Don't want to go out

Hi I have been having problems with wind and bowel movement always never normal, Was out in a shop yesterday and as usual needed the loo but but panicked because there wasent one and did not make it (diareagh ) I have bad anxiety aswell but I think it is coming from panicking not getting to the loo on time, Dr took stool samples so waiting for results Don't have pains in tummy so it possibly isn't IBS

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  • Firstly you don't need to have pain with IBS - I don't

    Get yourself an 'I can't wait' card from the IBS Society - it works for me in the UK and abroad

    Also get a RADAR key which will open any disabled toiket in the UK - Google it and buy one from the RADAR key charity

  • Hello Edith,

    Wind and diarrhea are often symptoms linked to bad digestion and maybe food intolerance and maybe stress. You said that you are experiencing anxiety. A doctor could help you find the causes of your anxiety. In the meantime, have a look at this post which may help you move forward:

    Have a good day,


  • Good advice above, I used the IBS Audio Program 100 from a chap called Mahoney. He has other recordings too. Worth looking at if nothing else helps. For me it was the going out and not being confident, and the emotional symptoms I had as well as my guts been out of kilter were stopping me being happy.


  • Hi this is why I dont like to go out and have built up a phobia.

    I am having help from the local Minds Matter team.

    I was out shoping and I had to beg the lady at Sally Army shop to let me use their loo.

    in the end she let me but it was too late; her idea was that it was an health and safety issue for the staff.

    I have been having physio at local hospital too.Have had the flexible sigmoid etc don the years.

    Dont despair their is plenty of help out there for you

    Vey best wishes x

  • I really feel for you. I don't really have pain in my tummy, I used to get the cramping pain and had meverbine and buscopan for that but since I had my son 5 years ago I don't really suffer with the pain just the constant changing from being constipated and not. I was diagnosed IBS over 15 years ago and have just put any problem with my tummy down to that, which has caused me anxiety, which has led to some depression. My dr has now suggested a stool sample, which I have done so just waiting on results. I'm hoping this will alieviate some of my health anxiety and help settle my stomach. I have been on Sertraline since just after christmas and only now is my tummy starting to feel a little bit more normal, not completely but already feel a change. If you have anxiety and also get panicky it is a very strong possibility that this is what is causing your urgent need for the toilet or at least making it worse. I didn't want to take tablets but I am hoping that once I have a grip on the anxiety I can then see if that is what is causing my need for the toilet. I have been on a increased dose since saturday, and this morning I only used the loo once, which is normal for me! It could be worth another trip to your doctor to have a chat about your anxiety, sorry to ramble on but I hope this helps! Let me know

  • Hi well all tests from Drs came back normal , So I still don't know what is the cause of this 🙁 I also am on 200mg per day of fluxotine which helps a bit , but I also have to take diaspan if I am going out because I get really panicky and my anxiety is really bad

  • Hi have you tried things to calm your gut such as Colpermin, peppermint oil? Anxiety is a horrible thing and does quickly take over your life. I hope you find something works for you

  • Hi this sounds so like me, people just do not understand if they don t suffer from this condition, I like you panic at the thought of not getting to the toilet, I have diarrhea I have had cbt but this has not helped. Sometimes when shopping I have this feeling come over me and just have to get out of the shop and get home. Every time I am going out I am stuck on the toilet feeling that I have not emptied, and having uncomfortable feelings on stomach, this makes going anywhere a nightmare. I also have anxiety problems i.e family etc. which I know do not help.

  • I have only now noticed a difference with the Sertraline, been on it just over a month and only in last couple of days my tummy has seemed more settled in the mornings. I used to hate going into supermarkets and felt trapped by people, I think my problems with my bad wind caused this, just thought of letting one out in the middle of the aisle in a shop sent me into a spin of panic. After I had my son I seemed to find a little bit of confidence which helped with my anxiety over this. It is the recent change in bowel habits that have since caused my anxiety to become worse, running the loo and then worrying if something more serious is causing it not my ibs, I then found myself finding excuses at the weekend not to go out etc then was the point I decided I need to see Dr. I am on waiting list for CBT, but not entirely convinced it's the right thing for me. I worry once I am taken off the tablets that my anxiety will return. People talk about flare ups of ibs but I seemed to have an upset tummy everyday!

  • I feel for you and have had the IBS D problem for years. The thing that helped me most was to practice deep tummy breathing at the first sign of panic as once I knew was just soaring adrenalin levels making me desperately want to go and understood that I wasn't going mad!!! If you deep breathe right through to the bottom of your tummy the panic will subside along with the urge for the loo. After a while you can do it automatically and it really helps if the toilet urge is just a panic reaction. The other life saver for me is Imodium and I only wish I had known about it 30 years ago as the big D caused me so much distress, anxiety and depression and I missed out on so much. I only take it when I go out for the day and am worried about if I can find a loo in case, or when I go on holiday. I do the normal morning thing then take one or 2 and sometimes another if I am out for a meal at lunchtime and am away from home. These gave me back my life and doctor is quite happy for me to take on a regular basis if and when.

    Am also trying Kefir at the moment as have heard good things about it. I don't get any pain with my IBS, just a sicky stomach especially in the mornings. And don't worry about having a good old fart in the supermarket, have done many times but just make a quick exit to another isle!!!

  • Yes the deep tummy breathing helps me too until I realised that I had to do it nearly every morning before leaving the house. I've just had a stool sample result come back normal so I guess that could rule out anything more sinister going on which will help with any health anxiety I have. Like you I also get the sicky stomach ibs too especially in the mornings, so my anxiety has only made this worse.

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