmap app, which section is it in?

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nedds in reply to Andann

I don't think it's on the app but the Monash logo is on the tub of phgg and it's labelled low fodmap. I bought it from iherb online if you want to look it up.

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I used Optfibre (PHGG) for a while to help with IBS-C. It helped me to the point where I don't need to take it anymore and I use diet to help with the 'C'. Read the instructions on the packet about how to ramp up the dose carefully though, since you need to get your body used to it gradually. I found that if I took the full dose that they are suggesting that I got too much gas from it. However, if you ramp up slowly you should find an amount that helps you without creating excessive gas. Good luck.

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nedds in reply to xjrs

Goodness yes, just looked up optifibre and the doses go really high. I am only aiming for 5g or max 10g which is stated on the tub I bought. Glad to hear of your success.

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Have been using this for few years , as the fybogel prescribed by doctor just made things worse x

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nedds in reply to Catty1234

Sounds promising thanks. I'm definitely finding less bloating and gas than with fybogel, & better regularity. Do you take it every day for years?

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Catty1234 in reply to nedds

Yes I do , have had no side effects apart from if I eat too much fibre then I get painful trapped wind 😞I also drink a lot of water too x

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Sounds great, thanks for your replies and I'm glad to hear it's been successful long term for you

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