Bleeding :(

Had another incident today following a fairly normal/easy bowel movement. The bleeding didn't start during or immediately after the movement, it seems like the wiping process caused it. As usual it was bright red and probably less than a teaspoon worth. It's just so frightening and since I've been diagnosed with external piles I don't know if I'm supposed to just put it down to that. My habits have been fairly normal lately. What do other sufferers think? 

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  • I think it is definitely piles. Try not to worry about it. The fact it is bright red means it is fresh blood and therefore it is blood from an external source ie piles. 

  • I would think that is something you will just need to deal with based on that diagnosis. But you should always monitor bleeding and talk to your Dr. as needed. 

  • I would suggest you use wet wipes (sensitive ones) rather than toilet paper DO NOT DISPOSE DOWN THE TOILET as they block the pipes.

  • You can actually get special toilet wet wipes now that are flushable. 

  • Yes I use the Andrex ones, they help me feel much cleaner and are flushable too. I think over wiping with normal toilet paper must irritate the piles as I only noticed bleeding when I was almost done wiping, it didnt happen because of the motion itself.

  • I also get this sometimes and have had piles banded twice, I feel discomfort , itching, a lump, so guess it is a pile playing up. Try some cream or visit doc for something stronger

  • Sorry to hear you are suffering. Try not to worry too much about it but do mention your concerns to your dr next time you go. 

    I get the same & can be really sore afterwards to sit too. My Dr gives me Uniroid-HC ointment (same as anusol) which I can use sparingly for no more than 7 days at a time but normally work before that. 

    I also use wet wipes but find they sting a lot - even the sensitive ones...😢

    I think this kind of thing is fairly normal with IBS. 

    Hope you feel better soon 😘

  • Thanks all for your comments, I feel a little calmer now. Other than the odd bout of bleeding they don't cause me any problems. Very very rarely they'll feel a little sore but I can usually improve this by sitting in a warm bath for a while. The symptoms themselves don't really bother me, it's just when I see blood I panic and start thinking all sorts of things. It's pretty frightening when you get unexpected bleeding from places you shouldn't! I don't think my health anxiety helps matters. I never know if my concerns are reasonable or if I'm just overplaying everything in my mind. On this occasion I think the fact that my GP has already diagnosed piles and the blood is bright red, I'll let it go. Maybe try some cream to shrink them. But if it gets worse I'll go back x

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