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Really worried, please help


Lately I have been experiencing dizziness when standing for short periods, which seems to be connected to a bowel movement on the way. But when I go I'm on the toilet straining for ages, and my bowel never fully empties. I have constant flatulence, and i'm paranoid about going out for a walk in case exercise causes a movement, even though I know I desperately need exercise. I also get these jerks when i'm falling asleep, which also seem to be related to my gut. I was diagnosed with IBS-C after a 2 minute conversation with a doctor, but taking senna, fibre drink supplement and Buscopan doesn't seem to stop any of the symptoms! Sometimes when I go to the toilet it's fairly normal, but others it starts off ok, then becomes somewhat like soft serve ice cream, and even that can be difficult to pass at times. It's destroying my life, and the constant worry on top of my already depression and anxiety is frankly making me wonder if life like this is even worth living!

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Have you tried Fodmap diet might help. Something is upsetting your system need to work out what. My doctor recommended it to me Hope this helps x

I haven't no, I worry that being on a low income I wouldn't be able to afford it, but if things keep going as they are then I will definitely have to look into it. Thanks for your reply

It’s probably not to bad I’ve cut out gluten wheat and lactose which has helped me. Have porridge. oat and rice cakes chicken potatoes fish some berries pineapple (tinned) and bananas. And lactose free cheese and milk. Just started adding back in other foods work out the trigger ones. Also keep a daily food diary and note bodies reactions. To be honest not sure if IBS is my problem beginning to think might be inflammation very similar symptoms. X

I've been thinking about doing a food diary, was wondering though, how long after food would you consider anything to be food related?

Well some foods react very quickly I found tomatoes in any form was within 30mins. Sometimes it might be an hour or more. Most days it’s worse after evening meal then into night. As far as exercise goes it makes me better I just walk round the block that way close to home. Some days once other days more see how you feel. X

I have IBS-d and tomatoes are a trigger for me as well, and also triggers my Pruritus ani (itchy butthole lol) that I’ve been struggling with for 9 years now. Almost wondering if cheese is causing issues as well. Thanks for sharing!!!

Have you had tests done like stool samples or blood tests via your GP? You say you were diagnosed with IBS-C via a 2 minute conversation. It isn't possible to diagnose IBS via a conversation, it is only diagnosed after other things have been eliminated.

If after having tests, you are still diagnosed with IBS-C, I have IBS-C and have been prescribed Linaclotide for it and I am also taking Alflorex probiotic which has been scientifically studied for IBS and is available on a free 2 month trial on joining These in combination have reduced the pain I am in considerably and I have been able to tolerate more foods so that I am able to consume the extra fibre I need to have a BM without laxatives including 4 tablespoon oatbran, 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed, 8 prunes, 2 tablespoon chia seeds and 3 shredded wheat (or GF version: Nutribrex) for breakfast, plus quinoa, wholewheat bread and whole grain pastas at other meals. These fruits are particularly high fibre and can help with BMs: hard pears, dried apricots, raspberries, oranges (contain a natural laxative) & 2 kiwi. In some people the Linaclotide also helps a lot with BMs which is its primary purpose.

There is some good advice about constipation here:

Exercise can help with BMs. The government recommends 150 mins of moderate exercise (e.g. walking as if you are late for an appointment) or 75 of intense exercise (e.g. jogging) per week. I also have a bit of a walk around straight after breakfast to get things moving.

Maybe if you can get your system to settle with some measures, exercise will become more tolerable.

You need to ensure that you are drinking enough fluids (2 litres of fluid per day).

In the mean time products containing simeticone such as Rennie Deflatine may help with gas or you could try enteric coated peppermint.

There is also the FODMAP elimination and reintroduction diet to consider. You can be referred to a dietitian for this. Hopefully they may be doing phone consultation now. However it does have the tendency to reduce fibre in the diet which can make constipation worse, but you may be able to tolerate some fibre sources such as oat bran and flaxseed.

Having jerks when you are falling asleep are perfectly normal. If you are getting dizzy on standing, has your blood pressure been checked?

MJRD36 in reply to xjrs

Last time I had it checked it was like 155/120 but it seems to fluctuate a lot, one time at the docs they took it 3 times and got 3 vastly different readings. Bloods and whatnot always seem to come back normal, went for a sigmoidoscopy a year ago, came back normal. I'm not bad with fibre tbh, clearly not getting enough, but I can tolerate it. I only ever eat wholemeal bread, although I'm off it for a few weeks trying to lose a bit of gut. Had quinoa and zesty beans with garlic salmon for dinner tonight, so I should be healthy by now! That's how it works isn't it? lol

Hi I had dizzy spells when standing up and when checked my blood pressure was very high I was put on

medication promptly.

I have ibsd and I get extreme nausea within 10 minutes of having to empty my bowels every morning, usually after having coffee and breakfast..I also have acid reflux and think that the acid in the coffee may have something to do with it. Getting dizzy sounds like your blood pressure needs to be checked. I’m on propranolol which is a med for high blood pressure..I don’t have high blood pressure tho, it’s prescribed for my essential tremors. FYI I’m a 28 yo female in Texas

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